Son-con – Vol. 2 Ch. 23 (Part 2)

I regretted what I said as soon as it escaped my mouth. Unfortunately, it was already said and done. Nier looked at me with a look of surprise and contempt. Her gaze changed this time. She looked at me like kitchen waste. No. More like she was looking at regurgitated food. She shook her head, let out a heavy sigh and then reached her hand up to undo the buttons on her clothes…

“Wait! Wait! Wait!! Stop!! Please, stop!! Don’t! Don’t! Don’t! Sorry! Sorry! I was joking! I was joking! Honest!”

I waved my hand like I lost control and turned to my side. I really wanted to slap myself. Did I get mercury in my brain or something? How could I make such a request…? Nier’s hands didn’t stop. She then took off the top layer of her military uniform and undid her button, revealing the cloth she used to wrap her breasts. She walked up to me and said: “Your majesty, I shall obey your orders.”

Nier’s body is very beautiful. I don’t think there was any fat on her body. I don’t think I could pinch any fat on her waist. She had the coveted eleven-abs*. She had a few scars but that didn’t diminish her beauty. She wrapped her chest cloth but I could still see the prominent shape of them. If she were to undo it…

“Do I need to undo this as well?”

Nier’s gaze was filled with hate and disgust. Her hands, however, continued to undo her chest-cloth without hesitation. I reached my hand out and pressed it on her shoulder.

I took in a deep breath. I can’t do this sort of thing… Nier hates me to begin with. I can’t do something that will completely wreck our relationship… I shook my head, paused and said: “Th-There’s no need to… I… I’m in the wrong. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have made such an overboard request…”

“Your request was not overboard. You were just going to touch my body. It’s just that being touched by you is so disgusting it’s vomit-inducing, that’s all.”

Her gaze indicated she wasn’t lying. I just pressed on her beautiful shoulder and her eyes were filled with disdain as per usual.

“Are you complimenting me or cursing me?”

Nier mercilessly replied: “Of course I’m cursing you.”

I stood up with my back facing Nier. Nier stood up as well. At that moment, the door to Nier’s room opened… Nier and I turned to look in that direction. The elf dressed in her black and white maid uniform looked at us, shocked… In that moment, we… Yeah… Nier’s clothes were still on the floor and she was also still on the bed…

“I’m so sorry!!”

After she shrieked, she closed the door loudly and hid inside…

It’s not like that!! Listen to my explanation! Listen to my explanation!!



*Eleven abs are technically called the Adonis Belt, however, it’s popular among women to refer to it as so as opposed to the Adonis Belt, so I went with it.

Translator Comments: I tried to contact as many of you personally on disqus as I could, but only Chris responded so I suppose (A) the method didn’t work, or (B) you didn’t see it. I’m referring to getting this chapter into your hands because I’m enough of an asshole enough to try and contact as many people as possible individually. Second, the website is only temporarily up with half the usual daily allowance, so if it drops, it’s beyond me. This situation will stand until next month. Lastly note here is that there is a double release, so chapter 24 is up too.


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