Almighty – Ch. 404

Inconceivable Recovery Speed!

Two individuals donning black robes watched the duel in the distance. The smaller individual’s eyes glimmered at the sight of Black Devil. She remarked, “Isn’t that the other half of the sword? How does he have it?”

The taller individual gritted his teeth. “How does he have the other half?!”

Yang Tian cleaved down with a double-handed swing.

Li Qingxue snickered. She summoned her red small furnace to her hand. The phoenix soared out from the furnace of crackling flames. The phoenix’s appearance revealed the furnace was Li Clan’s clan guardian – Flame Phoenix Divine Furnace!

“Look at that sword!” exclaimed Qing Yuan, giving Qing Rufeng a smirk since the latter stopped him from bidding on it at the auction.

Qing Rufeng finally realised that the fragment he saw at the auction was part of Black Devil.

The soaring phoenix, a Divine Beast, fired flames from its mouth to stop the Sword Aura.

Yang Tianpursed his lips and muttered, “There must be a phoenix with intelligence dwelling in the weapon.”

The stream of flames pouring down heated up Yang Tian’s skin. Adepts backed off.

Enhancing his Sword Aura with the void’s energy, Yang Tian swung again, parting the flames with waves of Sword Aura to reach the red furnace. Unfortunately, the furnace was too robust. It turned up the heat and fired a beam at him. He swiftly positioned Black Devil horizontally to guard against the attack. Still, he skid back several metres, blood coursing from his mouth.

An elder commented, “He can’t keep trying to fight head on, or he’ll die. His cultivation can’t keep up!”

“Why isn’t he using his body’s energy?” asked the confused man adjacent to the elder.

The elder glared daggers back, muting him.

The furnace fired three consecutive divine beams targeting Yang Tian’s vitals. With flames all around him, there wasn’t much room to manoeuvre.

The audience hung on to the edge of their seats as they watched.

Yang Tian deflected the first beam using Black Devil. He evaded the second beam, while the void next to him exploded. The last beam grazed his belly, drawing blood.

Pleased, Li Qingxue snorted coldly and snickered, much to the chagrin of Yang Tian’s comrades.

Yang Tian’s three Dao Physiques joined the fray, circulating vital essence to close his belly cut.

“See that?! He’s all good now!” exclaimed the elder, grabbing the man’s collar, thereby leaving him with no option but to nod.

“What in the…? His body can compare to Divine Bodies.”

Li Qingxue’s vengeful look flitted across her face again. Yang Tian didn’t even look fazed. She powered her furnace with everything she had; she fired another three streams of divine flames at him.

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