Stepmmom-Con – Ch. 27 & 28

Chapter 27

Roy: “What’s the matter man?”

I don’t know why but whenever I talk to Justin, I talk differently than I do with everyone else.

Justin: “I don’t know man, I’m thinking about what I’m supposed to do now. I’m going to have to figure out how to survive. I wasn’t given any special abilities from being displaced and since I transmigrated instead of reincarnated I don’t have family.”

Roy: “Bro, you’re my family man. If we go out we go together. Forget everything else man.”

Justin: “Thanks man. But you’re saying that you can’t do much yourself since you don’t have power or anything. This mansion, it’s your mom’s mansion… one of your mom’s?”

Roy: “Yeah man, the Adventure Guild Master, remember.”

Justin: “You were born with powerful family here.”

Roy: “Yep, though none of my mom’s are human even though I am. Strange isn’t it?”

Justin: “Indeed man, indeed. I still think it’s funny that you ended getting re-birthed 4 times but it’s sad you won’t be able to see your real parents.”

Justin had a strange and incredulous look in his eyes as he was taking it all in. Then he became solemn.

Roy: “You’re thinking about your family aren’t you?”

Justin: “I am. My mom and dad are well off and my older brother can take care of them, it’s just going missing like this is going to be devastating for them and there isn’t a way to go back.”

Roy: “Not that we know of anyway, but if there is I’ll do whatever I can to help you.”

Justin: “Thanks bro.”

Roy: “As you can tell, I don’t want to go back. Besides you, I have nothing else in that world and I had no job. At least here I have a place to stay and a life.”

Justin: “Yeah man, but you know what? Since I’m here I’ll try to make the best of it.”

Roy: “Well I’ll ask mom when she comes home tonight if she can make a protective item for you as well and maybe once the week is over we can go out on the town. I get a hundred gold coins a week as an allowance.”

Justin: “What’s the exchange rate for gold coins?”

Roy: “Well, think of a gold coin as being equivalent to about two thousand dollars.”

Justin’s eyes widened. Yes I know, I practically get two hundred thousand dollars a week. Mommy Xeneva is filthy rich and she is giving me an allowance like that.

Justin: “You… you sure it won’t run dry?”

Roy: “Bro, my mom’s the leader of the Merchant guild and owns the largest company on the continent. A lot of the ideas came from my dad which made it grow even more over the last twenty or so years even though my dad died. We humans don’t live long but we’ll at least be able to enjoy ourselves as long as nothing bad happens right?”

Justin: “Yeah, and maybe I can finally lose my virginity too. I’m sick and tired of it. These fantasy places always have brothels or something right? Maybe we can sneak out and go discretely.”

Roy: “Well you can go, I’ll give you the money if you want but I’m not sure I want too.”

Justin: “Really? Come on man… well I mean if you got fiance, then I get it.”

Roy: “Nope, no fiance.”

Justin: “So you’re single? Then with your status you’re probably getting to know the ladies right?”

Roy: “I got here about two days ago. I haven’t gotten to know anyone yet… no wait it was three days ago.”

I had to check the countdown on the cool down timer on the dead soldiers to be sure.

Justin: “What about the people in the village, no friends there?”

Roy: “Oh man don’t remind me.”

I ended up telling him about Hemo and Pen which Justin reaffirmed what I was thinking about them.

Justin: “If I ever do that then set me straight man.”

Justin was definitely my best friend. I never have to worry about him trying to use my status to get something and we’ve been buds for a long time. Ever since I got my kicked to the curb by him on fighting games at the arcade.

Catherine walked in while we were talking.

Catherine: “Master Roy, your mother has returned home. Dinner will be prepared shortly. I assume your friend Justin will be joining.”

Roy: “Yes! Justin you have to meet my mom Dhalia.”

Justin: “Alright.”

We both go to the dining room where the blue skinned woman sat there. There was something about both my moms that made them scream milf. They look young, but unlike young women there was a mature body that hung out of their clothing.

Justin (Whispering): “Wow… your mom is beautiful.”

Roy: “She’s off limits.”

I tried to whisper back.

Dhalia: “My Darling Roy is correct. You might be his friend but I’m off limits. Roy doesn’t like it when his moms goes with other men after all.”

Dhalia had a sweet smile on her face, one where I couldn’t quite make out what she was getting at. Regardless I wanted to make sure Justin wasn’t rejected.

Roy: “Mom this is Justin, he’s from—“

Dhalia:”He’s a friend from your previous life right?”

Roy: “Yes.”

Dhalia: “It’s great actually, he can stay with you. At least you have a friend.”

Dhalia smiled and teleported next to me with her arms around my neck she kissed me on the cheek then turned to Justin with her hand held out. Justin shook her hand.

Justin: “Ma’am, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for being there for my best friend when he was… reincarnated.”

Dhalia: “Catherine, have all the maids who have heard of Roy come here.”

Catherine: “Yes Mistress Dhalia.”

Justin and I took a seat while the maids all lined up, then Dhalia snapped her fingers which and all of them went back to work. After that the food was served with Justin and I being quiet trying to figure out what was going on.

When all the dishes were on the table Dhalia addressed the maids.

Dhalia: “All of you leave now please. I’m going to put up a sound proof barrier.”

The maids filed out of the dining room and a barrier was put up by Dhalia. Mom was indeed very powerful.

Dhalia: “You’re both wondering what I did and I’m telling you right now I erased their memories about you talking of the previous world. Roy, it’s not good for others to know you’re reincarnated alright?”

Roy: “Yes mom.”

Dhalia: “Justin, I hope you and Roy get along from now on. You can stay here as long as you like. I think it’ll be great since you don’t have any male friends.”

Mom noticed?

Dhalia smiled as we began to eat.

Justin: “Thanks Ma’am.”

Dhalia: “No need to be so formal, just call me Dhalia. Any of Roy’s other mom’s you meet you should call by the name they give you. You’re his precious friend after all.”

Justin: “How did you know about me?”

Dhalia: “I can read your minds.”

Roy: “Wait… you can read our minds? Mom? What?”

Dhalia: “Yes Darling, I can read your minds. I can only know what you’re thinking at the moment however, not what’s in your subconscious. So yes, I know what you were thinking when I asked you for a favor.”

Mom winked at me.

Dhalia: “Remember Darling, even though we’re not related by blood I consider you my precious son I will never want to let go of.”

Mom winked again, and I was too embarrassed to respond thinking about how I was getting turned on when I was sucking… I mean… mom is centuries old so something like that shouldn’t bother her… I mean it’s not bothering her… she seems to find it amusing…

I mean…

Justin was focused on eating, he seemed happy as it’s now settled he had a place to be and a place to stay. A lot happened and he was displaced while attending a J-Pop concert by Erisu Moto.  Well, Moto Erisu if you put the surname first.

Dhalia: “Roy, there is going to be a conference in the colosseum in a few days. I want you and Justin to attend with me as it is going to be the formation of the Heroine’s team.”

Roy: “Heroine’s team?”

Dhalia: “You probably don’t know about this but Justin’s displacement was because he was in close proximity to the Heroine when she was summoned. In the conference the Heroine will be introduced, and monarchs will give her items. There will be some women that will join her party as well.”

Roy: “What’s the Heroine supposed to do?”

Dhalia: “The heroine’s return means the demon world is going to attack soon. She is to take the sword and seal him again, but in order to gain the acceptance of the sword she has to go on a hero’s journey with several companions. It’s an all female team so you won’t be able to go with them even if you both wanted too.”

Justin: “I’ve heard of this before in my world though it’s fictional. How do they select who will go with the Heroine?”

Dhalia: “It’s a calling from birth, from the other world. Just come with me since every major leader on the continent will be going. You should at least see the things in this world too you know.”

Justin: “Dhalia, I have a question. Just how big is the continent?”

Dhalia: “Truth be told, the continent itself isn’t that large, but this is the the only piece of land we know of. There might be other continents across the ocean with humans lands as well but they are not known since the distance over water is unknown. The only reports we have were records in the past with teleporting mages, but even I won’t dare teleporting without having a marking point for the destination. There are records that monsters who are stronger than ones here, run those continents.”

Justin: “Stronger monsters, doesn’t that mean the people are stronger as well?”

Dhalia: “They might be, but records indicate they are much fewer in number. If any of those continents were to go to war with us, unless they’ve changed, they wouldn’t be able to win because their numbers are far too few.  Our continent is more varied, while we have a much lower floor we also have a much higher ceiling as far as powerful individuals are concerned.”

I guess that makes sense.

Justin: “So the heroine, is she just saving the continent or is she saving the world?”

Dhalia: “The world of course, however we will still have to give her support whenever we can. The phenomena summons her to this world and we have to do what we can to help her.”

Justin: “What summons her then? I mean, how is she chosen and does she get to go back home?”

Dhalia: “There are no records of a heroine returning home after coming here to save the world. Most of them simply become nobility and retire, marry a nobleman or a prince and live out the rest of their days in peace. As for the selection, no one really knows. We only know that they are brought here because the demon king himself isn’t from this world, so there has to be a sort of balance.”

I’ve heard something like this before but I’m not sure from where. The balance against the demon king. Still if the demon king brings his legions over and there is only one heroine, how is that fair in anyway?

Dhalia: “Anyway Roy, if you’d like to sleep with me tonight you’re welcome and I won’t force you to do that thing anymore.”

Dhalia winked at me.

Roy: “Thanks mom… you know… it’s not that I don’t like sleeping beside you it’s just I’m a grown man.”

Dhalia pouted.

Justin: “You know Roy, it’s fine to give your mom some reassurance that you love her too you know? Most family want to be close physically to each other. There isn’t anything awkward or shameful about it.”

Dhalia looked towards Justin perking up with a smile.

Dhalia: “Justin, I like you. You’re a good influence on Roy. I’m going to make you a pendant, it won’t allow me to teleport to you like the one Roy has but it will definitely give you protection for your life until the mana runs out. You can buy mana stones to recharge it or bring it to me at any time.”

Justin: “Thank you for your kindness.”

The food is finished and we stay up chatting a bit. Justin plays some chess against me while mom watched until the sun set then the two of us humans went to bed. Mom told us both she doesn’t really need to sleep but only did so when I was next to her because it was a human thing to do.

I told Justin I was going to just take it easy at home until my allowance came at the end of the week. We would probably be going to the conference first before I showed him around the City.

Chrissy, Edna and Arwen walked towards the city with a young girl next to them. The capsule cleaned the soot off her face and she dressed in the armor given to her. She had long black hair and brown eyes, there were very few people who looked like her and the only person they could think of who had a similar face was Roy.

Chrissy: “Erisu, did you say you were singing in a concert? What’s a concert exactly?”

Erisu: “Chrissy-San, a concert is a gathering where people come to watch someone perform. It is something that happens often in my world.”

Arwen: “What is the San you keep putting after our names?”

Erisu: “Ah, Arwen-San, it’s an honorific that I use as formal speech.”

Arwen: “Formal speech? There’s no such thing here, there is simply proper speech and rough speech but there are no honorifics. Are the honorifics something you use in your country?”

Erisu: “Yes Arwen-San.”

Erisu after having her clothing put on realized she wasn’t on Earth anymore. She had seemed to cross between worlds to a place that was not like home, and she was happy.

When she was young her parents had trained her strictly to become a singer. They pushed her to perform over and over, and then one day they both died in an accident but her manager took over as her guardian and continued to push her. She signed a contract at fourteen and was then pushed to continue performing for the agency she signed for.

There wasn’t much money as she still had to pay back the agency fees but her schedule was constant. She had to greet people constantly, and couldn’t make friends or even experience love. Now coming here she felt there was a sense of freedom from that, and she had been prepared reading many of the Isekai novels that were available as a popular genre in Japan.

Unfortunately, most of the novels had a male lead. She wasn’t sure who the three adventurers were but they told her she was their target and they were escorting her back. With no where to go she followed them without hesitation.

Erisu: “Arwen-San, what is this world like? What are adventurers like?”

Arwen: “Adventurers? We’re a rough group not like the nobility. Most of what we do involves killing monsters, escorting and fighting. Sometimes it’s dangerous, sometimes its easy but it’s just a way to earn a living and it’s hard to survive.”

Erisu: “Wow! So where am I going?”

Edna: “You’re going to a mansion. From there I’m sure the Guild Master will be able to help you forward from that.”

Erisu walked following the other three girls. It was obvious she was much younger than all of them but she kept a smile as she went. The sense of freedom was something she could never have before.

They eventually came to Adventure City, the home of the Adventurers and wearing the cloak Erisu was escorted to the mansion. Dhalia teleported home as they arrived to welcome the four of them.

Erisu: “That woman’s skin is blue! Is she also human Arwen-San?”

Arwen: “No, she is a vampire and she is the guild master. We all look up to and respect her.”

Erisu: “Waah! That’s amazing! A vampire guild master, she must be powerful!”

Edna: “Powerful is an understatement.”

Dhalia: “Welcome, my name is Dhalia and I am the owner of this mansion. You’ll be staying with me for the next few days before the conference and I’m sure you have many questions. All my equipment is in the back yard.”

Erisu: “Pleased to meat you Dhalia-Sama, I am Moto Erisu. Though my first name is Erisu.”

Dhalia: “Erisu, that is quite the interesting name. I suppose the honorific is something you’re used to using in your world and you’ll have a hard time dropping it. I’m guessing you’re Japanese.”

Dhalia had heard of the Japanese when she was given information on the different languages of the world where transmigrators came from. Joseph was after all, a man who liked to study different languages, but after coming to this continent transmigrators would automatically speak the language here.

Erisu: “Yes, I come from Japan. You know of Japan?”

Dhalia: “It’s a country where a lot of transmigrators come from. Come to the back, I am going to give you a test so Chrissy, Edna and Arwen will know why you’re so important. They’re dying of curiosity.”

The five women go to the back where Dhalia brings out a testing stone.

Dhalia: “Erisu, put your hand on the stone tablet.”

Erisu follows the instructions and a glow happens to appear. A golden spirit comes forth and stares at Erisu.

Golden Spirit: “Chosen one, you have arrived at last. The Demon Lord will soon return, there is a sword in a cave that you must retrieve that can seal him. That will be your quest. I have summoned you, and as such your abilities will unlock as you train and gain more experience learning how to use them. I thank you for coming, heroine.”

Arwen: “Heroine? You mean the three of us were sent to retrieve the heroine?”

Edna, Chrissy and Arwen all immediately took a knee and bowed to Erisu. There were stories of the previous heroines, the women who saved the world and were revered as saints. To meet one was considered fortune, to serve was considered fate.  Every young girl growing up would be told of them.

Erisu however, was unable to take this kind of attention.

Erisu: “No! No!, Edna-San, Chrissy-San, Arwen-San! Please stand up. Don’t treat me any differently. I’m just a girl still even if I am given this status.”

The years as an idol made her wary as putting her on a pedestal made it harder to get closer to others. She wanted friends, she didn’t want anymore fans but the other three girls couldn’t stop.

Dhalia sighed.

Dhalia: “Well, it’s almost dinner time. We should all go and eat. You three go first.”

The three of them acknowledged and walked off as Dhalia now put up a barrier around them so no one can hear.

Dhalia: “Erisu, there is something I’m going to tell you that I don’t want you spreading out. I have a son, his name is Roy and his friend is Justin. They’re both from your world as well, Roy reincarnated and was born here while Justin arrived here as an effect of being in close proximity of your when you transmigrated. Justin was Roy’s old friend so I’m wondering if you also have a connection to them.”

Erisu: “Dhalia-Sama, I don’t know anyone by those names. They sound like American names and I was from Japan.”

Dhalia: “There is nothing to worry about then, come have dinner with us and I’ll talk to you more about your status as the heroine later.”

Erisu: “Thank you Dhalia-Sama!”


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