Son-con – Vol. 5 Ch. 39

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“Mom… ah…” I ran to the hall and was stunned to find Vyvyan sitting on a seat there.

Vyvyan smiled as she held her teacup and looked at me very elegantly. She then smiled and said, “Ah, my son. Come here and let mommy take a look at you…”

Elizabeth slammed her hand on the table and angrily exclaimed, “Vyvyan, you’re in my territory right now. He is not your son right now. Don’t get so intimate with my son! Don’t try your underhanded tricks here with me!”

Vyvyan frowned. She placed her cup of tea down with a loud clang and then angrily retorted, “What are you saying Elizabeth? The one who should be mad right now is me. According to the time, my son should be the elven prince right now, not your son. You forcefully keeping my son here is a violation of our agreement. It should be me who leads a punitive expedition against you, and yet you have the audacity to try falsely accusing me?”

Elizabeth didn’t back down. She rebuffed her, “You dare criticise me when my son came here because he doesn’t accept you? That’s your problem, not mine. Why has my son never returned to you elves during his time here? That’s because you don’t have any charm. Troy likes it here better!”

Vyvyan slammed her hand on the table hard and exclaimed, “Weren’t you the one who wanted to discuss my son’s wedding with me?! Is that why you went and sent the fiancée you prepared for my son to a dangerous place? You dare talk about my son’s marriage with that sort of attitude? You couldn’t even protect my son’s fiancée, and yet you have the audacity to bring this up?!”

Elizabeth managed to successfully wriggle her way out of the strongest criticism Vyvyan threw at her and self-righteously said, “That was an accident. But it proved that my son’s love for Nier far exceeds that so-called love for that Lucia! Shouldn’t you respect Troy’s choice, since you love him so much?!”

She was right. I did indeed come running back for Nier. That’s a fact… But me not loving Lucia is completely unfounded, and I won’t acknowledge that either.

“That doesn’t prove who loves who. It just proves that I did a much better job protecting Lucia than you did with his human fiancée. It proves that you don’t take my son’s marriage to heart. You expect me to trust you with my son when you’re like that? I can’t allow you to come and take care of my son and his wife. You have no responsibility as a mother!”

Vyvyan’s knock at Elizabeth not being qualified as a mother was a strike at Elizabeth’s pain-point. Elizabeth slammed her hand down and shouted, “What did you say?! And you have the right to be a mother?! You?! I hold my son’s matters in higher regard than you do! At least I have kept trying to find a suitable wife for my son! But what about you? Haven’t you always been trying to ruin his marriage?! You just don’t want to hand him over to anyone! You just want to lock up his happiness! You’re just selfishly using my son to fulfil your own desires!”

Elizabeth evidently hit the right button.

Vyvyan didn’t back down. She slammed the table with her hand and retorted, “You’re calling me selfish?! Did my son approve of the lover you found for him? Are you positive you’re not setting up a political marriage for him, you narrow-minded woman?! You ran away back then because of a political marriage and yet you’re putting Troy in the same position? I’m selfish, but you exchanging my son for political power isn’t selfish?!”

“Alright then. Since there’s no way we can communicate, let’s settle this with a duel. Let our lives be decided with our swords. I feel sorry toward you for not having determined the victor back then in our duel. Let’s decide my son’s marriage with our swords!”

“Happy to oblige!”

I watched my two moms draw their swords with my jaw on the ground. I originally wanted to ask Elizabeth to stop Nier and Lucia, but now my moms are fighting each other too. I shouted loudly, “Mom!”

“What’s the matter, son?”

“What’s wrong, my son?”

The two of them turned around and looked at me with affectionate smiles. They then exchanged a hateful look for each other and shouted at the same time, “My son was calling out to me, what are you responding for?! I’m going to take your head today (I’m going to burn you to ashes) for the sake of my son’s happiness!”

Both my moms then pushed me aside at the same time. They walked to the empty spot in the palace, but there were already another two there.

Nier had changed into her Valkyrie uniform and Lucia also got out of her wedding dress and had changed into her battle-attire. The two of them held their swords and stared at each other coldly. They weren’t sparring. They were sincerely trying to kill each other.

I didn’t dare to approach them when they were emitting enormous amounts of murderous intent. This was the first time Lucia had worn such a serious expression, too.

“As promised, our lives shall be decided by our blades. Don’t blame me if you die.” Nier whipped her sword and coldly added, “Perhaps you got to know His Majesty earlier than me. But I have already slept with His Majesty, so logically speaking, you’re the third-party.”

“My foot!” Lucia scoffed and then shouted at Nier in the human language, “You damned vixen! You’re just having an illicit affair! I’m about to get married to His Highness. You just butted in from out of nowhere and you say you love His Highness? How long have you known His Highness? How long have you been by his side? You don’t have a single clue as to what love is. The so-called love you humans speak of is nothing more than sexual lust!”

“I won’t allow you to ridicule my love and definitely not His Majesty’s love for me! You’re just a dirty animal you elf! What right do you have to have His Majesty’s love?! I certainly haven’t known His Majesty for long, but we have already gone through life and death together for one another multiple times. Our love is deeper than yours! His Majesty can sacrifice his life for me, but when has he ever rescued you?!”

Nier’s hand holding her sword shook. She then indifferently exclaimed, “Cut the drivel. The last one standing will get to stay at His Majesty’s side. As for the loser… dead people should just lie peacefully in the ground!”

“Exactly my thoughts! I’ll chop your vixen head off and boil it into wine to serve His Highness on our wedding!”

I don’t have such cruel thoughts! I just want to have a normal wedding! And why do others who travel to other worlds all manage to smoothly start their harem where the girls get along with each other while here, with me, they’re fighting life-and-death battles. Moreover, it’s not just my fiancées who were fighting, but my two moms as well.

“Hey, you two…”

“Your Majesty! Please do not worry. I shall cut this stuck-up midget’s head off for you to see!” Nier looked at me with eyes full of affection before steeling her heart.

“I trust His Highness! This is definitely not his highness’s fault! I shall cut you down here! Your Highness, I shall save you now!”

Lucia looked at me with determination and love causing my conscience to hurt…

Nier rushed at Lucia. Their sword clashed in the air and I could hear them both take in a breath of cold air.

On my moms’ side, all sorts of magic spells were being flung, while they were roaring at each other, so I had no means of getting close.

I was like a piece of chicken stuck between two hamburger buns. In front of me was Lucia and Nier duelling each other, while my moms were fighting each other behind me…

Most importantly… I couldn’t stop any of them…

If I charge into the duels of these four monsters and shout ‘don’t fight for me!’ I’ll die for real! I really will die!!

What do I do?! What do I do to stop these women?!


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