Stepmmom-Con – Ch. 35

Chapter 35

We were back at the mansion now, Xeneva was there with two other succubi, they were introduced to me as my older sisters. Riss, and Liss who were actually twins.

Riss pinched my cheek, despite being slightly shorter than me they still saw me as a child.

Liss: “What a cute little brother we have. Mother, are we going to get to tease him as well?”

Xeneva: “You probably shouldn’t but you can tease his friend instead. From what I’ve heard he wants to do business as well.”

Riss smiled and went over to Justin.

Riss: “Hi Justin.”

Justin: “Um.. hi?”

I decided to stop paying attention to my newly met older sisters flirting with my best friend. Justin’s blush meant he was only going to embarrass himself in front of them. What I was more curious about was Erisu and the two girls who were now with her.

Mana was sixteen, and Sarai was seventeen. They were all young teenage girls but despite being younger than me both of them were taller than Erisu who was taller than I was.

Roy: “So you said you’re going to be by Erisu’s side the rest of her life… what exactly does that mean?”

I wanted to know. Dhalia and Xeneva were also paying attention to this.

Mana: “It means what is said. Everywhere she goes and everything she does we will be by her side.”

Roy: “What if she gets married and starts a family?”

Sarai: “Then we will also marry her husband alongside with her. As long as she doesn’t mind we will share that man. Having more children and raising them together would be better.”

Erisu suddenly blushed and looked down at the table. I felt a bit sorry for her.

Roy: “What if the man only wants Erisu and not you? And he doesn’t pay attention to you?”

Mana: “Then we will remain in the back ground but still by her side.”

Roy: “You won’t look for someone else to marry or start a family with?”

Sarai: “Wait… are you engaged to? Erisu?”

I was bit silent.

Dhalia: “Yes, he’s engaged to her. They already promised to be together after her quest was over and the Demon Lord is sealed.”

Xeneva came by and hugged me tight.

Xeneva: “How nice, my sweet boy already has a fiance. Mommy is proud of you!”

I didn’t really work hard for this though, she kind of just fell into my lap under some magical circumstances. I happened to get very lucky.

Dhalia: “Erisu, what do you think of your new friends?”

Erisu: “I mean… I don’t mind sharing Roy since it’s fine in this world. It’s just I don’t understand how Mana-san and Sarai-san would feel about being secondary to me.”

Sarai: “It isn’t an issue, I don’t believe the kind of man you would fall in love with would be that kind of person. As the Heroine you will have attributes that make you stronger than your husband so there is no way he can abuse you. He would have to be a man with a large heart to accept himself being weaker than his own woman.”

Wow, why not just stab me right through my heart and throw away the key. You really have to talk to me like that.

Mana: “If you’re willing to share him though, I find him quite cute. He has that black hair and the attractive features that give him a slightly feminine appearance. While I haven’t been with a man due to this appointment some of the mages at the Arcane Sanctum gave me some ideas of what I’d like to try in bed.”

This little girl… this perverted girl… but it… turns me on… no… keep rational thoughts. Stop thinking that way! Remember, I don’t even know if Erisu will still be with me after her journey. She’s a young girl, they’re all young girls and their thoughts and ideas will change. That’s just how life is while they grow up.

School girl crushes rarely stay in place.

Roy: “Its true that I made a promise with Erisu, however if she changes her mind after she seals the Demon Lord, I won’t be upset if she decides there is someone better for her than me. I would be sad to lose her but I think her freedom of choice is more important, however if there is something she wants me to do in order to keep her I would like that.”

Erisu blushed, then she raised her eyes towards mine.

Erisu: “Keep your promise, stay a virgin like me until it’s time. That’s all, then after we get married if you want more concubines it’s fine as long as you know I’m the first wife!”

Well there you have it. Way too convenient… why was this so predictable?

I gave her a slight smile.

Roy:”I promise I’ll wait until you either come back to me or decide you no longer want to be with me.”

Erisu: “I won’t change my mind.”

Xeneva: “My Sweet Roy don’t act like that when a girl has feelings for you. Being cold and aloof will make her think you don’t have interest in her.”

Roy: “Alright mom, I understand.”

I turn to Erisu.

Roy: “Then I won’t change mind either.”

While I won’t hug her for now because of the fear of impurity at least I could smile at her.

Sarai: “Then how about Mana and I? Will you take us as concubines?”

Erisu: “I’ll allow it. Only them though, you can’t just go and take anyone you want off the street. I’m not going to allow that.”

Roy: “I won’t take someone unless you want me to.”

Erisu nodded, and so our agreement is set. I guess I’ll be having three wives then. That’s not so bad I suppose, it’s better than what I’d have in my previous life since these three girls are gorgeous.

Thanks dad. I’m glad you decided to take on another wife and have a child. You really did right by me after leaving me when I was five years old. This is all worth it!

Xeneva leaned over and whispered to me while Erisu and the other two girls were talking to each other and getting to know each other. There were several conversations going on at the same time in the reception area where we sat on cushioned chairs.

Xeneva: “My Sweet Roy, there is something I want to ask you before in private.”

Roy: “What’s wrong mom?”

Xeneva: “Would you be upset if Justin takes one of your sisters as his bride? Maybe both of them? I mean, you’re getting three wives after all.”

Roy: “They like Justin?”

Xeneva: “They do. People from another world are usually very popular among the ladies here.”

Roy: “Really? I don’t remember this being the case in the village.”

Xeneva: “That’s because the village I raised you was a backwater place. It was because I wanted to preserve your chastity since you hadn’t lost it even in your previous life.”

Roy: “Why is that?”

Dhalia now leaned in.

Dhalia: “Because around the time you turned 18 the heroine would appear. You know when we were exterminating the demons around five hundred years ago, we learned a lot about patterns of the demon invasions.”

Roy: “Invading? You mean the secrets?”

Dhalia: “I became the Adventurer Guild Master in order to be able to gather information about the convergence of worlds. Their world exists on a plane in some metaphysical space, and the heroine and sealing sword when it’s done properly punts the plane far away.”

Xeneva: “The demons are countless in number and they outnumber everyone in our world by a large amount, the only reason they don’t take over is because the portals they open are limited in how many can pass through at intervals. I also became a guild leader in order to gather resources in mercantile.”

Roy: “So because of the information you had you could also determine when the next heroine was coming.”

Dhalia: “Yes darling, you’re catching on. Aren’t you impressed with us?”

Roy: “I am.”

Xeneva kissed my left cheek and Dhalia my right. I could see Erisu looking at me with a sort of jealousy.

Dhalia: “There’s no need to feel that way Erisu, Roy is my son after all. When you have a child you’ll be doing the same thing.”

Erisu calmed down.

Erisu:”You’re right… mother-in-law.”

Dhalia smiled. The night went by slowly and Justin seemed to go off into the room with my two sisters Riss and Liss. That guy… man…

Xeneva: “Well looks like they’re getting along. You’re going to spend the night with both of us in the same room since we have to make sure you don’t get any ideas with Erisu. She’s leaving for the Empire tomorrow to begin her training, you probably won’t see her for a few years.”

Roy: “I guess I should say good bye.”

Xeneva: “You should.”

Erisu after talking a bit more with the other two got my attention.

Erisu: “Roy.”

Roy: “Yes Erisu.”

Erisu: “I’m going to be leaving very early tomorrow so I’m going to sleep now. I guess this is good bye for now but don’t forget your promise.”

Roy: “I won’t forget.”

Erisu stood up, walked over to me as I stood up and she gave me a hug. Her body was warm and soft, and since she was only fourteen I wondered how she would look eventually. If I remember correctly she should be turning fifteen in six months. The next time I see her she will definitely be different.

Erisu: “I want a goodbye kiss but I don’t want to risk losing purity since we don’t know what causes it.”

Dhalia: “That’s a good thing, Darling will be sleeping in the same bed as his mother’s tonight so you don’t have to worry about him coming down. His best friend Justin… well you already know.”

Erisu blushed at the thought of Justin, then she looked at me.

Erisu: “I promise we’ll do that together some day! Maybe Mana and Sarai can join too, but right now I have to go.”

Erisu hugged me again then retreated with the other two. They were going to also sleep in the same room, I suppose that’s to prevent mishaps.  I’m not even sure why she fell in love with me.

Xeneva: “We should go bathe together, all three of us. Dhalia’s tub is big enough, then we’ll sleep together.”

Roy: “Wait, mom! You both do realize you’re very beautiful right? I mean, even though you’re my moms I’m still a male you know!”

Dhalia: “Not to worry Darling. I have a cold touch and I can make sure you don’t get that kind of reaction with magic. Just trust mommy okay darling?”


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