Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 352

Escape and Pursuit

Despite the thunder looking to crack the air, rain did not fall.

As Ku Mu deleted the formations at Ku Mu Valley, even the poisonous mist had begun its journey beyond. The faint golden light from the ragged sky began to reduce the moist in the valley.

Twenty-one year old Tian Wanming had to pick his jaw up after witnessing Tian Budai dispatched the two bodyguards without a warm-up.

Ku Mu remained unresponsive. No matter, for Tian Budai didn’t see any reason to fear a Golden Core Realm cultivator. Humbly, Tian Budai stated, “Elder Ku Mu Changqing, I have a favour to ask of you.”

Still not receiving a response, Tian Budai took a step forward. To his surprise, the ground rippled as if he stepped into water. He looked back up to Ku Mu and blasted brown spiritual energy toward Ku Mu, an attack that should’ve been lethal even against Body Severing Realm cultivators. Unexpectedly, the spiritual energy splattered as if it hit a rock. Ku Mu crumbled and vanished into the air.

“An illusion formation? Now I know why he told me not to underestimate Eternally Youthful Ku Mu. I didn’t know he was a formations expert. Nonetheless, he knew you would set a formation to escape. Of course, that means we came prepared for you. You won’t be able to use powerful formations enough times at your current level, unfortunately.”

The white light in Tian Budai’s hand switched to red. If one was to look closely, they’d see savage scowls inside the freckles of light that made up the big botch.

“Wan Tiaming, wait here for me. I shall collect Elder Eternally Youthful Ku Mu.”


Tian Budai had vaulted up and away by the time Wan Tianming could respond.

Ku Mu emerged in a wood, haggard and panting. “My spiritual energy can’t keep up. I need to rely on this last spirit restoration pill.”

Spirit restoration pill topped up its consumer’s spiritual energy, making it more valuable as one’s cultivation progressed. A Body Severing Realm cultivator could’ve stored a big water tank worth of spiritual energy, but a Golden Core Realm cultivator only had a small bowl worth of spiritual energy. Therefore, it would’ve been a waste for a Golden Core Realm cultivator to use – unless their life depended on it, such as in Ku Mu’s pinch.

Thankfully, Mu Yu made the right decision to give Ku Mu the majority of his pills.

“He should catch up soon. I want to see who you are.”

“Elder Eternally Youthful Ku Mu, might you be waiting for me?” Tian Budai sauntered out from behind a tree, smiling warmly as per usual.

“Who are you?” Ku Mu narrowed his eyes and looked down to the red light. “Ghost Gate’s Soul Searching Technique?! That shouldn’t be enough to find me! You’re not with Ghost Gate. Who are you?”

For Soul Searching Technique to work its magic, the user needed the soul of someone close to the target to activate. It worked when Gui Xuanyue used the forty-nine Golden Core Realm cultivators’ souls to locate Feng Haochen for they were associated to a degree. Ku Mu, in contrast, associated with very few people, hence his certain conclusion.

“I am not with Ghost Gate. I merely have a grudge against your disciple, Mu Yu. I would like to trouble you to invite Mu Yu alone on my behalf.”

“You want to blackmail him with me as your hostage?”

The approachable smile on Tian Budai’s face gave Ku Mu bad vibes. Tian Budai didn’t scare him, but a Spirit Severing Realm cultivator would demolish Mu Yu.

Ku Mu wondered how Mu Yu offending Tian Budai.

“Should you seek death, I shall gladly oblige.”

Ku Mu took out his maroon gem. “You think I’ll just let you kidnap me?”

“I know that you are formidable and superior to Formation Sect’s formation masters. Sadly, you are no longer the same Eternally Youthful Ku Mu. I, therefore, suggest you do not resist.”

“Is that right?”

Ku Mu never subscribed to surrendering and waiting for death, nor was he going to sign up to be Mu Yu’s burden.

A green leaf landed on Ku Mu’s shoulder, yet it appeared as if it landed on water.


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