Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 349

True God’s Disciples

Feng Haochen commenced his journey back to Moyun Mountains two days after Kumu’s departure. Accompanying Feng Haochen was Uncle An and Qing Mei, who joined him to pick up her father before the deadline. The father and daughter pair could cross the dangerous expansive mountain range at their level.

Feng Haochen cheerfully stated, “You need to learn to protect yourselves. Third Heaven Palace will be monitoring your every move. Mu Yu, I worry about you most.”

Mu Yu touched his head and smiled innocently. “Shifu, I am always keeping a low profile, I swear.”

Lie Shang: “I suppose that was your idea of a joke?”

“Did I laugh?” Mu Yu retorted.

“It’s fine. You don’t need to hide as my disciple. Do what you have to. It’s fine if you run into trouble. Just make sure you can keep yourself safe before you get involve, understand?” Feng Haochen gave Mu Yu a wink.

Understanding what was implied, Mu Yu told Lie Shang, “Listen to Shifu. He didn’t blame me for attracting attention. We’re Sword Shadow Dust Gale’s disciples. We can’t embarrass him, understand?”

“Nobody has. You’re the only one who needs me to save him every time. If there’s anyone embarrassing Shifu, it’s you,” rebuked Lie Shang, folding his arms and looking back at Mu Yu out the corner of his eyes.

“… You want to fight?”

“Want a one-hand handicap?”

Lie Shang and Cheng Yan had reached Spirit Severing Realm. Lan Ling’er and Xiang Nan had reached Body Severing Realm’s Seventh Layer. Mu Yu was still behind them when he thought he was catching up. To be fair on Mu Yu, he only trained for close to a year at Second Heaven. Otherwise, he was running around. In the meantime, his seniors trained without distractions at the abode.

“Just you wait. I’ll eventually beat you.”

Lan Ling’er slapped Mu Yu’s shoulder and giggled. “Told you that you were a long way from catching up to Second Brother, my dear junior brother.”

Mu Yu scrubbed his head vigorously.

“Don’t fret over it, Mu Yu. If nothing else, you’re the first one who comes to mind whenever Sword Shadow Dust Gale’s disciple is mentioned, right?” consoled Cheng Yan.

“True that. You’re literally our representative now. Nobody will take you lightly once they find out you’re Sword Shadow Dust Gale’s disciple,” Xiang Nan added.

Mu Yu smiled. “I’m feeling more confident now.”

Lie Shang: “That’s why you’re also the only one who embarrasses Shifu.”

“That’s it, you and me, right now, one on one!”

“Want a one-hand handicap?”

Feng Haochen took joy in Lie Shang and Mu Yu’s verbal tirade. “Don’t forget what I’ve taught you. Regardless of what endeavour you pursue, never betray your conscience. As long as you feel you are in the right, you are in the right. If you believe someone deserves to die, you should kill him. As for embarrassing me, I’ve never been worried that any of you would embarrass me for I know that you’ll make the right decisions. When I taught you Dustfallen Mental Cultivation, I emphasised that your mentality is the most important. As long as you do not stray onto the wrong path mentally and physically, you don’t need to concern yourself with anything else.”

“Understood, Shifu,” Feng Haochen’s disciples responded in unison.

“With respect to Ultimate Immortals Ranking, compete if you wish. Otherwise, feel free to pass. Humanity and elemental demons may clash again. Xiang Nan, don’t overthink. You live for yourself, not for the approval of others, understand?”

“I understand, Shifu.”

Though Hou Tu wasn’t successfully sealed, as long as Xiang Nan didn’t let the former sway him, the demon couldn’t assume control. Furthermore, his martial siblings would always come to his aid if he needed them.

“Qiao Xue, I know I’m in no position to lecture you. That being said, I hope you and Mu Yu can decide for yourselves,” Feng Haochen stated.

Qiao Xue saluted Feng Haochen. “I will remember your advice, Elder.”

“I have cast a protective formation on this abode. Cheng Yan will take care of it at fixed intervals, so don’t worry about it. As long as this formation is active, not even Xie Bulao will be able to spy on you. I warned him not to start anything already. Of course, you can always consult him if you need advice. He will help you.”

Xie Bulao might’ve blabbered on and on about killing Feng Haochen to prove himself, but he didn’t mean it.

“Causing trouble is fine. You wouldn’t be my disciple if you didn’t stir trouble in the world of cultivation. Help each other out, nonetheless. Cheng Yan, Lie Shang, you, as the seniors, have a responsibility to look after your juniors.” Feng Haochen tilted his head in Mu Yu’s direction.

“Yes, Shifu,” responded Cheng Yan and Lie Shang, the latter being reluctant, obviously.

“I hope a certain individual doesn’t embroil himself in trouble just because he has Shifu backing him.” Lie Shang glanced in Mu Yu’s direction.

“You really want to go, don’t you? Xiaoshuai, bite him!”

Xiaoshuai tugged Feng Haochen’s beard and stretched his limbs. “I’ll miss you, Old Man.”

“You’re the only one I don’t need to worry about.”

“Exactly, I have to wipe Mu Yu’s bum every time he starts trouble, and all he pays me back with is one or two drumsticks. He’s heartless! Give me, at least, four!”

“When have I ever let you starve?” Mu Yu voiced.

Uncle An aloofly reminded, “Make sure to keep up with your training.”

Uncle An’s gaze stopped on Xiang Nan since the latter was the laziest. Flinching, Xiang Nan scratched his head and looked away.

“We will, Uncle An.”

Respect wasn’t always about cultivation levels. Dustfallen Sect’s disciples held Uncle An in the same as their shifu.

An individual hiding in a white glow watched Feng Haochen the entire way. He uttered to himself, “Finally returning to Moyun Mountains? Sword Shadow Dust Gale, I won’t let you restore your cultivation so easily. Your immortal body is mine…”

As the white holy glow faded, the mountain he was on returned to a serene state.


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