Almighty – Ch. 256


Dan Xiaoxiao muttered, “Was that who grandpa said I would grow up to be…?”

Dan Chen, surprised, yet calm, lowered his voice and asked, “Sis, is she a clansman…?”

“Not sure, but her aura is similar.” Dan Xueyi was incredibly astute and knowledgeable – far more than Dan Chen was, at the very least. She pulled her browns in subtly and quietly uttered, “If she is, does this mean Eastern Continent is about to face turbulence?”

Tian Xin felt tingles throughout his body after embarrassing Heavenly Dao Alliance and losing the divine herb. In a raspy voice, he threatened, “I suggest you hand over the herb. Otherwise, you’ll die a tragic death.”

Yang Tian: “What? Heavenly Dao Alliance is above losing?!”

Refusing to admit their obvious defeat and trying to assassinate Yang Tian humiliated Central State. Hence, the elder used an obviously vengeful tone masked with composure to say, “Forget it. Just let him keep it for a few days. Don’t lose it or when the time comes…”

Heavenly Dao Alliance’s departure gave Yang Tian an ominous feeling.

Dan Chen approached musing Yang Tian. “If we have time in the future, I’d like to have a match with you. I hope you won’t turn me down.”

Yang Tian smiled brightly unlike his previous cruel self in battle. “I’ll be sure to join you, but let’s hope I can get through this convention safely first.”

“Haha, good luck. I shall take my leave now.”

“Meng Tian!”

Yang Tian was familiar with him, but he narrowed his eyes and hesitated for a second before asking in a bewildered tone, “Who are you? How do you know me?”

Qin Zuying: “Meng Tian, it’s me. We teamed up before, remember?”

Yang Tian performed visual recon. “Oh, it’s you.”

“That was killer stuff back there, man. Let’s see Tian Xin run his mouth now. Man, that felt good.”

“You would’ve been able to destroy him, as well, no?”

“Hehe, of course. If he dared to give me attitude, I’d slap his head off his neck.”

Yang Ba grinned thinking Qin Zuying was more arrogant than Tian Xin.

“Hehe, Brother, we’ve gone through life and death together once. You reckon you should let me take a look at the herb.”

Yang Tian shook his head vigorously.

“Hehe, Brother Meng Tian, you’re a handsome and cool man. Everyone likes you when they see you. Surely you should be more generous,” pleaded Qin Zuying.  “Bro, I revere you. Shouldn’t you let me see the herb you won…?” Qin Zuying started to feel irate after Yang Tian refused to budge despite all the flattering.

Two female Battle King cultivators attired in white suddenly came out from the palace. Going from appearances, they should’ve been roughly nineteen years old.

Qin Zuying stopped talking and returned to his refined self when the girls approached. He began fanning himself so that they dropped their guards and went to greet them. Sadly for him, the twins ignored besotted Qin Zuying and walked up to Yang Tian. They examined him with their gaze as though they were examining a treasure.

Yang Tian, baffled, queried, “May I ask how I can help you?”

“Our mistress has invited you.”

“… Is your mistress Yuan Xia?”

The twins pinched their eyebrows together. They wondered why Yuan Xia revealed her real name to an outsider. One of them pursed her lips and softly giggled. “Indeed. Follow me.”

Yang Tian assumed she called him over to prevent Heavenly Dao Alliance trying to lay their hands on him. “All right.”

Before they left, the girls aggressively warned Qin Zuying, “Wait. You two head on back.”

“Hehe, we’re friends with Meng Tian, so I’ll join him.” Qin Zuying shamelessly tried to follow along despite being refused.

“Denied!” aggressively exclaimed the twins, forcing him to back down with their gazes.

Qin Zuying mumbled something to himself.

Yang Ba sent Yang Tian eye signals and a wink. “Careful. I’m returning to the inn.”

Yun’er pouted out of jealousy when she saw them. Yun’er and Meng Yunxi left the palace grounds.

The twins scanned Yang Tian curiously as they walked.

Tomorrow was where the real contest began. Rumour had it that this time’s top ten contestants would be rewarded handsomely. Pill Valley offered lots of high-grade pills. The top price was reportedly even more amazing.

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