Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 832

Wind At the City Doors

“Tian Ziming is so much more decisive than the previous lord. We can trust Tian Ziming.”

“Yeah, to hell with He Longjing.”

“Now we just have to wait for our mystery man to show up and apprehend him.”

“You did well. If we pull through, you’ll have played a major role in saving this city,” complimented Tian Ziming, watching the cultivators from the top of the city doors. “What was your name again?”

“I am Inferno Sect’s Gao Yixing. You need not remember my name when you are busy leading this city.”

“Hahaha, you have a way with words,” responded Tian Ziming, enjoying being the highlight reel for the first time even though he had plenty of people stroking his ego without the role. He did not fear Mu Yu because flaunting Celestial Star Sect was enough to intimidate people, not to mention he had the city lord seal. “Do you resent me for treating your fellow disciples that way?”

“I understand what it means to see the bigger picture. I do not mind if people spread libel about me for my decision. My junior had to bear the consequences for being obnoxious.”

“Good. What do you want as a reward once this is over?”

“It is my honour to aid you, so you need not speak of rewards. If I could call the shots at Inferno Sect, our sect will be at your service. Unfortunately…”

“Unfortunately what?”

“Unfortunately, our patriarch is but a fool. I wish for Inferno Sect to rise but am powerless to do so.”

“Once this is over, I will pay Inferno Sect a visit to instate you as patriarch. If your foolish patriarch doesn’t know better, I’ll send him to the other side. I can’t waste your talent.”

Gao Yixing went down to kowtow. “Thank you for having faith in me, Lord Tian. If I can become patriarch, Inferno Sect is at your service!”

Tian Ziming grinned. “That’s what I like to hear. Get up now.”

“Thank you, Lord Tian,” replied Gao Yixing, thinking, That old man has been suspecting me of embezzling funds lately. This is perfect timing! With Tian Ziming’s support, nobody can usurp my rule! Don’t hate me for your own issues, Ol’ Third. I’ll put your five million to good use.

Gao Yixing looked up at the five corpses suspended from ropes and imagined the scene of everyone in Inferno Sect genuflecting before him.

A chilly wind suddenly announced its arrival, swaying the five left bloodied, battered, hung from their necks and fixed in place with spiritual energy. The blood from their dantian, noble, courageous hearts still trickled, but their life force was no longer flowing.

“Elder He, you must’ve died with your pride; I can see it in your eyes. Mr. Xuan, it must’ve been hard to go out seeing your family slain before your eyes. It’s too late for me to do anything for you, but I hope you can avenge yourselves if you meet them on the other side.”

Mu Yu teleported up to the five corpses.

“That’s him!” pointed out Gao Yixing.

“Finally, huh?” remarked Tian Ziming, flashing a few white pearls.

Mu Yu solemnly removed the nooses around the five corpses’ necks, treating the situation as though they were the only ones there. “I remember the things you shared with me. I will not forget your sacrifices for me. Elder He, you told me that you can’t choose for me. I agree now. You shouldn’t have made the decision for me. I will make my own mind this time.”

Mu Yu respectfully closed He Jinglong’s eyes.


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