Almighty – Ch. 438

The Curtain Closes

With two Autarch Realm adepts against Yang Xiao at once, the tables turned. Yang Xiao sighed; his confidence waned.

Longyang was thrilled: “Even the heavens have sided with me!”

Yang Tian opened his eyes and looked to the green flames: “Leave or it’ll be too late.”

Xing Shan and his clansmen hesitantly dragged off Xing Shan and Yun’er with their teeth clenched. However, they suddenly halted when a source of energy burst toward them. Xing Shan crushed a lightning rune, releasing lightning energy as a shield.

Li Yulan weakly called out from the prison: “Elder, save me!”

Li Qi shifted his wrathful gaze to the prison and roared out as he tried to dismantle the prison and rescue Li Yulan, who was in terrible shape after being exposed to the corrosive black threads. Li Qi was livid to see Li Yulan’s state. He cried, “Why?!”

“Why?” rhetorically asked Yang Tian, snickering. “It’s karma for colluding with the devil race to massacre my clan. You think they’ll spare Li Yulan?”

Li Qi: “Yang Tian!”

Two energies in the domain: “Kill Yang Tian, and I shall spare your clan!”

Li Qi trembled as he looked at Li Yulan. Li Qi didn’t have much longer to live, so he had to ensure Li Yulan could carry on their bloodline. Li Qi sped over to Yang Tian. Livid, he thundered, “This is all because of you! Because of you!”

Mountains and Rivers Cauldron intervened and expanded to shroud the sky. The epic cauldron was a divine artefact that strongly resembled the man in white’s. The man in black stopped himself from linking Yang Tian to the man in white, however.

Mountains and Rivers Cauldron summoned a golden-winged great peng to attack Li Qi. Li Qi trembled and churned energy from his Life Source as a shield to err on the safe side. Longyang followed suit, hiding in his barrier of light similarly to a turtle.

“Think of a way to escape. I can only maintain maximum output for thirty breaths,” said Yang Xiao, when Yang Tian was worriedly searching for him.

Yang Tian vaulted vertically and fired a blood-red beam at the youth’s forehead. He had a bad feeling about what would happen after thirty breaths: “Go!”

When Yuan Xia planned to shield herself, Yang Tian increased his energy discharged, and two golden small figures from his forehead. The two exploded as soon as they appeared, resulting in a bright golden light dispersing throughout the void.

Yuan Xia shed a tear at the sight of Yang Tian’s ghastly pale look and drained body. He grabbed her arm and shouted to Chubby, “Let’s go!”

Chubby threw nine copper coins out and shouted, “Heaven and Earth is limitless. Search hell and secrets. Bend the universe and voids I rule!”

The copper coins borrowed energy from the void, generating ripples from the rift in the void. On the verge of death and cultivation severely damaged, Yang Tian shouted, “Let’s go!”

Gu Lingyun took advantage of Yang Tian’s moment of weakness to fire a Qi blast at him from her finger, causing him to spit two mouthfuls of blood: “Gu Lingyun!”

Yang Tian, bloodied, passed out after his last comment. Yun’er cried. Li Clan’s single-armed elder was livid, but also jolly to a degree. Ancient Sacred Grounds was furious Gu Lingyun went and offended Yuan Xia, who caught Yang Tian.

After caressing Yang Tian’s face with a stunned look of her own, Yuan Xia turned around with an aggressive demeanour. She locked on to Gu Lingyun and brayed, “You asked for it!”

Gu Lingyun successfully turned herself into a star of the fight. Honestly, Yuan Xia’s glare sent a chill down her spine. But nonetheless, Yang Ba stopped Yuan Xia, who wanted to go murder Gu Lingyun, and exclaimed, “There’s no more time!”

Yuan Xia bit down on her lip and opted to heed Yang Ba’s suggestion, for Yang Tian needed emergency treatment. Chubby headed into the rift first and pestered everyone else. The youth, nevertheless, had different plans for them. Despite his bloody state, he raced to the rift and brayed, “Nobody is leaving!”

Yuan Xia placed Yang Tian into the void and prepared to engage the youth; however, Yang Ba stopped her. He roused his secret energy and said, “Go on ahead. I have my own way of escaping!”

Yang Ba charged out to intercept the youth. At the same time, two Autarch Realm adepts, who escaped their confinement, snickered and charged toward Mountains and Heavens Cauldron. Yang Tia, consequently, prepared himself to kill and said, “Don’t worry about me… Sometimes, you must do things on your own.”

With the rift fading away, Xiaoji belted, “Yang Ba!”

Though infuriated Yang Tian escaped, Gu Lingyun was glad she managed to walk away with her life.

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