Son-con – Vol. 2 Ch. 23 (Part 1)


Nier, who was by my side, shifted her face over and quietly said: “Your majesty, I…”

I pressed my body against her body with all my bodyweight. Nier softly coughed. She ran her emerald eyes over me with disdain and disgust. She straightened her back and looked at the side of my face. She softly said: “If you can’t hold your liquor, why’d you drink so much? You look ridiculous for a prince. You make her majesty and the empire look bad. I beg, please kill yourself, alright?”

“Why…? Didn’t I just drink a little too much?”

Nier helped me upstairs. This was the first time I felt the staircase was never ending. To be fair, for a terrible tasting wine like that to get me drunk is quite the feat. The truth is I purposely got myself drunk so I could leave because I didn’t want to socialise with those people.

Only afterwards did I find out that I could’ve just said so and left. There was no need for me to get myself drunk.

This is why Nier had to help me to the door. Nier trained as a Valkyrie since she was young so her strength was comparable to a flower-boy. That said, it was still difficult for her to help a man weighing more than one-hundred kilograms up the stairs. This was the first time I saw Nier’s boobs move as she huffed and puffed…

Nier has a pretty hot body…

“Your majesty, I never feel humiliated by the gaze of others on myself, but why is that I feel an impulse to kill you when you look at me?”

“Don’t you always have an urge to kill me?”

“Since we’re finally on the same page, please kill yourself.”


I pushed the door open and Nier tossed me onto the bed as if she were throwing out trash. She let out a heavy sigh and said: “Alright, goodnight. I’m going to rest now… Whoa…”

That scream should’ve come from my mouth shouldn’t it?! Why is there another person on my bed?! I was going to crawl into bed and sleep after Nier tossed me onto the bed, but when I landed on the bed, it didn’t feel soft. Wait, no. A better question is, it felt soft, but why was the soft thing I came into contact with warm…?

I then heard a cough… I opened my eyes and found that my face was buried in two valleys. Two powerful warriors were battering my face and something with the colour of cherries caught my eyes.


I shrieked and then rolled off my bed onto the ground with a loud thud. The girl on the bed shyly pulled the blanket over her body, sat up to look at me and said in a sobbing tone: “Y-Your majesty… Umm…. Umm… Please be gentle with me…”

I noticed Nier who was on the other side of the bed looking at me with disgust. She bowed slightly and then said in an extremely disdainful tone: “So that’s what you bought the elf for. You really are an animal of lust from head to toe. I thought you bought her out of good intent. I never thought that you did it to fulfil your lust. You really are a disgusting prince, huh? I now fear for myself as a girl by your side… But I can’t comment too much on your business. I hope you enjoy yourself…”

“Wait! Wait, Nier! This wasn’t my order! I’ve never seen her before!!”

I seemed to be awoken from my drunken stupor. I held onto my butt which hurt from my fall and got up. I looked at the elf before me, unsure whether I was meant to laugh or cry and said: “Umm… Say… It’s nice to meet you. I’m Troy… Before you introduce yourself, could you please tell me why you’re on my bed…?”

She tightened her grip on her blanket. She lowered her head and said: “B-Because I’ve always…. I’ve always done this… That’s how they always… Used me… I thought…”

I rubbed my head and said: “Oh, you don’t need to do that with me. Didn’t I tell you that I bought you to work as a maid? I don’t intend to do that with you. Just work as my maid and look after this place. Don’t worry about a thing… Go get dressed first, and then let’s talk about what you’ll do from now on.”

The elf gripped the blanket and got off the bed from Nier’s side, and then ran into Nier’s small room. Nier folded her arms and looked at her room before looking at me. She titled her head.

I looked at Nier with a slight sense of guilt and said:  “Well…. I did say I didn’t have those sorts of thoughts, right? I honestly didn’t arrange this…”

Wait a second. What do I have to feel guilty about?! Why am I so afraid of my bodyguard?! I’m the prince! What can you do about me if I sleep with a woman? And every emperor has a harem, so how could I call myself an emperor otherwise?! Just why do I feel like a little kid before Nier…?

Nier pinched her chin, looked at me and said: “I’m surprised you didn’t do anything. I now suspect if you’re a normal man…” This lass is getting more and more arrogant! She doesn’t even seem to consider me the prince!

What exactly do you want?!

I grit my teeth. I don’t know where I got the gall from. Maybe the wine? I looked at Nier, grit my teeth and made an order that Nier would mock me for countless times later on: “In that case, I’ll prove to you that I’m a normal man! Nier! I order you as the prince of the empire! Let me rub your…”


I hate silent atmospheres the most.

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