Almighty – Ch. 358

Meeting with Meng Yunxi Again

Three days flew by. The entire Eastern Continent was wild and active. Disciples were sent to see the arranged duel at Vacant Sky City. Vacant Sky City, which was under Li Clan’s jurisdiction, could fit over a quadrillion people, yet it was full.

Li Clan, which was the most excited clan, treated Yang Tian as a bug waiting for them to squash, but nobody brushed him off. Li Clan futilely tried to find him beforehand to exact their vengeance. Li Clan was in celebration mode. They didn’t need to fear the sacred grounds as they formed an alliance with Heavenly Dao Alliance. In saying that, they preferred to nip the potential thread in the bud before it became a serious problem.

People were eager to see if Yang Tian could overcome the odds as he did last time, so betting ran rampant. Based on the cultivation progress of the two combatants, most deemed Li Qingxue the destined victor. The second bet was Yang Tian’s life.

Myriad Auction Company’s branch in the city was in charge of the betting. They had a mountain of treasures prepared.

Yang Tian travelled to numerous cities via Meng Clan’s transportation formation in Pill City. Obviously, it couldn’t compare to Pill City’s formation. It wasn’t up to him to use due to his identity, and it wasn’t as though he could ask Pill Valley to use theirs.


Meng Yunxi, who was at Myriad Auction Company’s Demon Subjugation City branch, leaned on the edge of a purple and gold table. She sort of missed Yang Tian. The last time they saw each other was a year ago.

The transportation formation lit up and rumbled as two individuals emerged from the other side. Yang Tian pursed his dry lips into a smile. “It’s been a long time.”

Meng Yunxi quickly recomposed herself and smiled as she usually did. “It’s only been a year or so. Not worried you won’t be able to leave?”


What business did a martial artist set on forging forward courageously have with worry?

Meng Yunxi tactfully said, “I wonder where your confidence comes from. Heavenly Dao Alliance won’t show you mercy.”

“I’m ready for everything they want to throw at me. They had the gall to lay their hands on my foster father, so who’s to say somebody else won’t try?”

“What’s your plan? Vacant Sky City is conducting a bit bet. The bets placed are enough to start a big sect!”

Yang Tian was thrilled to hear there was a bet because of Meng Yunxi’s reaction. He wanted to pocket some goodies since the three he raised costs a lot of resources. He handed over a jade vial. “This is for you. You might find a use for it. I have other business, so I’ll be taking my leave now.”

Meng Yunxi couldn’t identify what the vial contained. A burst of elixir spurt from the vial. She looked inside to see the milk-white honeydew. “This is honeydew?”

“Keen eyes you have there,” stated Yang Tian, teasing her because she looked dumbstruck. “You’re right.”

“Where did you get it from? Why are you such a miser? You’re only giving me one vial?”

Used to Meng Yunxi’s teasing, Yang Tian took it in stride. “You think they come out of thin air? Consider yourself fortunate to even have one vial.”

Meng Yunxi didn’t buy it, reasoning he had to have multiple vials if he was willing to give her so much.

Yang Tian smiled brightly after a whiff of the fragrance. He turned around and went to the door – only to then smack himself in the head and take out a jade slip. He turned back around and chuckled. “Can you collect this material urgently for me?”

“Let me see… A lot of it? That will be… very hard!”

Yang Xiao did only use it owing to its requirement for a high-calibre formation, so Meng Yunxi’s statement wasn’t surprising.

“What do you want so much material for? You would need a lot of bloodstones for it.”

Yang Tian handed Meng Yunxi two interspatial rings and smirked. “Swap them the materials for this. I bet you’ll have a line.”

“A line?”

Both of the interspatial rings contained a ridiculous amount of ancient pills that could incite chaos. Yang Tian just laughed it off and bid her farewell before leaving.

Meng Yunxi juddered behind Yang Tian’s back. She helplessly sat back in her chair and interlocked her fingers. Looking up, she said, “Make sure to come back in one piece… You owe me… I believe Li Clan will be quivering at your feet on Eastern Continent soon enough!”

Yang Tian strode into the moonlight to set off for Vacant Sky City.

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