Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 24

“We’re okay now.”

We finally arrived inside Mommy Elizabeth’s room. I had to stop a few stop a few times on the way here, because the feeling of … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 23

Mommy Elizabeth was a remarkable dancer. I said that before if my memory serves me justice. She learnt to dance when she was a Princess. It was different … Read more

My Yandere-Succubus Daughter is Mommy-Warrior’s Natural Enemy – Vol. 01 Ch. 53

‘The clothes arrived in the evening. I must say that Leah looks very cute in the female shirt and small skirt. However, she wore thick pants underneath the Read more

Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 21

“Your Majesty… Aaahh!!”

That screech woke me and Mom up. The two of us vigorously opened our eyes and saw each other. Only then did we realise how … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 20

“Mom.” I gave Elizabeth a gentle hug

Mom hugged me back with a smile. She stroked my head. Tone concerned, she said, “I’m so glad to see you … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 19

I watched the horses exit the stables and asked the stableman next to me, “Elizab-, Her Majesty has arrived?”

“Yes,” answered he stableman, with a nod.

Freya dismounted … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 18

“You’re here,” said Elizabeth.

“My son’s child will soon be born, so it’s natural for me to witness his birth. To the contrary, I’m very surprised to see … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 15

We arrived at Ling Yue’s house at night. I had visited twice in the past and each time I visited, it felt empty and dead. This time, however, … Read more