Almighty – Ch. 216

Seven Powerful Quirks

The towering potent qi and blood wave violently gave the place a crimson shade. Yang Tian summoned a dragon that dove down from his spine when he flexed his posterior chain. The violent qi and blood wyrm spread its limbs, gusting up a tornado the disturbed the mountains and rocks.

Yang Tian manifested a total of three types of phantasmal quirks, namely: Star Illuminates the Blue Sky, Lightning Drum Skysong and now Dragon Soars the Nine Heavens.

The dragon sent ripples through the air and rattled the void as it soared across the nine heavens – Wind Invades the Nine Heavens. Yang Tian’s hair thrashed around as a result he discharged his vital essence and glowed crimson. The blue sky turned dark in the blink of an eye. The flashing lightning lit up the sky as the thunder clapped, shaking the mountains. A war song began to play; the sound transmitted from all sides. A lightning drum manifested. He fired his Invincible Will. A crimson glow appeared above overhead during as he silently took in everything in the moment. The huge sun gradually rose further up, setting the firmament ablaze. A phantasmal bird above a bird nest that manifested in the firmament arrived. Three-legged Crow was capable of soaring above Star Quirk.

Wind Invades the Nine Heavens, Star Illuminates the Blue Sky, Lightning Illuminates the World, Sun in the Sky, Lightning Drum Skysong, Dragon Soars the Nine Heavens… Six quirks in one body…

Yang Tian beamed crimson flames that manifested as a sun and moon that protected each other. The sun and moon’s surroundings changed into mountains that could restrain the heavens – ancient quirk, Sun, Moon, Mountain and River, a brute force quirk only inferior to Star Quirk, albeit just barely.

Gales blew. A dragon roared. A divine bird chirped. Lightning flashed. Thunder clapped. The sun and moon rotated. Stars shone.

Fusing quirks to form a new quirk was no easy task; it required a lot of luck. Since they were manifested from one’s qihai, their destruction would likely shatter their qihai.

Among the information from the Inheritance Yun’er obtained, there was information stating there was once an individual without any faction or sect to lean on whatsoever. Consequently, he stole their treasures to cultivate. The prodigy went on to slay many cultivators from prominent sects to amass a collection of treasures.

Said genius was always hunted similarly to Yang Tian. That said, he offended everyone on the continent and formed more quirks than Yang Tian did, though they were garbage quirks. Someone then fused them and manifested Cosmic Chaos Records using Chaos Illuminates the Blue Sky Quirk.

To be frank, Yang Tian was worried himself. He did witness Star Quirk and Lightning Drum Skysong fight previously. It’d be a miracle if the seven quirks didn’t start a war against each other. Fortunately, he had an epiphany and recalled the jade slip he acquired from Star Sect. There was a fragment of how to form a new quirk inside the jade slip. He had two issues. One, he didn’t possess the incomplete manual. Two, he lacked Everything in the World Quirk.

The void above Yang Tian’s head began to rumble because the quirks grew disgruntled. They began to escape Yang Tian’s control and roam the sky.

“Oh, crud, here comes insurrection.”

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