Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 882

A War

“I don’t believe this! There’s no way he could’ve improved so much in a single month!” howled Ye Feian, watching Mu Yu bring down another epic swing. “Wait, domain energy?”

Ye Feian figured it out too late for Mu Yu had cleaved apart Jin Xiyun’s white barrier, though she couldn not run from the snow eagle cutting off her escape route.

“Ye Feian, use Divine Soul Formation!” urged Jin Xiyun, panicking.

“He’s too far!” replied Ye Feian, unable to escape from Mu Yu’s sword trap. “Soul Style Lou Sound, Soulquake Howl!”

Ye Feian whacked his bell three times, unleashing three white notes that morphed into three giant hands. The mere gale of Mu Yu’s swing shoved aside the three hands, acquiring the bell. Ye Feian absorbed the impact of the collision, blasting him into oblivion!

“Mu Yu, if you kill another one of us, I’ll murder everyone related to you!” Jin Xiyun blustered, having hopelessly witnessed Mu Yu vanquish Ye Feian.

Since she could not see herself winning if Mu Yu assisted Dong Zhi, Jin Xiyun tore open a rift with her beads to escape. As she departed, Dong Zhi also bowed out.

“Mu Yu, Ye Feian said he couldn’t cast Divine Soul Formation before due to your distance, which means Zhuge Xiaosheng isn’t under their control. We need to move before Jin Xiyun can control him, or the others are doomed!” Xiaoshuai informed.

“On it!”

Mu Yu was left starving for air and spiritual energy when he cancelled Archfiend Baiyuan’s domain.

“Can you still deploy domains?”

“All I can say is, I can’t let any of them die,” Mu Yu answered, inhaling and going to his allies’ aid.


Bang! Earth Reverend drove Daoist Yuan De through the air similarly to a rag doll with an explosive punch.

“Watch out!”

Zhuge Xiaosheng rushed to Daoist Yuan De, who was defencelessly bleeding onto himself, and summoned white tentacles from a formation to stop the next punch, buying them just enough time to regroup.

Yao Wuji immediately helped Daoist Yuan De and fed the latter a pill.

“I’m all right,” assured Daoist Yuan De, finding his footing as he gobbled several more pills to power up.

They were trapped, and not even their only Ascension Realm cultivator could block a single punch from Earth Reverend. With death as the only alternative, Zhuge Xiaosheng cast a white formation on himself and split off from Daoist Yuan De, commanding, “Chenghong, protect Hao. Greater Heaven Caster Lu, back me up!”


Lu Deyi and Mu Chenghong positioned Mu Hao, who was vexed because his Golden Core Realm cultivation was not any help, between them.

“Kekeke, I hear I just need to squash you bugs,” slighted Earth Reverend, flicking his arm as the signal for his minions to catapult rocks at the group.

Daoist Yuan De glowed golden as he thwarted the attack, residue spirit energy piercing through to take out the earth demons. Unfortunately, they had an earth skill that deflected all of the attacks without lifting a finger. Daoist Yuan De, on the other hand, constantly had to fight off rocks.

“Natural Clinging Astral Sacred Seal!”

Zhuge Xiaosheng’s eight trigrams formation at his feet spun, transferring formation lines from “natural” and “clinging” positions to his hand to create an eight trigrams seal before him. Upon activation, formation lines emanated from Zhuge Xiaosheng, while the seal cloned itself innumerous times around him, erasing rocks and stones they touched.

Greater Heaven Caster Lu assisted Zhuge Xiaosheng’s efforts with Lightning Swift Snakes Formation, while Zhao Wuji hurled explosion pills at the rocks.

“Time to end this! Hahaha!” declared Earth Reverend

The punch that generated wild winds that they could barely open their eyes too froze them in place.

“I will handle it!” declared Zhuge Xiaosheng, standing at the forefront. “Universe Hexagram Seal Star!”

Zhuge Xiaosheng produced a white eight trigrams barrier around the group. Still, Earth Reverend’s punch cracked the barrier, leaving Zhuge Xiaosheng hanging on to dear life. Earth Reverend denied them a defence, detonating a finishing blow that sent Zhuge Xiaosheng reeling back into his allies.

Yao Wuji immediately fed Zhuge Xiaosheng healing pills, while Daoist Yuan De unloaded dozens of explosion pills around them.

“Were you trying to scratch my itch?” sardonically questioned Earth Reverend, emerging from the explosion without a blemish. “Weaklings have no place wasting my space.”

Earth Reverend swiped Daoist Yuan De aside and then hammered down on the defenceless group.

“I should not have brought Patriarch’s brother here. I have let him down,” lamented Zhuge Xiaosheng, apologetically shielding Mu Hao with his body.

“How about I scratch your itch?”


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