Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 474

Heaven-Shrouding Bloody Guardian (Part 1)

He must Third Heaven Palace’s formation guardian, Mu Yu surmised, sending the individual above Formation Palace a death stare.

Cheng Zhuo tracked Mu Yu’s line of sight out of curiosity and inquired, “Feng Mu, what are you looking at?”

“The person floating above Formation Palace,” Mu Yu answered, composed.

“Who? Where? I don’t see anyone.”

“You can’t see him?”

“Feng Mu, are you addled? There’s no one there.”

“He’s right th-” As Mu Yu’s gaze flitted across the battlefield, he asked himself, Can nobody see that bright white energy? Can nobody sense him up there? I’m positive I’m not seeing things. Oi, oi, where’s he going? Isn’t that the direction of the forbidden zone? Chen Tiandao!

In one leap, the individual crossed over three hundred and thirty-three metres!

Damn it, Chen Tiandao is defenceless right now! Mu Yu inwardly exclaimed. “Cheng Zhuo, go to Formation Palace with these two. Keep yourself safe.”

Mu Yu sped off without waiting for a response.

The formation Chen Tiandao erected around the perimeter of Forbidden Forest stopped Third Heaven Palace’s formation guardian in his tracks. Nonetheless, he donned his white energy and trespassed forcibly.

Equipped with knowledge of Forbidden Forest’s formation workings, Mu Yu took a shortcut to reach Chen Tiandao before their hostile could.

Falling leaves tumbled from the interlocking branches above, burying Chen Tiandao’s body. He opened his eyes upon hearing Mu Yu arrive.

“Elder, ThirdHeaven Palace’s formation guardian is on his way here for you.”

“Keep quiet. He’s already here.”

The white silhouette crept up behind Mu Yu comparably to chill running down his spine. Mu Yu shielded Chen Tiandao and prepared to escape into the trees with the latter, yet Third Heaven Palace’s formation guardian marginalised Mu Yu and, in an authoritative tone, remarked, “Chen Tiandao, nifty way of acquiring immortality, if I say so myself.”

“You can stop with the charade,” Chen Tiandao responded in a weak voice.

“Fingertip Flowing Water Formation, terrific innovation,” complimented the formation guardian, gently running his finger over the ripples in the atmosphere.

“Bai Jie, your greed knows no bounds.”

“It’s been a long time since anyone has addressed me by my name,” Bai Jie remarked, strolling around. “I’m a fan of autumn.”

The leaves seemingly heard Bai Jie’s will and lined up in front to form the “autumn” character.

“You shouldn’t harm Sword Shadow Dust Gale.”

Bai Jie sauntered up to Chen Tiandao. “You also envy his immortal body, don’t you?”

“Some people who live forever are those who have the right to. You don’t have that right.” Chen Tiandao sneaked a quick eye signal Mu Yu’s way, triggering a formation.

Mu Yu crunched down on his teeth and stealthily stepped away.

“I beg to differ. Immortal people just happen to be luckier. Frankly speaking, I like this formation you invented. Technically speaking, it represents immortality. That being said, I prefer to not be immortal solely for the sake of it. I prefer Sword Shadow Dust Gale’s version of immortality, hahaha. You know what I came here for, right?”

“You want to exterminate Formation Sect?” Chen Tiandao’s emotions seeped into his tone.

“No, that’s Chang Tiancheng. I just borrowed his Formation and Talisman Stone to enter and catch up with you.”

Chen Tiandao had formations set up to prohibit Bai Jie from entering, but Chang Tiancheng’s Formation and Talisman Stone cancelled them.

“It’s tragic to see the world of cultivation following your commands blindly.”

“Cultivators are tragic to begin with. You shouldn’t make it sound as though I did something to make them tragic. I came here just to quench my curiosity. Is Sword Shadow Dust Gale’s disciple, Mu Yu, here?”

What the devil? How does he not know I’m here? Mu Yu wondered.

“I thought there was nobody Third Heaven Palace couldn’t find.”

“There’s no point in making fun of me. I know Eternally Youthful Ku Mu well enough. If my guess is correct, he cast Heaven-Shrouding Bloody Guardian on Mu Yu so that I can’t find him.”

Mu Yu touched his body, wondering, “When was it cast on me?”

“He’s a smart man. You should’ve realised that when you killed him.”

“I won’t deny Heaven-Shrouding Bloody Guardian is an amazing formation. Tell me: hasn’t he always hated Sword Shadow Dust Gale for stealing his lover? Why did he sacrifice his life to protect Sword Shadow Dust Gale’s disciple?”

Mu Yu wrinkled his nose.

Chen Tiandao stole a glimpse of Mu Yu and sighed. “Eternally Youthful Ku Mu’s feelings are something that’ll forever elude you.”

“Hahaha, what will feelings do for a dead man? Had it not been for his cumbersome feelings, he would’ve dominated the world of cultivation with his talent. Even I feared him.”

“You think your woes are one just because he passed away? Be it Sword Shadow Dust Gale or Eternally Youthful Ku Mu, both of them are greater than what you can ever fathom. You think they don’t have any means of stopping you?”

“They can’t. After you die, I’ll be in control of Celestial Prison, and I’ll finally have Sword Shadow Dust Gale’s immortal body. Once I become truly immortal, I’ll solidify my rule on Third Continent for eternity.”


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