Almighty – Ch. 214

Big Transformation

Whether or not Inheritance that had lasted for a ten thousand years could continue to shine in the world of cultivation was dependent on this very day.

Drumming came from within Fallen Devils’ Grounds every now and then. A large gold and jade coffin inside a cave petrified the sky with its killing intent.

Yang Ba generated deafening friction against metal and sparks as he swung his spear. The red wall shook as he chipped away at it. The killing intent dropped the spear’s ability notably and wore away the divine marking, breaking Yang Ba’s heart. Still, he was all smiles because the treasures he picked up over the ten days rendered him unspeakably happy.

Yang Ba picked up three human-head-sized bloodstones, over thirty fist-sized bloodstones and a hundred or so thumb-sized bloodstones.

Xiaobai giggled. His teeth were surprisingly sharp – to Yang Ba – when he made a bite a hole in the bloodstone in his first attempt. His qi and blood reached a stage on par with a vitality spring after he finished one stone. He grew several strands of golden fur on his white forehead. The golden strands contained a divine element and mysterious energy that was close to developing into markings.

Xiaobai’s bell jingled when he began digging into the wall for the fist-sized bloodstone after Yang Ba blew it apart. He had searched over half of the entire cave; however, he was still unable to go near the gold and jade coffin.

“Nice going,” praised Yang Ba, rubbing Xiaobai’s head.

Yang Ba cheerfully stored the premium-grade bloodstone inside his interspatial ring. Then, he stopped to contemplate his next step. He decided to rush back instead of continuing his bloodstone hunt.

A towering pillar of orange light stood in the palace. The cocoon had auspicious pink clouds twirling around it. Yang Tian expelled wisps of sinister black mist – impurities inside him. His body began to show signs of healing.

The skin Yang Tian shed could be found next to the cocoon. His body illuminated a golden colour. His skin was smooth and clean. His bones cracked. He absorbed almost half of the contents of the transcendence pill. The contents entered his tendons and bones to act as a catalyst for his shedding and regrowth process, fortifying his body at the same time. The golden elixir from the refined demon core circulated around his body. Yang Tian wasn’t the one who refined it since it was beyond him. Qi and blood wyrms roamed above Yang Tian’s head. His body occasionally emitted drumming sounds that frightened the void – a sign of his incredible aura and life force.

Yang Tian’s aura interrupted Yang Ba’s comrades; they called him the young king.

Spotting the skin Yang Tian shed, Yang Ba reasoned, “He seems to have finished one transition. I’m guessing he’ll need another month before he comes to.”

Yun’er’s sea of consciousness was the equivalent of another world owing to the immense energy sealed within. She absorbed whatever energy leaked out. The reason she impressed was that the emission rate increased to an outlandish speed. By the same token, her qi grew accordingly.

Yang Ba found himself a spot away from the two. He had a big chance of ascending to the next realm thanks to his new collection of premium-grade bloodstones and the ancient qi in the vicinity. Worst came to worst, he’d still see tremendous growth in a short time span.

Xiaobai was the only one crunching away on the thumb-sized premium-grade bloodstone sin the main hall. He essentially stored what he clawed out into his purple and gold bell.

Yang Tian sported a bald hairdo after a few more days, although his hair quickly grew back healthy and lustrous.

Half a month later, an Almighty lightning tribulation at Hundred Thousand Mountains left many in awe. Primordial era clans rushed to the scene, but the majority of them were scared off. The outer perimeter of the mountain range fell silent a few days later when Yang Ba and Yang Tian left, leaving the identity of the lightning tribulation summoner shrouded in mystery.

Recently, all of the big clans on Eastern Continent lived in fear due to a fatty venturing on grave plundering tour across the continent. The clans he robbed were vexed and vengeful. Everyone strengthened the defences at their graveyards. Even so, they were unable to catch him thanks to his concealment and divination skills.

The fatty supposedly joined hands with another robber, albeit the news being doubtful as the motive was unexplainable. It was soon confirmed to be true when the two emptied out every place they set their eyes on. As such, the clans couldn’t make a peep in spite of their frustration. The two  were too elusive, and the robber possessed something from Yin Yang Cultivation Sect that nobody managed to take back.

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