Son-con – Vol. 5 Ch. 38

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I took in a deep breath and adjusted my emotions. My heart was beating rapidly. I recalled Nier’s smooth, beautiful, marble-like skin under the light.

Nier is usually clad in her military uniform but I know just how perfect her body hidden under it is. I know how beautiful Nier is, too.

But I never imagined that I would get to hold her body in the end.

Is this betrayal? Have I betrayed my Lucia? Lucia has kept her chastity for me, yet I’ve held other women in my arms twice now.

But can I refuse in this situation? Can I just watch Nier die suffering?

I love Nier, and I’ve witnessed how loyal she is to me. However, can I repay her love and loyalty to me?

To me, this is about saving Nier. But to Nier, it means that I’ve accepted her. If I then turn around and say that I’m going to marry Lucia and reject her, then I would be betraying Nier.

What do I do?

“Sometimes, there isn’t just one choice.”

I recalled the words my sister said back then. I always treated that as her teasing me. I had never taken it to heart. But I really might have to choose both of them now. I don’t want to give up on Nier or Lucia. But they can’t accept each other.

What do I do?

I shook my head to get rid of the confusing future with no solution from my mind. My most urgent task at hand is to save Nier. Though other guys could help her, I couldn’t accept that.

And Nier resisted for so long for me, so she would never accept another man.

And so, I was the only choice.

I opened the door. When the doctor saw me, he let out a sigh of relief.

“You are finally here, Your Majesty. Miss Nier’s condition… We cannot do anything for her. We tried all sorts of detox drugs, but because they fed Miss Nier far too much of their drug, our efforts and drugs are of no help. It looks like the only solution is for you to relieve her, Your Majesty… It is just that…” he said.

“It’s just what?”

I looked at Nier who was lying on the bed with her clothes off. She was moaning as she twisted and squirmed with her body. The bed sheets were already wet leading me to wonder if Nier had wet the bed.

The atmosphere in the entire room was very odd. A number of Valkyries were watching their instructor desperately twist and turn her body.

“It is just that… Miss Nier may develop a dependence on you… In other words, this method can only control her urge for a short time-frame. In the future, I think that you will need to be intimate with her often.”

The doctor looked at me like he was in a dilemma. He then swallowed his saliva and continued, “This is all we can do… As for when Miss Nier will recover, we are unsure ourselves… But I heard that Miss Nier was your fiancée. It would not be wrong for husband and wife to be like that… So… please begin, Your Majesty.”

I shook my head with a gloomy feeling. I then commanded, “You all head out then… I don’t want to have people watching.”

“Of course, of course.”

The doctor and the Valkyries left the room.

I gently walked over to the side of Nier’s bed and held her hand.

Nier’s entire body jolted intensely. She rolled over and looked at me with her teary eyes. She softly murmured, “Your Majesty… I… I… I’ve become so strange… I want… I want you to hold me so badly…”

I nodded and then gently pulled her into my arms.

Nier grabbed my clothes tightly and tore them apart.

I closed my eyes and didn’t stop Nier until she undid my belt.

Nier trembled as she looked at me.

I opened my eyes to look at her.

Her eyes were filled with anticipation and nervousness. She looked at me fearfully and in a soft voice said, “Can I… really…? Your Majesty… I… I… you…”

“It’s alright, Nier.”

I reached my hands out to cup her face in my hands and then slowly went closer.

Nier’s body shook vigorously, and she gently kissed me on my lips. Nier’s movements were very careful. She trembled as she kissed me.

I didn’t take the initiative to go down on her, instead, following her clumsy movements. I began to notice Nier’s body temperature slowly rising.

I gently laid Nier flat down and then pressed myself down on top of her. I pressed both of my hands onto her most erogenous zone that had started to turn a little pink.

Nier moaned in a high-pitched voice. She then wrapped her arms around my neck tightly and softly said, “Can I? … Your Majesty… I… I… I tried my best for so long… I can finally… I can finally give you my first time… Your Majesty… Your Majesty…”

Nier’s skin slowly started to warm up. She had a few scars on her breasts, but that didn’t affect Nier’s beauty. Nier’s lower abdomen contracted gently as though it was desperately begging me.

I kissed Nier’s lips and then thrust my way in.

Nier’s body stiffened up intensely for a moment. She took deep breaths as her body strongly quivered. She looked at me with her deeply infatuated gaze. Her eyes were filled with a satisfied feeling of bliss and comfort.

However, my emotions were all tangled up.

Nier’s body is wonderful, she’s very beautiful, and there’s nothing to complain about in regards to her loyalty to me.

But, I’ve betrayed Lucia once again by doing this.

Luna isn’t so hard to handle since she doesn’t latch herself onto me. Luna doesn’t hope to be together with me, but Nier was different.

What I’m doing right now is telling Nier that I accept her and that I will let her stay by my side as the princess from now on.

But what do I do about Lucia?

I really wanted to ridicule myself. I was thinking about another girl while my hands and hips weren’t thinking about Lucia at all.

Nier kept moaning in a high-pitched voice. She hugged me tightly, kissed me and laughed wildly countless times due to her being ultra-sensitive because of the drugs. The repeated stimulation drowned me in madness, too.

Once, twice, thrice…

I don’t know why my weakened body was so exhilarated now. I don’t know why I was holding Nier tightly while feeling guilty towards Lucia.

Our bodies were glued together. We kissed each other and held each other in one another’s arms for a very long time, unwilling to let go of one another.

I had never felt such a wild and passionate love with Lucia before.

I don’t know how long we kept at it for but when we had both calmed down, the sunny afternoon sun had now begun to set. Nier and I lay on the white bed-sheet. We had messed up the entire bed.

Nier buried her head in my chest like a kitten while I looked at her eyelashes and gradually spaced out.

Perhaps she noticed I was looking at her. Nier gently opened her eyes and gently called me, “Your Majesty…”


Nier lightly extended her hand towards me and grabbed my finger. We interlocked our fingers and looked at each other. Nier got shy and giggled. She softly asked, “I didn’t know… that being with your loved one like this was… so blissful… Your Majesty… will you… will you… will you allow me to… continue to stay by your side from now?”

“Nier… can you accept Lucia?”

Nier looked at me with a complex look in her eyes. She went silent for a long time before replying, “Why… why can’t you forget that elf? … Why? … Why must I accept her? … Your Majesty, I love you… If you love me as well… why… why do we need to bring an elf in between us?”


“Your Majesty… if you ordered me… I could accept her.” Nier rolled over and pressed down on me. She looked into my eyes and lowered her head to kiss me. Her long hair sprawled down onto my face. After kissing me, she raised her head back up and continued, “If you ordered me, I could accept that elf… as long as you are by my side… as long as you acknowledge me as your wife… I will not resist you or argue with you… because… I am your wife…”


I gently wrapped my hands around Nier’s slender waist. Nier brought her head down again and we kissed deeply once again…

“Your Highness!! What do you think of my…”

The door was suddenly flung open after someone barged in. Just as I was about to reprimand the individual who entered, the voice I heard from in front of me made me feel like I fell into a glacier.

Lucia was dressed in her white wedding dress which pronounced her white skin. There wasn’t so much as a speck of dust on her dress. An exquisite bouquet was also drawn onto it. Lucia’s beautiful and gentle bliss was so bright one could not look directly at her beauty.

But Lucia was looking at me blankly right now. Her blissful smile didn’t disappear, but the look in her eyes turned into horror and shock, as well as despair and rage…

“I apologise… I apologise… Your Majesty, we did not notice! We did not… What are you doing?!”

Two guards came running up while panting for air.

Lucia suddenly punched one of the guards in the face and then drew his long-sword from his belt. She threw the sword towards Nier and I.

The long-sword stabbed into the carpet while swaying in front of the bed dangerously. Nier stood up. Her coldness and savageness resurfaced in her eyes.

However, the rage and murderous intent in Lucia’s eyes were no less than Nier’s. The two of them were like two wolves fighting a life-or-death battle for the throne.

Lucia coldly said, “Draw your sword, you vixen. You must die for seducing His Highness, you vixen.”

Nier hopped off the bed and drew her long sword. She sneered at her and replied, “Alright. I’m happy to oblige.”



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