Almighty – Ch. 406

Mental Meltdown

Meng Yunxi didn’t know how to react to Li Qingxue’s smug look. Yang Tian gave her dozens of drops, while Li Qingxue was acting up when she only had three.

“She’s a cheat!” raged Yun’er, wanting to strangle Li Qingxue.

Li Qingxue consumed a drop of core milk, revitalising herself.

Yang Tian shook his head. “That’s what you’re counting on? Childish.”

Li Qingxue smirked. Shock flitted across her arrogant countenance immediately after. Yang Tian shook his jade vial several times larger than hers and consumed six drops, healing his wound as the vital essence hit it.

“A hundred drops?!” exclaimed an elder.

Yang Tian consumed another three drops. His vitality was akin to raging tidal waves.

Generic audience member: “Bloody waster!”

Li Cheng: “He must’ve been the one who gave the auction company their divine liquid and made the bets. It’ll be ours once he’s dead!”

Yang Tian looked up at Li Qingxue, who was shaking with a ridiculing expression.

Seeing Li Qingxue break down, Li Cheng cursed, “Idiot!”

Myriad Swords’ Sacred Grounds elder: “Li Clan lost a prodigy they could’ve taken in, and their prodigy is losing her mind. Nobody can help her at this point. It’s up to her to save herself.”

Yang Tian: She has an Inheritance. I’d probably trigger her energy into attacking if I strike.

Yang Tian vaulted up to Li Qingxue as fast as lightning. He slapped her across the face; she began to fall from the sky. He coldly watched her fall.

Li Clan could no longer stand by and watch.

Chubby rubbed his hands together. “Haha, they’ve finally given in. Time to collect my prize.”

Xiaoji scratched his head. “Hehe, I want to know what Yang Tian searched their mountain entrance for.”

Yang Tian’s allies and those who wanted to fight him jumped to their feet.

Yang Tian kicked Li Qingxue in the abdomen, propelling her out of the ring. As his lightning flickered and vital essence roiled, his qi and blood river rose.

Yang Tian finally revealed his energy instead of just brute strength as he did in his duel. His aura at Transcendent Realm surpassed that of new Battle King Realm adepts. Li Clan, therefore, slapped themselves in the face since he won without going all out against their genius.

Seeing Yang Tian’sreveal, Li Qingxue sprayed a mouthful of blood and fainted.

Li Cheng caught on to Yang Tian’s plan. Li Xuan’s demise came to mind. “Retreat! He’s going to summon a lightning tribulation!”

The adepts rushing toward Yang Tian explosively retreated as told.

Xiaoji: “He must be trying to destroy the formation using the ascension lightning!”

Chubby: “A Battle King Emperor’s lightning won’t be enough, though.”

Xiaoji shook his head. “Did you forget our ascension at Primitive Forest?”

Chubby smacked himself in the head. “I forgot.”

Li Cheng virtually lost his entire fortune because he betted on Yang Tian losing. Eyes on Yang Tian, he sneered. “Don’t think you’ll be as lucky as last time. You’re completely boxed in this time. You won’t leave this place alive even if you ascend to Battle Emperor Realm!”

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