Son-con – Vol. 2 Ch. 22

“Your majesty, this is Castor’s envoy, Mr Meriwether Ente.”

I looked at the envoy while Castell who was standing beside me introduced me to all sorts of famous figures, such as the chairman of the business committee or something, and the chief of some army unit, and the chief of some department. The chief before me looked slightly older than Castell. His white hair was disappearing and he did his best to comb his hair towards the middle to cover the bald spot there.

The smile on his face was normal, but his shoulders were rolled forward causing him to look like a camel. He was short in stature. He only came up to the tip of my nose, so he looked like a little clown to me. He’s an envoy just like Castell, but while Castell looked handsome and competent, the gentleman didn’t give me any good impressions.

“Your majesty.”

He bent over to bow before me and then handed me a glass of red wine. When I went to accept the glass of wine, I noticed that the buttons on his sleeves weren’t the same.

I frowned. This meant that he changed the buttons… He’s quite thrifty, but he should’ve at least made sure the buttons were identical… You’re an envoy, you know? If you’re not careful, people might take it as you not respecting this nation.

“Nice to meet you.”

After my simple greeting, I turned around to leave. Castell asked me from behind: “Your majesty, do you understand the relationship between our country and Castor?”

“I don’t. But I have seen Castor currency.”

I turned around and took some honey bread on the table to put it in my mouth. This sort of bread is called “Empress Bread”.  It’s high quality bread that can only be enjoyed after the empress gives you permission to.  This bread may be extremely attracting to people right now, but it’s probably only worth spare change in the modern world.

Castell ignored the fact that I was chewing on bread, gave me a nod and said: “Indeed. You are very perceptive. There is a currency issue. You yourself have noticed that Castor is extremely important to us. We do not have any land which allows sea travel. Castor is our only means of exporting and importing goods…”

“You’re talking about a trade deficit right?”

A small country which is able to occupy to half of a large country’s economy would probably have to be a country like Japan. They managed to monopolise imports and exports. I remember Japanese goods were rarely seen among China’s foreign goods. And at that time, they didn’t dump the goods in foreign countries.

“Trade deficit?”

“Oh… That refers to a situation whereby a nation’s imports far exceed their exports… That’s not good.”

“I did not know you were an economist!”


I almost spat my bread out. A primary school child could see the crux of such a shallow problem, and yet you’re praising me for it? But seeing Castell’s surprised look did explain it somewhat…. Such a simple concept… Was not conceptualised before Adam Smith… Wait. Wasn’t Adam Smith already dead by this era?!

Perhaps Adam Smith didn’t exist in this world…

“That is correct. It is just as you said. Castor has goods readily available thanks to their ports. Our nation’s goods perform poorly over there while their goods are things we require. If this trend continues, our nation will become poorer and poorer while theirs becomes stronger and stronger.

Castell looked at me and quietly said: “One of the men you met today was a soldier while the other was a leader of the business industry. At current, the two of them have differing opinions with one wanting to conquer Castor and the other wanting to defeat Castor on the business front. Her majesty, however, has withheld from expressing her views, which is why they are seeking your assistance.”

I helplessly smiled and took a sip of the red wine… The wine here tastes bad… I then said: “They want to fight a trade war when the trade deficit has become so substantially different? Are they courting death?”

“We do not yet have a navy…”

I get it now. As a Chinese person, I understand the pain of not having a navy. We went through a hundred years of humiliation since we have seas yet no navy… But you guys don’t even have seas to begin with! You people are able to have such a flourishing economy precisely because of your vast lands!

“Do you have any opinions, your majesty?”

“No. Didn’t I say I wouldn’t participate in politics? Her majesty will handle it. Why should I get involved?”

I ignored Castell who walked to one side and shook my head. I’m not an economist. I just happened to sit through the compulsory macroeconomics classes. But as my teacher for the course said, we just had to listen. Economics is a complicated subject and exists in a dynamic paradigm. If he could understand economics, he’d be filthy rich ages ago… But because of all those reasons, I understand such shallow topics. I’d rather lead an army to fight a physical war than a trade war. I am a technical staff member trained by the army after all.


Castell smiled to himself, then politely bowed to salute me and said: “I hope you have an enjoyable night.”

The party officially started after the empress and I finished our dance. To avoid unnecessary issues, the empress left after saying a few things to everybody. I was left behind along with Castell next to me, who was there to introduce me to the retainers. And now, it’s my free time.

I’m a lot more interested in the delicacies on the tables than dancing. You don’t get to see so many colourful dishes every day, but to be frank; there were only a small variety of dishes. It couldn’t compare to our Chinese dishes. Oh well, it looks like the variety of available ingredients here can’t compare to home.

“Your majesty, could I ask you to dance with me?”

“Sorry… I want to have a rest…”

I turned around and grabbed a few chicken drumsticks and ignored the ladies behind me. I’m not a glutton. It’s because I fundamentally can’t dance. Seeing them kick their legs and perform their greetings and whatnot felt the same as watching a show. I only know social dancing.

“Your majesty, could I ask you to dance with me?”

“Your majesty, could I ask you to dance with me?”

“Your majesty, could I ask you to dance with me?”


Crap… This isn’t good… I can’t continue like this… I need back-up. I put my plate down and scanned my surroundings. I saw Nier standing by the door with her hand on her sword handle. I helplessly smiled as I pushed through the ladies surrounding me. I then took a few steps and ran over to Nier’s side.

Nier glanced at me and asked in a nonchalant tone: “Is something the matter, your majesty?”

“Nier, dance with me…”


Nier turned her eyes and looked at me astonished by what she’d heard. She then returned to her usual expressionless look, turned her head around and said: “I don’t know how to dance, and I’m also dressed in military uniform.”

“I can’t either… And you don’t need to know how to either. Just pretend you’re dancing with me! I don’t want to be surrounded by that group of girls.”

“Oh? I remember you really enjoyed being surrounded by women on all sides. How could you possibly not like that? Or is there an empty spot in the group that you want me to fill in? Or do you feel it’s more fun to flirt with me in front of other girls? Please show some self-respect, your majesty. There’s an elf waiting for you in your room.”

Nier, you’re as mean as ever…

I helplessly smiled as I scratched my head and then said: “What if I ordered you as the prince? I order you to put your sword and dance with me.”

Nier looked at me. She let out a heavy sigh and wore an uncompassionate look. She removed her sword from her belt and said: “I don’t know how to dance, so please forgive me if I happen to step on your feet.”

“I ask that you forgive me as well if I step on your feet…”

“I won’t. I’ll return the favour and stomp on your feet.”

Wait a second!!

Please. Wait a second!!

Did Nier just crack a joke?!

And thus, in the midst of this ball with many famous retainers and notable figures, in the midst of this ball with many madams and young ladies of prestigious households, his majesty’s dance partner was none other than a girl in military uniform and boots who wore an unlovable expression. She held his majesty’s hand and spared no effort in trying to stomp on the prince’s feet…

Both you and her majesty are pursuing your own goals under the guise of work!! You want to legally stomp on my feet! Isn’t that right?! I’m right, aren’t I?!!

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