Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 885

Sinister Scheme

Watching Daoist Yuan De pull his walking stick go through Zhuge Xiaosheng’s chest, Yao Wuji shouted, “What are you doing, Martial Uncle?!”

Daoist Yuan De blew Yao Wuji back, leaving everyone speechless. Lu Deyi and Mu Chenghong’s delayed reaction came too late, affording Daoist Yuan De enough time to prepare and blast them away with his voice alone.

“I did not see this coming. Why must you kill me?” questioned Zhuge Xiaosheng, gripping Daoist Yuan De’s walking stick to stop the Ascension Realm elder.

“Technically, I’m not the one who wants to kill you; I’m merely killing you on behalf of someone else.”

Daoist Yuan De’s tone sounded identical to Third Heaven Palace’s members’ self-righteous tone!

“Third Heaven Palace…” uttered Zhuge Xiaosheng, identifying his true enemies based on Daoist Yuan De’s white eyes, albeit not being able to work out their motive.

Daoist Yuan De yanked his walking stick out, dragging along Zhuge Xiaosheng’s blood. “I just missed your heart. Fast reflexes for an injured man. I underestimated formation casters,” said Daoist Yuan De, smiling as though he was killing someone who deserved to die.

Zhuge Xiaosheng smiled bitterly, barely able to keep his eyes open.

“Don’t worry. You’re not the only one who missed it. That man who intervened also missed it.”

Daoist Yuan De focused soul energy to the tip of his walking stick, aiming it at Zhuge Xiaosheng’s throat.

“Stop!” Mu Hao howled in desperation.

“I love the sound of the human neck cracking, hahaha,” taunted Daoist Yuan De.

Daoist Dao De thrust down so fast that neither Lu Deyi nor Mu Chenghong could stop him. The sound of flesh, bones, nerves and more splattering reverberated in their minds.


Jin Xiyun pulled over once she was certain she had shaken off Dong Zhi. She turned and looked straight ahead as though she could see who she was speaking to. “They say Sword Shadow Dust Gale’s disciple is a genius, yet all I see is a fool. I know you’re there, and I know you have the archfiends’ domain abilities. I know your domain abilities just as I know that you can’t harness their potential. You think you can kill me when you barely have any spiritual energy left? You think you’re the smart one, but your arrogance is your own undoing.”

Jin Xiyun’s taunts were part of her ploy to buy Daoist Yuan De time for her primary objective was assassinating Zhuge Xiaosheng. She could tell he had accomplished his mission, but she wanted to provide him with enough time to eliminate the witnesses.

“I thought you’d be wary of Daoist Yuan De since he was one of the Ascension Realm cultivators we summoned. What did you think we summoned them for? For a chat over some tea?”

Jin Xiyun inwardly celebrated she had avenged her fallen brethren, but she was aware Mu Yu was waiting for her to drop her guard to kill her and was edging closer.

“We put him under our control when Ku Mu perished. Daoist Yuan De should be honoured His Eminence personally manipulated him. How do you score our plan?”

Jin Xiyu locked onto the tree she could sense malice manifesting from. “Daoist Yuan De was supposed to be our pawn for dealing with you. Zhuge Xiaosheng was a nuisance. With Zhuge Xiaosheng dying at his peak, everyone’s fear will be magnified, and they will be even more loyal to us. Your friends are next. Everyone related to you will die one by one. Worry not. I won’t let Daoist Yuan De oppose my orders. You wouldn’t kill him to avenge the others, would you? Or, do you plan to release Ju Mang to resurrect them?”

“I give your plan ten out of ten for triggering your death flag,” Mu Yu responded from behind the tree.

“Well, it won’t be you who enforces the death flag.” Jin Xiyun had no reason to come to blows with Mu Yu; she merely wanted to break the shackles of his sanity. “See you next time.”

“You might want to check who you’re speaking to.”


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