Son-con – Vol. 5 Ch. 37

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When I woke up afterwards, I found myself in a Valkyrie’s arms. In my hazy state, I saw a white robe and felt something warm at the back of my head. A familiar scent also lingered by my nose…


I murmured softly, and the body behind me shuddered.

The owner of the body then lowered her head and looked at me. I had never seen her before. She calmly asked, “You’re awake, Your Majesty. How are you feeling? Are you feeling hurt anywhere?”

“Ah… no… I’m fine…”

“That is good. We will soon be arriving Her Majesty’s sojourn palace. Her Majesty has been awaiting your arrival for a long time. You can have a short rest.” The Valkyrie then looked ahead and greeted someone.

The sound of horse hooves came from all directions. I opened my eyes and was absolutely surprised to see so many Valkyries in the same uniform around me. She slowed her horse down so that I could lean against her more comfortably.

I opened my eyes and anxiously asked, “Nier… That’s right… That’s right… How is Nier?! How is she?!”

“You need not worry Your Majesty. Everyone is safe. We met them on the way. We tried to warn their pursuers, but since they wouldn’t heed our warnings, we killed them. The doctor is currently treating our instructor. Our instructor is fine.”

“Yeah? … That’s good then… that’s good then…”

I only have a vague memory of what happened last night, similar to getting drunk and then not remembering what you did afterwards. But I do remember I completely levelled the land. That place now looks like a massive bomb was dropped on it, creating a massive-burnt crater.

I released all of the mana inside me. Only now did I realise just how powerful the mana I possessed was.

Maybe this was a side-effect, but my entire body felt weak right now. I couldn’t feel any strength in me. Did I expend too much mana?

I stretched my hand out and looked at the lines on my hands. I imagined a fireball appearing in my hands. However, imagine as I may, my hand looked the exact same. Forget a flame, not even a spark appeared.

It looks like I’ve returned to my usual state. But this isn’t so bad. I was fine before I could use magic anyway, so there won’t be a problem if I can’t in the future. Furthermore, I could now use magic on full-moon nights.

Is this like my cheat-skill in the future now? But things are finally normal now. Everybody else who travels dimensional travels gets gifted with a cheat-skill. My cheat-skill can’t be two powerful and crazy moms after all, right?

“You’re just a wilful brat who relies on his mother. Where’s your mommy now, huh? Where’s your mommy, huh?”

That’s what the knight said to me last night. Could it be that others see me as just a wilful kid who relies on his mothers? I’ve already tried so hard. Everything I’ve done has been a result of my own efforts. Why do people still think that way? Could it be that I haven’t done enough?

What else do I need to do where I don’t rely on my mothers at all to be acknowledged by others? I don’t need the acknowledgement of others, but Elizabeth does. If I can’t get the people of such a large empire to acknowledge me, how am I going to succeed her? I’m the prince. Elizabeth isn’t Vyvyan. Her lifespan isn’t as long. Succeeding the crown isn’t a problem that’s far-off for me. It might be in the blink of an eye for all we know.

What do I need to do?

A tall and large city-wall appeared in front of us. It was a city that, while it wasn’t as large as the capital, isn’t considered small. The Valkyries entered the city gates and then headed toward the palace there. It looks like this city was built for the sake of the palace here.

In the centre of the village was a statue of Elizabeth swinging her sword atop her steed. It looks like this is Elizabeth’s city.

Since this place relies on the church, I assume it’s meant to acknowledge both the church and Elizabeth.

The palace here, which is where the ruler stays temporarily when away from the capital, wasn’t as large and luxurious as the royal palace in the capital. There was only one palace. The Valkyries entered the palace and then dismounted. The Valkyrie helped me dismount, then made a small bow and said, “Your Majesty, Her Majesty is waiting for you in the hall. I shall take my leave first.”

“Ah… alright… thank you for your hard work.”

I stabilised myself on my somewhat jelly-like legs and then took in a big breath of air. I’m currently like a patient who just recovered from a major illness. Though I don’t feel uncomfortable or off anywhere, I’m extremely weak. I virtually needed to take a break every few steps. If my mana was drained out using the normal sucking method, I would be weak too, but not this weak.

An elf’s body requires mana to be maintained. Did I go overboard and exhaust all my mana last night? I haven’t got the slightest clue as to how to control my mana output.

I basically just used auto-attack last night.

It took a lot out of me to walk into the main hall, and as soon as I entered, a warm body leapt at me. My head was buried in two warm and fragrant pillows in an instant, causing me to almost suffocate.

Elizabeth ran her hands through my hair frantically. She stroked my back as she spoke in a shaky voice, “Son… Son… You’re okay… I’m so glad you’re okay… Son… s-sorry… Son… Mommy… Mommy was wrong… Mommy shouldn’t have sent Nier to such a dangerous place… Son, you can scold mommy… blame mommy… But please don’t refuse to acknowledge mommy… Mommy was wrong… Mommy was wrong… don’t… don’t refuse to acknowledge mommy…”

“Mom… I’m not…”

I desperately tried to get my head out of Elizabeth’s twin-peaked valley.

Elizabeth’s eyes were filled with anxiety and tension. As a matter of fact, I could even see her tears course down her face.

She looked at me and anxiously asked, “Really? … Really? … You’re not angry with mommy? … Sorry… Sorry… mommy… mommy won’t interfere with who you choose to like anymore… Mommy won’t do anything… If you love Nier, you two can get married tomorrow… Mommy… Mommy will prepare it… Mommy will go and prepare now…”

I looked at Elizabeth who was completely flustered and trying to ingratiate herself with me. I couldn’t help but smile. I gently returned her hug and said, “Don’t worry mom, I’m not angry. I’m very glad that Nier is alright. Mom… I won’t ignore you. I won’t leave you… So don’t worry, mom. As for the wedding, it’s too early… Oh, right, mom. Where’s Nier? Nier…”

Mom revealed a consoled smile and then stood up. She grabbed hold of my hand tightly and replied, “Nier is on the second floor… It’s just… It’s just… Nier isn’t in a very good condition… Those rotten scumbags used far too much of those drugs on her. Nier keeps getting turned on right now. I really don’t know how Nier managed to resist it. I guess it must be because of her love and loyalty to you. Nier is an honest and frank child. She was never going to betray you once she realised she loved you.”

I nodded and then asked, “So… how do we treat Nier then?”

“That’ll be on you, Son…” Mom bit down on her lips and then continued, “Son… Nier… won’t let any male approach her right now… but she can’t be treated with medicine anymore… She needs to be satisfied… so… so… since you love her and she loves you… maybe your first time can’t be on your wedding night…”


“Son, her life is on the line.”

Mom looked at me, pressed her hand on my shoulder and added, “I know you’re thinking about that Lucia. But you need to save Nier right now if you love her.”


“How is it? Have you packed your stuff? Humanity’s lands are different to ours. Though they don’t reject elves, remember to not reveal your identity as an elf too soon.”

Vyvyan looked at Lucia who put on her backpack. Lucia, who was wearing her wedding dress, nodded and replied, “It’s alright, Your Highness. My magic skill is invisibility. No one will notice me. I want to go and see His Highness. I want to let him see me in my wedding dress and then we will come back and get married.”

“Alright. Take care. I will be waiting for you two at the imperial capital!”


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