Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 879

Forest Fight

Mu Yu pulled over to activate Archfiend Baiyuan’s fiend energy, hiding his bloodlust energy, while he actively suppressed his antipathy. He watched the individual hiding in a black robe meander toward Zhuge Xiaosheng and company, hostility worn on his sleeve, yet his targets were oblivious. Though the hostility was apparent to Mu Yu, it was equally apparent that the hostility was akin to a judge imposing his fire to punish evil as the justice incarnate.

“I know you’re there,” the individual stopped and, in her clear voice, said. “… You can refuse to reply, and I can’t see you, but you let your malice slip out.”

Jin Xiyun surveyed the forest and every movement it made meticulously. Mu Yu monitored her from about ten metres away. Evaluating her to be more dangerous than Chao Gufeng, Mu Yu bided his time, waiting for the right moment to take her out in one fell swoop for he already had the advantage of knowing her location, while she did not. If he could not take her out in one go, it would have degraded into a back and forth.

“I can sense our energy inside you. Since when did you learn to use soul energy? I can tell you how you acquired soul energy. His Eminence noticed people not leaving behind soul energy when they died, so we launched an investigation into it. We found out you killed those who didn’t leave behind soul energy. You have no idea what soul energy is, do you? Let me guess: you can’t utilise our soul energy as you can’t find it in your heart to? No matter how good you are at masking your malice, you’re fodder to me once you even harbour it.”

Jin Xiyun started ambling again, eventually walking past Mu Yu. “You wondering why I’m here?”

Jin Xiyun stopped ten centimetres away from Mu Yu’s right arm, which was close enough for Mu Yu to hear her breathing, both facing away from each other. Watching a yellow leaf fall between them, Mu Yu timed his attack, resuscitating the withering leaf and firing off branches from the leaf veins at Jin Xiyun. At the same time, Mu Yu brought out Shadow Splitter Sword, aiming it her vital.

“Hahaha.” Jin Xiyun faded away and reappeared at Mu Yu’s rear, snapping the branches with twelve beads revolving around her. “Found you. Don’t compare me to the likes of Gu Chaofeng.”

Mu Yu whipped a spurt of qi into the sky to alert Daoist Yuan De and company, only for it to smash into a white barrier preventing it from making it out of the forest from any angle.

“Remember how you trapped Gu Chaofeng. Let me know how it feels to be the trapped one,” taunted Jin Xiyun, revealing she came prepared. “I suppose you already know who my target is. My question is, did you really think I came alone? My task is to bind you. Your maker isn’t me, hahaha.”

Mu Yu accelerated himself toward Jin Xiyun using a formation, but she linked up her twelve beads, bouncing Mu Yu’s qi off it, albeit also retreating herself to avoid a confrontation.

“As you killed Gu Chaofeng, it’s only fair I kill who you care about and then apprehend you.”

Mu Yu decided it was time to deploy Archfiend Baiyuan’s domain; alas, the oppressive atmosphere that permeated as darkness shrouded the heavens stunted them both. The tree’s shadows started to spread as if they were devouring the light on the ground. The draft became a chilly wind, stopping branches from moving in ice, as an individual emerged seemingly from a tree as Mu Yu would.

Mu Yu recognised the individual’s aura. Nevertheless, Jin Xiyun was first to question, “What are you doing here, Dong Zhi?”

“Carrying out a mission,” answered Dong Zhi.

“Which is?”

“That is a secret.” Dong Zhi stepped in time with his soaring snow eagle, making his way to Mu Yu’s back. “I can tell you, though.”


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