Stepmom-con – Ch. 81

Chapter 81

Anon:”Roy! Are you there? We’re in your dreams now! Come on wake up since I want to talk to you!”

I was in the middle of a grassy field. There was nothing nearby except some man with a green hat on. I got a familiar feeling from him.

Roy:”You’re Anon. You’re in my dream?”

Anon:”I can’t do anymore physical manifestations after killing your dad.”

Roy:”Killing my dad? You killed him twice! Tell me who you are? Aren’t you that guy who posts online with that Anon2021 screen name on the comment sections? Tell me what you are! I need to know! Then if the explanation isn’t good enough I’m going to kill you!”

I was frantic about it. I don’t know if this is a dream or if this is real. I can’t tell. I can only tell that I spoke with Alondra about this in length before falling asleep.

Anon:”Relax man, there’s nothing you can do to me. I did kill your father this time around. I also cursed you to make sure that the other four would give birth to you but it worked out because you get to have lots of intimate time with those lovely ladies!”

Was I supposed to be grateful then?

Roy:”I would have preferred to have lived a normal life with my mom and dad in my own world.”

Anon:”And then you wouldn’t have been able to come to this world and enjoy the fantasy… come on… don’t be boring. Look man, you need to do it with all your moms and your real mom as well.”

Roy:”My real mom is dead here.”

Anon:”Oh no she isn’t. She’s not dead at all. You’ll be surprised when you get to know her. Hehehe.”

I thought about it. All the other novels this guy wrote… did he write them? They all left hints about who was going to be important later. If my mom was alive then she would have to be one of the characters already introduced but the problem is I don’t know who was introduced and who wasn’t. I wasn’t the one reading it.

Roy:”Who’s my mom then, my real one?”

Anon:”You’ll find out later, but I came here right now to give you a message. I know you’re mad at me and what not and you probably want to know about the guy who wrote the other two. The fan-fiction or whatever and the mom-con with all the cultivation stuff. Look, the guy who wrote it who went by that anonymous name has nothing to do with me. He’s just a puppet, and as he writes this he still thinks it’s fiction and that he’s making it up but none of it is actually made up. He’s probably thinking he’s clever as he writes every word I’m saying into that computer of his.”

Anon began to laugh.

Roy:”Wait, so who is the Author?”

Anon:”The Author is some random guy who contacted the guy who made the site and translated a novel for degenerates like you.”

Anon was smiling with a wide grin. His yellow teeth made me a bit wary. If he is some godlike being then why would he have yellow teeth? I couldn’t even tell what race he was.

Roy:”Okay, then tell me what the purpose of all this is… and also tell me why you chose me?”

Anon:”You? Hahaha, I started with your mom years ago. I put her into this world as the heroine then I brought your dad later. The demon invasion that happens is not me however. You see, your previous mom wasn’t meant to be the heroine, it was supposed to be someone else but I interfered and she wasn’t pure enough for it so it made this circumstance here.”

So he’s just playing around with people’s lives?

Roy:”Then the demons?”

Anon:”Oh, they invade every five to ten thousand years when the gateway recovers from the sealing. Since it’s a shorter interval this time they can invade again, and since the Demon Lord who invaded last time survived instead of being killed he will probably go even harder this time. Most of the time the sealing kills the demon lord which is why it takes a long time for another one to have a resonance with the gate.”

Okay, so he plays around but something isn’t adding up. There are so many questions I have to ask.

Roy:”Why are you talking to me now then?”

Anon:”I’m trying to get you on the right track. Of the three people I’ve made into main characters of a harem you’re the most obstinate about doing it with your moms… and they’re not even blood related! You know the guy I replaced Troy with? He got off with doing it with Elizabeth who was the biological mom. So compared to him you’re just sitting around like an idiot.”

Roy:”So you’re admitting that I was moved here just to fulfill that purpose then? Why’d you choose me?”

Anon sighed. Then he looked at me. Then he sighed again.

Anon:”Look, I can’t enter that world anymore. The fact of the matter is I have great powers of influence and when an opportunity comes up I have the ability to choose someone out of multiple people that can be passed on. Unfortunately in this case it was only you.”

Roy:”Then what about Dong Chen? He had a look alike and could switch.”

Anon:”That was a special case. It was a switch case. I choose the person to switch with at Dong Chen’s Birth since those timelines are malleable while the timeline in your world is not.”

I stared at Anon. Something didn’t add up with all of this.

Anon stared back.

Anon:”Okay, I had a choice to match Dong Chen up with looks to certain people and so I chose a guy who enjoyed the Son-Con story alright? The guy I chose to become Troy instead of that LU whatever his name is…. well first of all that guy doesn’t exist in your world but the old politician guy who had a thing for Elizabeth was one of the choices.”

Roy:”So only people who’ve read stories related to Son-Con can be reincarnated.”

Anon:”Yeah… because I’m the incest god.”

What? I stared at him. What did he say? What?

Anon:”Don’t look so surprised alright? All I have to do is make you have your happily ever after marrying your mom and my power increases.”

The hell? So everything before was a set up. For some reason I feel he’s just making things up and lying.

Roy:”Then what about these worlds?”

Anon:”Oh they’re real. I just heavily influenced the woman I’m marking as moms so that whoever I send over will have to fight them off. I also make sure the father is out of the way. Come on, I’m planning ahead for you.”

Roy:”Is there a limit then?”

Anon kept silent.

Anon:”I’m not telling you all my secrets now… anyway your biological mom is alive and so you should look for her and when you find her do it with her.”

Roy:”Look for her and do it with her?”

Anon:”If you don’t or you refuse something bad will happen. I mean I even sent your best friend there so you could have someone to chill with. Didn’t you read the comments by… what was that guys name again? Superboy8338? He was saying that a main character needs a bro to chill with. Hemo and Pen just weren’t cutting it for you.”

Roy:”So you set up my entire life this way?”

Anon:”Yes, and you should do what I tell you or I’ll make sure bad things happen to you.”

He was… threatening me… but wait. That means he’s not exactly an author… he did mention something about the Anon2021.

Roy:”Then who is Anon2021?”

Anon:”I already told you he’s just some loser who thinks he’s writing fiction but it’s actual reality from a parallel universes like this one. The guy doesn’t even realize it but he’s typing out my words as I say it. Probably thinks he’s editing as well. Pffft. He’s just a nobody who wants to be best selling Author one day, but I’ve linked to his writing and will be able to pull in people to help increase my power.”

Roy:”So you have power of influence but your power is limited.”

Anon:”Yes, it’s limited, but there is still a lot I can do to make your life miserable if you don’t get it on with your mom.”

Roy:”Okay, fine… let’s say I do want to get it on with my mom. I don’t even know who my biological mother is.”

Anon:”Hmm… I’m not sure who she is now. She disguised herself and I can’t find the cursed mark.”

Roy:”Then how can I tell?”

Anon:”I don’t know but she will recognize you so your job is to find her. Actually, your four moms should know who she is. They just started hiding it from me a while ago and I lost her trail.”

Wait… this… so he doesn’t know everything about the world he’s influencing. Then Anon2021… does he then know more about the world that he writes?

Roy:”Wait if you don’t know then Anon2021 would know wouldn’t he?”

Anon’s face became a bit muddled as he stared at me. It seems I found his weakness.

Anon:”You better not ask too much. I can’t control what Anon2021 writes or sees, but I know for a fact a conversation like this would be something he writes because this is an interaction with someone I designated as the man who needs to have incest. I wouldn’t be surprised if this dream of yours makes it to print.”

Roy:”So you don’t know everything that happens. That means you’re not omnipotent… Then who exactly is Anon2021.”

Anon sighed.

Anon:”Fine, so Anon2021 is just someone I latched on to and gave him a sort of inspiration to write. The inspiration however comes from information he thinks he’s imagining from the world so he will probably put himself in the novel like this as well. The guy like I said is a loser.”

Roy:”He’s a loser you’re using?”

Anon:”Well, I can still read what happened in the novel as well as the focus once it’s been published on that website. Somehow that website can be read inter-dimensionally like this and I’m not sure why. Still though, I’m giving you privileged information, even though it’s useless since you’re in this world now and not your original world.”

I don’t trust Anon. He killed my father after transmigrating him… but that doesn’t make sense since he said he can only affect people who have read the work on that website.

Roy:”So did you move my father over?”

Anon:”I did.”

Anon smiled.

Roy:”You said you can pull people over to this world yet you pulled someone over from before that website even existed!”

Anon:”That’s because I existed before the website was there… but now that it’s there… wait…”

Anon’s eyes widened. It was like he realized something was happening but he didn’t want to say it out loud. It might be his weakness.

Roy:”What is it?”

Anon:”That idiot from Australia… I’m going to get back at him!”

Roy:”Who, the web host? Is that who you’re talking about?”

Anon:”None of your concern. Look, find out who your biological mom is, and start doing it with your stepmothers. If you don’t do it with Alondra before your time with her is up, I promise you’re going to hate what comes next. I’ll make sure of it.”

Roy:”So you’re going to threaten me for not having sex?”

Anon:”Readers love sex scenes. Either do it or suffer.”

Roy:”One more question.”

Anon:”One more is all you get.”

Roy:”The Army System. Did you give that to me or was it given by Dong Chen?”

Anon smiled.

Anon:”Oh that well… of course since I’m a deity and in control of everything!”

Anon then faded away and the dream ended. I woke up in the  middle of the night in Alondra’s arms. I was ordered to do it with her within the time I was here or something bad would happen.

Well, let’s see if something bad happens.


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