Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 881

Soulquake Bell

Mu Yu was akin to a lantern in the darkness owing to his bloodlust energy to Ye Feian, who had thirteen glimmering beads around Mu Yu already.

The scuffle in the distance reached Mu Yu’s ears, and, upon catching the qi whisking over, he stated, “I suspected you had Earth Reverend under your control. I guess this means four elemental demon reverends are at your beck and call. The attacks on the cities were machinations of Third Heaven Palace for soul energy.”

Ye Feian wagged his finger. “No, no, everyone knows you were the reason the elemental demons attacked the cities.”

“Birds of a feather flock together. Filthy scoundrels!”

Mu Yu whipped his arm, unloading sword qi as he strove to tear through Ye Feian quickly and move on to the rescue mission.

“No, I am here as Third Heaven Palace’s representative to apprehend you.”

Ye Feian stripped his black robe and formed white screens using his thirteen beads as a barricade.

“He has thirteen. That white witch had twelve. Do the number of beads determine their strength?” Xiaoshuai proposed.

“Twelve or thirteen, they’re all dead!” Mu Yu responded, extending his sword into the clouds prior to swinging down.

“Soul Style Luo Yin, Soulquake Bell!”

Ye Feian merged the beads together to conjure a white sphere over three hundred and thirty metres. A white bell gradually drew itself inside the bell and enveloped him, bell turning transparent. Mu Yu’s clang on the bell ended up being redirected in separate directions, saving the bell from any damage. The clang, in addition, forced illusions into Mu Yu’s head, one of which was Zhuge Xiaosheng killing Daoist Yuan De in a formation.

In the fleeting moment Mu Yu needed to escape the illusion, Ye Feian already hit his bell, trying to catch Mu Yu in another illusion again. Mu Yu, therefore, sealed his listening sense and then drew a circle around him with his sword. Qi in the ether belted down on the sounds travelling toward Mu Yu and the bell.

Even though the bell barely rattled, Ye Feian had his face scrunched up. Mu Yu repeated the same technique, copying Xiaoshuai’s technique, green qi illuminating the forest and compressing air.

Countering with Soul Style Luo Yin, Soulquake Zero, Ye Feian belted his bell again. The chime rotated in place, the roaring wind negating Mu Yu’s attack. “You can’t stop my Soulquake Bell just by sealing off your hearing!”

Ye Feian unloaded a lightning-fast combo on his bell, guiding the sounds around Mu Yu’s strikes to find its targets. Mu Yu whipped up Contiguous Horizon Formation, keeping the sounds away. Alas, the mounting pressure from the ceaseless attacks took its toll, forcing Mu Yu to retreat. Still, the sounds gave chase, one note penetrating Mu Yu’s shoulder.

The sound started to ravish Mu Yu soul, generating a sensation analogous to having his shoulder torched. Due to the pain slowing him down, Ye Feian’s sounds encircled him again. Right when Ye Feian had he had the match in the bag, Mu Yu spawned a formation on his left fingers and activated it to coat himself in the formation.

Mu Yu transported Ye Feian’s now harmless attacks behind the latter using Mirror Formation. Because of the bell’s weight, Ye Feian had no means of evading in time. The sound of the notes crashing into the bell rumbled Ye Feian’s insides, throwing blood from inside him out of his mouth. The colour of Ye Feian’s pain splattered on the bell as he grimaced.

“No wonder why Whitey hid inside the bell. His sound attacks are his own weakness,” Xiaoshuai muttered. Upon hearing the sound of the earth demons engaged in battle again, Xiaoshuai urged, “Mu Yu, we need to hurry here, or Zhuge Xiaosheng is going to kill everyone.”

“I know. Let’s treat you to your favourite song.”

Mu Yu transferred spiritual energy to three strands of white fur from Archfiend Baiyuan in his hand, enhancing his Shadow Splitter Sword with Archfiend Baiyuan’s domain ability!


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