Almighty – Ch. 357

Yang Clan’s Treasure

Yang Tian turned his hands into cannonballs when he saw Qing Yuan’s reaction to his question. He had a bad feeling and recalled what he told Qing Yuan when they parted ways. He took in a deep breath to calm himself and, in a serious tone, demanded, “What happened? Tell me already.”

“Heavenly Dao Alliance allied with Li Clan to kidnap your foster father.”

Yang Tian cracked the ground underfoot, pushing the two back about twenty-four metres. “Li Clan! Heavenly Dao Alliance!”

Yang Ba patted Yang Tian on the shoulder to tell him to calm down.

The real aim behind kidnapping Lin Yuan was unquestionably to lure Yang Tian out. Green Sun Empire was put in a dilemma since Heavenly Dao Alliance, who could do some serious damage to the empire, was involved.

Ashamed of himself, Qing Yuan added, “Li Clan set up an arena at Vacant Heavens City for you and Li Qingxue to have a duel.”

Yang Ba turned furious, recalling the adorable and beautiful girl following behind him and Yang Tian when they were younger.

Qing Yuan: “Li Clan is luring you. If you go, you might… It’s all my fault.”

Yang Tian was doomed to be in danger whether he won or lost.

Yang Tian: “It’s not your fault. I never expected Heavenly Dao Alliance to be involved, either.”

Qing Yuan reaffirmed Yang Tian’s suspicion Heavenly Dao Alliance was the devil race’s ally. It wouldn’t make sense for them to come out in droves just because he offended Tian Xin, implying he had to possess something they wanted.

Shangguan Hao walked up to Yang Tian. “Yang Tian, the cultivator at Pill Flame Domain…”

Yang Tian smiled bitterly. His ancestor didn’t acknowledge him back at Pill Flame Domain, indicating he needed to figure his own life out. Additionally, he’d most probably be hunted if his ancestor’s identity was revealed; the devil race wouldn’t let him grow.

Not wanting Yang Tian to take the risk, Qing Yuan added, “Li Qingxue has obtained an Inheritance. She’s nearly at Battle Emperor Realm.”

“I’ll butcher her even if she is!”

How could Yang Tian leave his father for dead? His confidence stemmed from Dao Sutra, his might that matched a Divine Beast, his plethora of aces and his cultivation almost at Battle King Realm.

What was the point of others arguing when Yang Tian was so confident? It wasn’t as if they didn’t just witness what he was capable of.

Yang Tian entered Ancestral Dragon Ring to see Yang Xiao smiling. “Uncle Xiao, what shall I do? Is there any other way to save my foster father?”

“We don’t know what the status quo is. If Li Clan is going to declare war, though, the Autarch Realm adept will definitely make an appearance, hahaha.” Yang Xiao was only capable of matching a Half-Step Autarch Realm adept. A full-fledged Autarch Realm adept was out of the question. Just as importantly, he couldn’t fight for prolonged periods in his current form. “Haha, don’t worry. It’s time we take out Yang Clan’s treasure!”

All adepts guarded something that supported them and pursued something. Humans inevitably possessed desires. As part of being a martial artist, one had to protect those around them.

“Yang Clan’s treasure?! What is it?!”

“Remember I mentioned Mountain and Rivers Cauldron as well as Mountains and Rivers Scroll?”

“Divine items!”

“Exactly. Our clan’s Mountains and Rivers Cauldron is placed inside Fallen Devils’ Ground. It’s a fantastic attack divine item.”

Yang Tian switched from smiling to frowning when he remembered the cauldron was employed as a sealing tool. One slip up and he could be on the receiving end of the heavens’ wrath. “If we take it out, will Fallen Devils’ Ground erupt into chaos?’

“Former Patriarch explained it could be taken out for self-defence. He didn’t mention what would result, having said that. You have the Dragon Deity Soul Sealing Jade inside your qihai. You can soon make it acknowledge you as its master! I think it’ll be damaged, nonetheless.”

“Will you be able to take on an Autarch Realm adept if you have the cauldron?”

“Mm… I think I could. Well, Autarch Realm is split into three levels unlike your nine layers. Autarch Realm’s three levels are: Autarch, Great Autarch, Overautarch. Li Clan’s Autarch Realm adept is only an Autarch. Each level is drastically different to the previous one. The difference is as great as the ordinary Omnipotent Realm adepts compared to the Omnipotent Realm true devil at Pill Flame Domain. That said, I’m not too familiar with Omnipotent Realm’s levels since I only reached its doors back then. To add, Heavenly Dao Alliance might be associated with the devil race. If they do, we’re not going to have any easy time.”

Yang Tian surmised Longyang was an Autarch who shamelessly declared himself an Overautarch. He recalled Yang Xiao once said he could kill Longyang with a single finger stab back in the ancient era.

“Right now, you need to accumulate and accumulate more. Once you reach that level, you might be challenged. Don’t be fixated on merits. Dao Sutra has limitless potential. If you lose Invincible Will, your cultivation will plummet dramatically.”

Yang Tian’s top priority was to make his way to Fallen Devils’ Grounds, have his divine soul break through a level and make Dragon Deity Soul Sealing Jade acknowledge him in order to have the confidence for another jump.

Qing Yuan: “What? You’re going to accept the challenge? Do you realise how risky that is?’

“I have my own ways. Don’t worry,” Yang Tian assured. “Don’t mention the golden-winged dapeng to anyone.”

Qing Yuan thought covering the dapeng’s appearance was silly because he believed it could keep Li Clan in check if not stop their debacle. “Haha, all right.”

Watching Yang Tian leave, Qing Yuan waved and shouted, “I’ll support you from outside…”

Note: As I mentioned earlier on, new realms are going to emerge out of thin air despite what was stated early on in the series. Don’t bother trying to arrange them, either, since previous realms become obsolete in no time.

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