Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 478

Activating Formation Palace

After the infiltration teams from Talisman Sect and Celestial Star Sect sneaked in via a safe route Talisman Sect provided, they were baffled to find nobody to attack. Instead, they walked into an inferno. Though they couldn’t connect with Formation Sect’s disciples’ faces, they did manage to get into the latter’s heads.

Cheng Zhuo left the eighth storey to regroup with the other disciples. Since Luo Feilong and Ji Wenkai were out of the picture, Cheng Zhuo held seniority over Heaven Stage and Lesser Heaven Stage disciples. Arriving to them complaining about holing up, he shouted, “Quiet! Patriarch told us to stay here on standby. When opportunity presents itself, we will launch our attack!”

Since Mu Yu controlled Divine Soul Formation, Zhuge Xiaosheng was positive Mu Yu already had Situ Yangtian in the palm of his hands.

Mu Yu’s hand speed picked up until they were just a blur of afterimages, linking the formation lines from his fingertips to the energy of the formation. What he needed to do was recreate the black and white formation lines that were incomplete in the Eight Trigrams formation. The more he connected to Formation Palace, the greater the pressure on him, gradually stagnating his spiritual energy over time. He shut his eyes to see Formation Palace was still in its waking stage.

An hour in, black and white formation lines gushed out from the Eight Trigrams formation, linking up and orbiting around Mu Yu. At the same time, the pressure on everyone intensified again.

Mu Yu’s face was beet red as he tried to resist the intensifying pressure. In spite of his best efforts, his hand speed slowed down. Thankfully, he was still able to eke out black and white formation lines.

It might’ve been misunderstood that blood was coming from Mu Yu’s mouth due to how hard he clenched his teeth, but it was actually the pressure building up that was hammering away at him.

“Feng Mu, how are you feeling? Remember to stop if it’s too much,” reminded Zhuge Xiaosheng.

“I can take it!” Mu Yu answered through his teeth, insisting on fulfilling his promise to Chen Tiandao.

Despite Mu Yu linking up more and more parts, a line break would occur after certain parts. He, therefore, needed to deduce where they would occur and reconnect them according Formation Palace’s formation.

As the pressure continued to escalate, Mu Yu’s skin started to split. As the Eight Trigrams formation’s spiritual energy prohibited his death qi’s flow, his white spiritual energy would constantly heal him, though it couldn’t stop the pain.

At long last, Mu Yu was covered from head to toe in a sphere of black and white formation lines, rendering everyone else worried enough to draw as much pressure as they could onto themselves. His white and black qi resisted the pressure of Formation Palace until the Eight Trigrams formation stopped exuding energy. All of the broken lines were finally connected.

The formation lines Mu Yu installed redirected the dispersed energy within the Eight Trigrams formation to coalesce. Everyone, as a consequence, could feel vibrations and something becoming more and more prominent.

Dong! The sound came from Mu Yu. Black and white lines merging, rotating faster and faster until the lines were a blur, becoming phantoms and transforming into pure black and white qi were signs Formation Palace was activating.

Mu Yu was teleported into the centre of the Eight Trigrams formation.

Life qi turned from white to black when death qi corroded it. Yin and yang were black and white. Life and Death in the Blink of an Eye was black and white. Both ends of a spiritual qi core were also black. Black and white qi was present in everything and an inevitable existence in all things, meaning black and white represented balance.

“Formation Palace has activated. As the formation core, he is extremely vulnerable. We have to protect him with our lives; don’t let him take any damage!” Zhuge Xiaosheng instructed.

“Yes, Patriarch!”

Talisman Sect’s group was privy to what happened and could tell Formation Palace had been activated.

As Lu Deyi was positioned behind Mu Yu, the former was outside Zhuge Xiaosheng’s field of vision. Lu Deyi, head raised again, spawned spear tips and aimed them at Mu Yu’s back without anyone noticing.

“It’s time,” Zhou Jinglin uttered to himself.


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