Almighty – Ch. 400

Pulverising a Dao Weapon

The audience was in uproar over Yang Tian’s punch that rattled the Dao Rank lotus and even knocked a petal off without any consequences.

Shangguan Hao patted Qing Yuan on the shoulder and laughed. “He really is a beast in human form as you said. I guess a Dao Weapon is nothing after taking on a golden battle gorilla.”

The girl with Shangguan Hao aggressively glanced over to him and asked, “What golden battle gorilla? Speak.”

Li Qingxue instantly caught the crumbling lotus and stabilised it. Next, she expanded it tremendously.

Still not intimidated in the least, Yang Tian propelled himself vertically, leaving a hole in the ring. He donned his crimson energy and zipped through the air, generating a long and loud boom. He concentrated vital essence at his arms and activated all one hundred and eight vitals to absorb more vital essence. Once ready, he launched his attack on the lotus barrier. He managed to dent the lotus and eventually smash a hole in it. He then descended with a piercing gaze, winning over hearts of girls, as well.

Waving her hand, Yun’er cheered, “Brother Yang is amazing. Kill the wench!”

Xing Shan and Xing Hao: “…”

Li Qingxue glanced down at her weapon in her hand. Ashamed and irate her chance to earn the title of “Goddess” was marred, she shot Yang Tian a wrathful glare and powered up. With hatred as her fuel, the girl under twenty ascended to Battle Emperor Realm!

Li Qingxue donned a glowing robe emphasising her body line. Alas, her initial step into the realm meant she didn’t have time to stabilise her energy yet.

Su Jinyue, who put down a big bet on Yang Tian winning, didn’t want him to lose – obviously. Plus, she wasn’t fond of Li Qingxue’s character. Despite all the people lauding Li Qingxue, she scoffed, “Let’s see if it she’ll actually have her way.”

After hearing Xing Shan explain Li Qingxue’s newfound power, Yun’er upped the ante on her cursing.

Yang Tian powered up as he advanced toward Li Qingxue. Confident and composed once again, Li Qingxue gazed at him as if he was a peasant.

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