Supreme Swordsman of the Nine Heavens – Ch. 330

Benevolence and Evil

Xie Bulao’s energy seeped into the patterns of the formation, deceiving the Vacant Spirit Formation it was the five elements returning to their places. As a result, the formation stopped trying to snatch them back.

The trio cleverly used the immense energy trying to snatch back the five elements as the formation foundation to supply tremendous spiritual energy. Xie Bulao sent the five elements into Nine Heavens Demon Sealing Formation. The five headed to the five positions Ku Mu designated. The formation jolted again prior to the spiritual energy lines beginning to circulate. The formation glowed golden, green, blue, red and yellow.

The spirit lords started knocking on their owners’ bodies, demanding to leave immediately. Xie Bulao expected it coming and transported the five into the formation before harm could be done.

“Don’t let them sway you,” Feng Haochen reminded, snapping them out of an angry state. “You two back me up! The moment the spirit lords wake up, I need to focus all of my attention and energy on sustaining the formation, so I can’t afford any distractions. Don’t let anything rattle you no matter what happens. That goes double for you, Xie Bulao!”

Feng Haochen closed his eyes after giving Xie Bulao a glare. A white formation pattern cut Feng Haochen off from everything else while he spawned text from his hands and inserted them into Nine Heavens Demon Sealing Formation. As the formation’s core, he needed to shut himself off from the outside and focus solely on the formation. To prevent the five interrupting, he even segregated himself from the five in the formation.

Meanwhile, inside the formation, Mu Yu glowed green and had a leaf hovering overhead. The vitality in the single leaf was comparable to what was found in a small world. The spirit lord within him feared the leaf.

“If it wasn’t for me, would you be alive?” An indifferent version of Mu Yu surfaced in his mind, but his aura was different. It was none other than the wood spirit’s conjuration.

“Shifu said I should be dead. I’m just a vessel. I now want to be free of your control,” answered Mu Yu, running Dustfallen Mental Cultivation stealthily already.

“You don’t want the power to control life and death. If you seal me, you won’t be able to employ Life and Death in the Blink of an Eye again. You’ll regret it.”

“I don’t need it. I don’t need to control people’s life and death. When one’s time is up, their time is up.”

“You humans are hypocrites. You don’t mean what you say. Third Heaven Palace will take Sword Shadow Dust Gale’s immortal body eventually if you seal me away. You’ll only have a fighting chance if you borrow my power,” the wood sprit lord expressed in a wild manner.

“I have dark herb in my possession. That’s enough to restore his cultivation.”

“Dark herb? Ahahaha, you think Third Heaven Palace doesn’t know of it? You need a year to implement your idea. Do you know how much could change in a year? I have fought against Third Heaven Palace for millenniums. All of their formation guardians are selfish. Being selfish, nonetheless, doesn’t automatically make one an imbecile. They, instead, will always watch over their gains. You think they haven’t been monitoring Sword Shadow Dust Gale?”

Mu Yu knew the spirit lord was correct. He wiped his doubt away, though, and disputed, “Shifu will have a solution. You don’t need to concern yourself. You’re an elemental demon. I’m human. I’ll fight you to the bitter end.”

“Hahaha, what are the humans you want to protect? Are they worthy of your protection?”

For every positive memory Mu Yu could recall, he could recall a memory of humanity’s dark side. He remembered Jiuhua Sect’s disciples killing each other for a flame horse beast’s fiend spirit. He recalled the grey-rank disciples treated as ignoble slaves. Gui Xuanyue betraying his father, Floating Celestial Island… It seemed that humans only preyed on those weaker than them while acting stuck up…

“Are those the humans you want to protect? Do they need your protection? Do they deserve to live? Hahahaha.”

“Injustices will always exist. Bear in mind, humans don’t exist because of the injustices but because we have feelings. I know what I have and what humanity has.” The bloody scenes didn’t sway Mu Yu.

Village Chief Bu trusted him. Elder Xun defended him. Feng Haochen mentored him. Cheng Yan protected him. Lan Ling’er stayed devoted to Lie Shang. Tian Ran sacrificed her joy for her father’s sake. Ku Mu could forsake his own happiness for Miao Yuyan. Leng Bingxue waited for Ku Mu for decades. Feng Haochen was willing to forego immortality to stay with his loved one…

Boom! Xie Bulao’s five elements came together to form text with a combination of the five elements’ representative colours. The text entered the five’s bodies and created balance, aggravating the spirit lords. They would never have the same balance as an ordinary human. That being said, it was enough to stop the spirit lords taking control.

Qiao Xue started trembling, weeping and crying, “No! I’m not a monster. Don’t kill me…” Her pitiful past flashed before her eyes as the spirit lord dug up one event after the next. Because of Nine Heavens Demon Sealing Formation, her emotions were amplified. As a consequence, everyone could share her emotions.

Qiao Xue’s emotions infested Mu Yu’s thoughts. He was abandoned at two, so he never knew parental love. He questioned why nobody ever came for him no matter how long he waited. He was optimistic by nature, but Qiao Xue’s emotions drew out emotions that he masked with his optimism.

Mu Yu: Why did my parents abandon me? This is tiring. Life is tiring. I want to sleep and forget about all of this…

“You will never be able to fathom the feelings she suffered in the past. I’ve dominated her conscious more times than anyone will believe.”

Qiao Xue’s voice was different; it was graceful. When her eyes greeted daylight again, her eyes had turned into a luminous blue.


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