Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 347


“No need. He did say Shi Dengtian would leave me alone. As such, there’s nothing to worry about on the way back. Your ability is a blessing to all of Pill Cauldron Sect’s alchemists, meaning they will protect me. My wellbeing never mattered in the past, but it’s a different story now. The old fart is the sect’s first Ascension Realm cultivator; it’s not hard to imagine how valuable you are to them at this point. If any harm does befall me, there’s no doubt Shi Dengtian is the culprit.”

“You’re basking in my glory.”

“You basked in my glory. What’s so unfair about me basking in yours now in return?” Ku Mu subtly jerked the corner of his lips up. “I’ll stress it again: stay low because you are everyone’s target now. Be extra careful until you ascend to Body Synthesis Realm.”

“I’ll keep it in mind.”

Until the scheduled infiltration mission with his seniors, Mu Yu intended to find a place to focus on training.

What would unfold next was unpredictable. Although humanity would be ecstatic to hear True God had returned in another year, Sword Shadow Dust Gale and Third Heaven Palace were no longer allies. How allegiances would work out was up in the air.

“Your shifu has lived for millenniums, yet he still hasn’t figured out how Third Heaven Palace passes down their inheritance or located their headquarters. Meanwhile, they possess all the cultivation resources at Third Heaven Continent. There’s not a shadow of doubt they’re nurturing their own forces. You will eventually cross swords with their forces; expect more enemies than you can count.”

“They can send anyone they want, but they shouldn’t send anyone they want back.”

“You’re on your own now.”

Ku Mu believed Mu Yu was still wet behind the ears and didn’t know where to draw the line. He, therefore, worried for Mu Yu.

“Don’t make it sound as if someone is dying. It’s not as if I won’t visit you at Pill Cauldron Sect. Don’t forget I’m the leader of Bamboo Peak,” joked Mu Yu, juggling the Bamboo Peak leader’s token.

Ku Mu shook his head with an eye roll.

“Before you leave, tell me what role I had in your dream.”

“Is it really that important to you?”

“You saw my dream. Be fair. Tell me how heroic I looked as the saviour of the world, hehehe.”

“You were a panda,” Ku Mu indifferently repeated.

“You have absolutely no care for the young!”

Ku Mu called the dragon vine and told it to go to Mu Yu. “It doesn’t need to protect me anymore. It prefers following you.”

“I don’t like Big Earthworm!” Xiaoshuai protested.

“Neither do I like you, Rodent!” rebuked the dragon vine, coiling around Mu Yu’s arm.

“Don’t worry, I’ll look after my son-in-law,” assured Elder Leng, smiling shiftily upon seeing Mu Yu give him the reminder look. “I swear I’ll make you call me ‘Dad’.”

“You will… in your dreams!”

“Don’t you worry,” responded Elder Leng.

“Hahaha,” Mu Yu laughed.

“Let’s head back to Pill Cauldron Sect now. I have to report in to Third Heaven Palace after.”


There was a restaurant called Heavenly Restaurant opposite Hundreds Herb Hall, which was one of the most famous fiend beast restaurants in Twenty-Five Kilometres South Garden. Their most renowned dish was called steamed flower jungle cat. The chubby cats tasted dull if one was to just roast and consume. Heavenly Restaurant had a special steam recipe that made it enviably juicy.

Sitting by the table closet to the window on the second floor and enjoying a dish of steamed flower jungle cat was Celestial Star Sect’s young master, Tian Budai.

“Daoist Yuan De, a level eight alchemist, visiting Hundreds Herb Hall wasn’t expected. Tsk, tsk, I certainly can’t affront him,” Tian Budai muttered to himself, knocking back a cup of wine. He stopped to think and then shook his head. “I doubt I could handle those hanging around Mu Yu. I’m going to need to focus on Eternally Youthful Ku Mu, then.”


Ku Mu followed Daoist Yuan De with his lips pursed as though he was stopping himself from verbally blasting the latter. Mu Yu wasn’t looking to have a crowd send the two off, lest they had a crowd following them. Hence, they left early. Mu Yu, who hid himself in the crowd, found joy in Ku Mu’s misery. Those not familiar with Ku Mu wouldn’t have known what he was thinking, but it wasn’t hard for Mu Yu to tell. Daoist Yuan De’s deliberate japing didn’t help. Mu Yu was already imagining the verbal tirades the two would engage in when they were alone on the journey back.

“We wish you safe travels, Ancestor!”

Mu Yu’s efforts to keep the two out of public eye was in vain; how could they be low key with so many clerks, level four and five alchemists sending off two individuals? As a result, people on the streets stopped to watch and gossip.

“Let’s go.” Daoist Yuan De patted Ku Mu on the shoulder and smiled amiably, putting on airs.

The ignorant were wishing they could serve Daoist Yuan De. Basking in another’s glory was something almost everyone craved. In addition, they demeaned Ku Mu, deeming a Golden Core Realm cultivator unworthy of serving Daoist Yuan De. Needless to say, Ku Mu furiously contained the urge to fly off the handle.

Daoist Yuan De, hearing the scathing comments, amiably rectified, “You misunderstand. He is my son-in-law, not my servant. Am I right, Young Qing? What should you call me?”

Ku Mu’s eyebrows were glued together.

Mu Yu: Now I know where the conniving fox’s confidence came from. I’m not sure I entrusted Gramps to the right person. He’s going to bully Gramps so bad! Oh, man, how am I going to appease Gramps now…


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