Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 3 Ch. 30

The Shenfamily’s Daughter Speaks Without Reserve

Back to the flying fish pavilion.

The cursing underneath the imperial platform was like waves at sea. Even the mercenary reporting in on the platform had to shout at the top of his lungs.

Emperor Chengkong was furious and was ready to unleash the martial arts he’d been training in for years on the Mercenary. But Long Zaitian quickly pulled the orange prince over: “Your highness, your highness, calm down. Please listen to me.”

“No, that punk deserves a beating!” The benevolent, generous and modest Emperor Chengkong ignored his grand general’s advice. He pointed at the guy and shouted: “You! Come here! Get over here! I’ll use just one hand! My fucking god I’ll knock the snot out of you!”

The guy was no legitimate soldier. He was just a mercenary, serving Mystery for money. He kept his head down and counted his fingers, pretending that he didn’t hear the orange prince.

“Wow, you pretending with me, huh?! I won’t hit you. I’ll smash you to death! Don’t give me a tomato, it doesn’t feel right! Where’s my orange?”

“Your highness, your highness, your highness! Calm down! You must calm down!”

The mercenary angered the orange prince even further, but Long Zaitian was patting him on his back to calm him down.

“What is the point of fussing over it with a mere servant? I have something to tell you.”

The orange prince huffed and puffed. Long Zaitian had calmed him down a little, but he was still daggering the mercenary.

“My fucking god. If Minister Long wasn’t standing up for you, I’d… hmph. Minister Long, please speak.”

“Your highness, these insignificant nobodies are not vital to the plan. These fodder in the pugilistic world cannot compare to our elite warriors.”

The orange prince nodded after he heard what Long Zaitian had to say like “Oooohhh, you’re right”.

Fu Xiang frowned at what he heard. He was different to these mercenaries. He wanted to rely on the imperial court and the orange prince in the future. Long Zaitian makes too many caustic remarks. Everything he says is a sneak attack that undermines Mystery’s competence. Fu Xiang tried to come up with a plan in his mind and find an opportunity to show off. As he tried to craft his plan, the unjust feeling caused by Long Zaitian’s remarks grew inside him.

Based on Mystery’s status in the pugilistic world and Fu Xiang’s personal competence, he benefited in every way when he got on the orange prince’s good side at the start. He was the one that then came up with the majority of this plan to help the orange prince ascend the throne. An insignificant Long Zaitian was no match for him. However, the scoundrel had him on his back-foot the entire time. He virtually lost his position as the orange prince’s strategist with just a few words from Long Zaitian. He used tricks used in small sects, which were distinguishably tricks in the pugilistic world and tricks in the imperial court. Chances are he was going to cop a lot with the stigma of someone from the pugilistic world before he enters the imperial court. He couldn’t help but worry to himself.

“Your highness, what’s important is that skilled fighter hiding at the imperial kitchen.” Long Zaitian then slowed his speech down: “Due to our secretive way of operating, we have all the capable fighters in the imperial palace gathered here. And I personally took care of them. You are well aware of this, aren’t you, your highness? This is just a minor of accomplishment of mine, right?”

The orange prince nodded: “Yes, yes. Of course it is.”

“Right, right, right, so let’s not mention it anymore. I do not covet merit, so let us forget this accomplishment of mine. Let’s forget it. Let’s forget it.”

“Hey, don’t be so modest, Minister Long!”

Fu Xiang’s jaw nearly dropped to the ground when he heard what Long Zaitian said. He thought to himself: “I’ve never seen someone so shameless!”

“What I want to say is, we have already brought all of the skilled fighters inside the imperial palace under control. I am afraid that the situation might change if we missed one. We really cannot predict what these people from the pugilistic world will do, so we should bring that place under control.”

“What mysterious skilled fighter is the imperial kitchen hiding?” The orange prince scoffed, “I grew up in the palace. Do you think I don’t know about the imperial kitchen? They can wash dishes and utensils, but they’re too weak to even pick up blades.”

“There may be a hermit hiding there. Your highness, we cannot be careless.”

“That’s…… You’re right. What do you suggest we do in your opinion?”

“I am a martial artist, so naturally……”

Fu Xiang suddenly stepped up, bowed with his hands and exclaimed: “Your highness, this old… I am willing to head over and capture said person. I shall lay the foundation of your new rule with his head!”

The orange prince wore a happy expression and replied: “Oh? Fu Xiang, you……”

“You are a very dedicated man, Teacher Fu.” Long Zaitian finished off with a serious expression: “I also know that this was a problem you started. Your subordinates are incompetent, and couldn’t beat him. That would make you look bad, would it not? But how can we let someone take on a job that the fate of the nation is riding on when he just wants to chase a personal vendetta?”


Fu Xiang was enraged: Long Zaitian! I’m going to cut you to pieces sooner or later!

Before the orange prince could finish, Long Zaitian added: “We need to send some efficient and strong elites. Unfortunately, we have no such men.”

Hearing “strong elites”, the orange prince suddenly realised: “What do you mean we don’t? Aren’t the imperial guards under me elites?”

Long Zaitian clapped his hands and exclaimed: “Perfect! You can drive out the invaders with the imperial guards! You most certainly have the aura of an emperor!”

As soon as the orange prince heard that it was a good plan, he called for men. He sent half of the imperial guards watching over the warriors to go and deal with that mysterious skilled fighter.

Having successfully won the orange prince’s trust, Long Zaitian daggered Fu Xiang arrogantly.

Fu Xiang and Long Zaitian glared at each other. Fu Xiang was worried to death. His concern was hard to describe. This wasn’t his one-and-only accomplishment. The majority of the plan was his hard work as well. Fu Xiang even went to great lengths to get rid of Night Fortress’s master, but the orange prince didn’t know. The orange prince had never heard of Night Fortress or whatever, and of course, he was even more oblivious to all the difficulties that he faced.

Just as the orange prince was gleefully pleased with himself, he heard a voice like a bell that was blown by the wind. It was a clear-cold-jade-like voice belonging to a female.

“An emperor’s aura? Heh, what a joke. You would capture even your father for the throne.” It was Shen Yiren who was sitting on the ground sluggishly. She stared at the orange prince coldly and the corner of her mouth curved up into a cold smile: “You’re not even worthy of being a human being. Emperor’s aura, my foot.”

The ministers and royal family members were shocked to hear her say that. Her words hit the orange prince right where it hurt him. He clenched his teeth and walked over. He slapped her right across her beautiful snow-white face, leaving a red mark.

“Bitch! Take that back or I’ll rip your tongue out regardless of what your rank may be!” The orange prince grabbed her hair and continued, “Say it! Take it back! Say that you, Shen Yiren will serve me from now on.”

Shen Yiren’s powerless body dropped to the ground. She’s only as tall as an ordinary girl. Her back was straight and her chest was perky while her legs were slender and long. When her body hit the floor, her round white pearls that were soft as tofu popped out of the top of her shirt. Even her backside was indescribably breath-taking.

She frowned from the pain, and pulled her beautiful eyebrows together like a wild fox.

A burning sensation started in Fu Xiang’s pants when he saw the alluring sight. His sexual desires surged up: How can I let Long Zaitian have this alluring woman?

The orange prince shouted as he grabbed her hair: “Say it!”

Shen Yiren’s hair became messy. Her voice sounded like rainfall behind her black hair carried a calm voice that would make one’s heart cold.

“…… Take your hand off me.” Her voice was blocked out by her long hair, so it was muffled. However, there was an unconcealed murderous intent in her voice: “….. Remove your hand if you don’t want your mother to lose a son.”

The orange prince never expected her to not lose a single hint of her pride in this situation, therefore angering him exponentially. He only heard Fu Xiang suddenly speak out from his side: “Your highness, this woman fails to appreciate kindness. She deserves to die for going against you, your highness.”

“I can’t kill her. She is the descendant of an official who rendered outstanding service and holds a high rank.” The orange prince still had his rationality intact. He knew what he should and shouldn’t do, “We have not killed officials of this rank before in our dynasty’s history.”

But that was Fu Xiang’s plan. His plan was to use retreat as a means to advance. As soon as Long Zaitian noticed Fu Xiang’s expression that looked like he was smiling and yet not, he knew the situation was dire. However, he was too late to stop him.

“I see. However, we cannot forgive her after she angered you, your highness.” Fu Xiang smiled and continued: “There is nothing outstanding about this woman, but she is a true beauty without a shadow of doubt. Therefore, I suggest… how about making her a courtesan so that she learns the manners needed to serve men. That would be a good way to curb her wild nature too!”

The orange prince thought it was reasonable. He therefore revealed an indifferent grin and nodded: “Let’s do that then!”


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