Almighty – Ch. 203

Tragic Li Dong

There was a bounty of ten million bloodstones on Yang Tian’s head within Li Clan. In addition, the person who could kill him would receive a secret manual from the clan’s core group. If Battle Emperors were keen on it, Battle Kings undoubtedly were.

Yang Tian queried, “Yun’er, would you be able to confidently stall him for a while?”

“Leave it to Yun’er,” answered Yun’er, nodding before she stepped up to meet the challenge.

Li Feng: “Haha. You’re an embarrassment to men.”

“Brother Yang Tian doesn’t need to bother with someone of your calibre!” Yun’er summoned a small jadeite seal to her hand. Moving lightly, she closed in on Li Feng and hurled the seal at him. The jadeite glinted following a clang.

“You’re quite the cocky one, lass!”

Li Feng ignored Yun’er’s attack and extended a pair of gigantic hand apparitions over her head. Yun’er, regardless, remained calmed, surprising Li Feng. Right before the moment of impact, her body glistened with a divine glow. She discharged a mysterious energy, activating her killing formations. The golden beam dismantled the hands.

Yang Tian wasn’t too surprised, though she surpassed Yang Xiao’s expectations. Still, he prayed she could sustain her performance at that level for long enough because she expended a lot of energy.  He watched for a short while before zipping over to Yang Ba.

Yang Ba was almost numb to being alone after spending so long on his own. “Is it really you, Tian? Am I dreaming?”

“It’s me. It’s me… I’m Tian…”

Yang Ba’s heart leapt. His brother’s appearance had changed a little, but it was unmistakably him, not to mention there being his aura to go by. The two brothers embraced and expressed how glad they were to unexpectedly meet again – timing-wise and circumstance-wise.

After a while of silence, Yang Tian patted Yang Ba on the shoulder. “Brother, let’s put our reunion aside for now, and find a way to escape this situation.”

“All right, let’s talk after we escape!” Yang Ba turned back to his allies to instruct, “Brothers, recover as fast as you can. We’re fighting our way out of this!”

“Yeah, let’s slaughter these swine,” agreed Kun Hu, struggling to his feet with his back bones on display.

“Oh, have this. It’s good for injuries.” Yang Tian shoved a bloodsoul pill into Yang Ba’s mouth.

Yang Ba began to glow brightly. The pill’s contents circulated as vigorously as raging waves, cleansing his qihai.

Yang Tian regarded his brother’s allies when he sensed their aggression. They were all strong and ready to spill blood. When he saw their wounds, he dripped some hundred herbs divine liquid on their wounds.

Kun Hu sulked when he saw only one drip on his back. He thought Yang Tian was petty until the instant healing rate rendered his eyes wide. One drip to almost completely heal a heavy wound required an obligatory comment: “What is this?”

“Behind you!”

Yang Tian laughed deridingly for he knew Li Dong was planning something; he just didn’t explicate it. Li Dong attempted to palm Yang Tian in the back. “Dodge!” cried Kun Hu, worried to death that Yang Tian was just standing there.

As Kun Hu went to intercept Li Dong, Yang Tian grabbed Kun Hu’s shoulders to stop him. Yang Tian went from composed to violent in a blink. Eyes red and smiling wickedly, Yang Tian jibed, “You can die!”

Li Dong explosively retreated.

“Too slow…” Yang Tian summoned a glinting silver jade slip inside his sleeve. Like a lightning bolt, the jade slip zipped toward Li Dong.

Realising his predicament, Li Dong belted, “Save me already!”

An elder in white appeared and unleashed two transparent palms simultaneously at the jade slip right after Li Dong belted. Yang Tian was glad to see the elder, though he wore a straight face. He clenched his fist, exploding the jade slip.

An epic pillar of silver light emerged in the void, cutting off the path ahead and blasted the elder using a qi breaker. The elder trained his eyes on the pillar and summoned a small golden furnace overhead. In a rush, he fired at the pillar, albeit with a weak attack due to being flustered. The area the two forces clashed released metal friction sounds and qi waves.

“Ah!” cried Li Dong.

The qi wave crumbled Li Dong’s bones.

The pillar of silver light squeezed through the firmament and dominated it.

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