Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 880


“Patriarch Zhuge, the world owes you big time for your efforts during this time and even more if we have to go to war,” Daoist Yuan De amiably expressed.

Hands in a palm-and-fist salute, Zhuge Xiaosheng replied, “You flatter us, Elder. As we are unable to fight extensive battles, we can only back everyone up with our formations.”

“Hahaha, don’t say it like that. We are even less useful in fights. All we can do is help the wounded.”

The group had crossed the first of three mountains.

“The war is inevitable as things stand. Both of us will be busy.”


Once they crossed the second mountain, Daoist Yuan De abruptly stopped.

“Is something the matter, Elder?”

“I feel uneasy. Yao Wuji, check on the second mountain.”

Yao Wuji came up to Daoist Yuan De’s side to examine the forestry and rockery. “The mountain does appear different to usual, but…”

“But you can’t explain what is different,” finished Daoist Yuan De.

“Yes. Perhaps we are scaring ourselves? We should hurry back, Martial Uncle,” suggested Yao Wuji, knowing Daoist Yuan De was the type who wanted to get to the bottom of things.

A light in Zhuge Xiaosheng’s eyes undulated.

“I don’t know why I feel unsettled today,” Daoist Yuan De verbalised. “I apologise, Patriarch Zhuge. Let us be on our way.”

Right as the group resumed their journey, rocks of varying sizes burst forth from under the green canopies, lining up in formation around the group. Brown humanoids emerged from the rocks, bodies resembling humans carved from minerals of varying types. The army of earth demons destroyed the mountain with their threatening emergence. Earth demons and no less than a thousand of them!

“You must be the people we’re searching for.”

The sound made when the two-metres-tall black and purple earth demon thumped his chest loud was analogous to a mountain avalanche. There was only one earth demon with that sort of might on the loose – the Ascension Realm Earth Reverend!


The snow eagle with its wings spread on the tree branch above Mu Yu bisected Mu Yu’s shadow with its own, while Dong Zhi positioned himself in Mu Yu’s shadow.

“I’m not interested in your mission,” Mu Yu stated, preparing to uncork an attack at the drop of a hat.

“I’m here to accept a job from you,” explained Dong Zhi.

“Accept a job from me?”

The leaf overhead passed through Dong Zhi as it descended.

“You have a job for me.”

“… You’ll take any job?”

“As long as the price is appropriate.”

“Even if I ask you to kill someone from Third Heaven Palace.”

“I do not discriminate between targets.”

“Your price?”

“Three divine will retrieval herbs.”

“This?” Mu Yu displayed three blue divine will retrieval herbs in a void.

“Without the bloodlust energy.”

“Why do you need them?”

“That’s not your issue.”

“I can’t provide you with any.”

“I’ll collect them from you once you find some.”

Mu Yu could not magically erase the bloodlust energy from his herbs due to Wood Spirit, meaning he would have to personally search for them.

“Deal. My request is for you to end her,” declared Mu Yu, training his gaze on Jin Xiyun.

Mu Yu wanted to rush to Daoist Yuan De and company’s aid as soon as possible, which was asking for the impossible if he had to wrestle with Jin Xiyun.


At the same instant Dong Zhi stepped out of Mu Yu’s shadow, his snow eagle shed feathers as it took flight. Dong Zhi’s voice reverberated from every direction, hiding his true location. He hacked open a hole in the white forest for Mu Yu.


Jin Xiyun, who could not pinpoint Dong Zhi or stop Mu Yu, warned, “Dong Zhi, you do realise what the consequences of opposing us are, I hope.”

“Just doing my job.”

“I’m an ultimate immortal, while you’re not. You’ll be executed if you kill me.”

The floating feathers finally fired off shadow blades at Jin Xiyun.

“By the way, Mu Yu, I didn’t bring only one helper,” provoked Jin Xiyun, watching Mu Yu fly out.

“Thanks for the introduction, Jin Xiyun,” commented Ye Feian, waiting for Mu Yu outside.


“Earth Reverend!” thundered Zhuge Xiaosheng.

“Why are elemental demons here?” blurted Daoist Yuan De, unable to believe they infiltrated Pill Cauldron Sect’s area undetected. “Let’s go!”

The earth demons spawned rocks one hundred square metres large to prevent the group from descending. In response, Daoist Yuan battered the rocks with his walking stick, yet all that he achieved was numbing his own arm.

Though there were gaps between the rocks, each was connected using an energy source via an earth element technique.

Earth elemental demons did not possess just brute strength but also solid defences. As an alchemist, their defences were beyond Daoist Yuan De.

Zhuge Xiaosheng’s eyes glowed once again.


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