Stepmom-con – Ch. 37

Chapter 37

Late at night Roy was fast asleep and wasn’t saying anything. Both Xeneva and Dhalia were awake and looking over his sleeping face. They stared continuously.

Dhalia: “Do you actually need to sleep?”

Opening her eyes Xeneva looked back at Dhalia and her glowing eyes in the dark. The Succubi and the vampire were normally races of the night who thrived in the darkness.

Xeneva: “No, I don’t.”

Dhalia smiled back.

Dhalia: “Then this is quite funny isn’t it?”

Xeneva: “It is, even though we could be making love in another bed, we’re both here with our sweet boy in between us.”

Dhalia: “I never thought I’d feel this way but I want something more than just a mother-son relationship with him. Darling is just too cute for me to just stay this way.”

Xeneva looked over to Dhalia in the moonlight which trickled in through the window. Then she looked at Roy who was in a deep sleep, the young man with black hair who was small for a man in this world was someone they both had a deep attachment to.

Xeneva: “I know the feeling. There were many nights I slept with him in the same bed.”

Dhalia: “We also made a promise.”

Xeneva and Dhalia sighed.

Dhalia: “I wish Emma didn’t force us to make that promise.”

Xeneva: “Well, we’ll just have to keep it. If there is an opportunity then take it and if not we’ll just watch him marry the heroine and be by his side until the day he dies.”

Dhalia: “There are ways to extend his life that we’ll have to talk about.”

Xeneva: “Eventually yes. For now though, it’s more important to find out what he wants.”


I woke up in the morning to find that Erisu and her companions had already left. Dhalia went to the Adventurer guild and Xeneva was also gone but left a note telling me that my two older sisters will remain here to help me out with anything I needed.

They were named Riss and Liss and I wondered why that sounded so familiar. I felt like I had heard that name somewhere long ago in my previous life but it has been at least eighteen years.

Justin was downstairs eating with them.

Roy: “Good morning Justin, Riss and Liss my sisters.”

They greeted me as well.

Riss: “So little brother, what are you planning on doing to day? We should take you around the town. Justin was wondering if we could help some of his friends with investment, the girls who brought the Heroine back.”

Roy: “Um… I have plans actually. I was going to go for a walk. Are you both going to be staying with us at the mansion?”

Liss: “Probably not. We’re in control of the goods in this region so we have to make our way to the nearby towns as well. We’re not like Aunt Dhalia who can teleport. Also, we need to check up on the orphanages as well. Make sure the children are doing well.”

Roy: “Are you both going to marry Justin?”

Justin threw out his food.

Riss and Liss had a smile as Liss picked up a napkin and wiped Justin’s face.

Riss: “We hope so, but there are three other girls who have also taken a liking to him so we’ll see them as well.”

I was a bit disappointed.

Roy: “I wish you many years of happiness, bro…”

Justin: “Wait man! It’s not like that. I know what you’re going to do, I can also wait to get married until you’re settled in as well! I mean, it’s going to be a few years before the heroine comes back right?”

Seeing Justin talk like this made me realize how petty I was. In a way it was a bit refreshing, but he’s still my bro and I want him to succeed and be happy as well. Still five wives? That kind of beats the three that were promised to me.

Roy: “I’m just kidding man.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

Roy: “I do have something I want to do today in a bit of a secret so come see me in the afternoon alright? I’m going to go out and check something out, don’t worry Riss and Liss I have an amulet with me so Mom Dhalia can rescue me if something goes wrong.”

Riss: “Alright, stay safe. We’ll be here the rest of the day before setting off tomorrow morning.”

Seems like Justin is going to be my ‘brother-in-law’ in this world. I kind of find this strange in a lot of ways because even though they’re supposed to be sisters I don’t feel any attachment to them. If you talk about attachment, I have an attachment to the women who sandwiched me last night.

Justin having his time and getting it on with them shouldn’t bother me. I gathered my things and made my way towards the edge of town.

Justin walked with both Riss and Liss near him, they had taken a human appearance with peach skin to disguise themselves among the inhabitants. Justin found their real forms more alluring but kept his voice to himself as they went to the inn.

There, Edna, Chrissy and Arwen were waiting. They sat on their beds in their extra large room as the Justin walked in with one succubus on each arm.

The face of the three girls were surprised, angry and a whole host of other emotions they would have trouble describing.

Edna: “Who are they?”

Arwen: “Are you already moving on?”

Chrissy: “Well… he was smart. We’ll have to move girls.”

Justin: “Wait, wait a moment!”

Justin wasn’t sure what he was going to say next. This world was fine with multiple people in a marriage so perhaps he should say something about that? Those three girls gave him his first night without his virginity intact and he felt a certain loyalty towards them.

They were willing to share him between all three of them, so what’s two more?

Riss and Liss smiled.

Liss: “You know how good he is in bed don’t you?”

The two of them changed into their succubus forms.

Riss: “We’re both daughters of Xeneva, and we’ll be wives of Roy’s best friend. We immediately took a liking to him when we first met him. Unfortunately we couldn’t take the same liking to Roy since he is our brother, but you three girls seem to be Justin’s first experience. I propose a cohort.”

Edna: “Cohort?”

Liss: “In bed last night Justin was talking about how he wanted to help you, so why not become his wives as well. Having a few more in the household who could adventure wouldn’t hurt, besides you were responsible for bringing back the heroine who is going to be our little brother’s bride.”

Edna: “I thought succubi could only be female.”

Edna spoke softly but once she knew their identities she was less upset. Two of the daughters of Xeneva, it meant a possibly good connection since they were being paid a stipend by the joint venture of both the Adventurer and Merchant guilds.

Riss: “He’s not blood related, but our mother said he’s our brother and so he is our brother.”

Edna: “Have either of you been married before?”

Riss: “No. We’ve slept with men before but never married. Most succubi won’t marry unless they deem someone worth tying themselves down for the rest of that person’s life. Still, our lives are so long, but having some children now won’t be bad.”

Edna: “So this cohort proposal is for all five of us to tie ourselves to Justin?”

Riss: “Yes.”

The three girls looked at each other then huddled together while Justin was still trying to figure out what was going on.  In his previous life getting the attention of a girl was so much harder but it’s only been a few days here and five smokin’ hot women were willing to marry him, which meant he could now have regular tail whenever he wanted.

This was amazing to him, but he was amazed at anything that makes it easier for him to have company in bed at night.

Edna: “Well, he was supposed to help us out when the time came to invest.”

Liss: “We can help you invest as well, it doesn’t have to be with him. In fact you can work for the company and be paid well, we’ll even train you.”

Arwen: “Is this because Justin is your brother’s friend? Didn’t he just arrive along with the heroine? How did they become best friends so suddenly?”

Liss: “Sometimes people are just meant to be, isn’t that right Justin?”

Justin: “Uh… yes!”

The group continue talking for a bit more and Justin found it odd that they were so cohesive. He had alway imagined a harem to be something where people didn’t get along, or they fought against each other but when he thought about it all he wondered why the would like him.

He was technically the useless male protagonist harem character and he realized it was similar to all the Japanese cartoons that Roy used to watch.


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