Almighty – Ch. 02

Ancestral Dragon Ring

There were two jet black luminous spots, traces of Soul Energy, moving about on the ring. If the two vanished, then it was an indication that his parents met with misfortune. Yang Tian sat in the rattan chair and spaced out until the sun almost came up, when life gradually returned to his eyes.

“Ancestral Dragon Ring” was the name given to Yang Clan’s family heirloom that every generation of the clan’s patriarch inherited. Yang Tian’s father passed it on to him when he sent him into the dimensional rift.

“Father, I am now sixteen years old. Whether or not I can activate Ancestral Dragon Ring and obtain the cultivation method will depend on what fate has in store. If I cannot…” Yang Tian slowly rose to his feet and mustered up his courage.

In the cultivation world, cultivation methods were classified as Human, Mystic, Star and Heaven Ranks. Yang Tian’s cultivation revolved around a high-level Mystic Rank cultivation method, namely Radiant Flame Coloured Glazed Manual, a method exclusive to his clan.

Cultivation methods were immensely important on the continent and superiority of methods was decided based on the speed of cultivation. Some spent their entire life in Human Rank. Unless there was a miracle, they would be stuck at Blood Refinement Realm for their entire life.

As soon as a small clang sounded out, a shiny steel blade whizzed through the air underneath the table and appeared in Yang Tian’s hand. The pain began to register. Despite the pain registering and blood spilling, the young boy’s expression remained unchanged. After a big breath, he shifted his gaze onto Ancestral Dragon Ring.

As soon as Yang Tian’s bloosd made contact with Ancestral Dragon Ring, the ring absorbed everything offered, yet the jet back ring didn’t change. In a muffled voice, he muttered, “Ancestral Dragon Ring requires one fifth of the blood in one’s blood vessels to activate. Not even Father was able offer that amount. I wonder if mine is enough.”

As Yang Tian continued to bleed, his face gradually turned pale, and the alarms warning him his life force was leaking harassed his mind. His eyelids began to twitch, yet he remained unflinching. “Not enough!” Yang Tian roared to himself. He bit his tongue to force himself to sober up. Without a sufficiently strong cultivation method, his road to vengeance would be incredibly difficult.

He picked up the long blade again and enlarged his wound that was already leaking blood, thereby revealing his bone, albeit barely. It took spraying blood for the dragon pattern on Ancestral Dragon Ring suddenly to glow red. Due to the continuous supply of blood, the red glow grew brighter and brighter similarly to the flame in a stove. The bright red glow was enough to widen his eyes despite his heavy eyelids. Yang Tian laughed with delight. Unfortunately, all of his strength had escaped his body, resulting in him collapsing on the ground.

“Roar!” The dragon pattern on the ring suddenly moved.  Two blood-red dragons opened their eyes and scanned Yang Tian. The two blood-red dragons slowly wriggled their bodies then circled in the air. Like a spinning sun, the two dragons wormed their way into the unconscious Yang Tian’s head.

Boom! Yang Tian fell into a trance after the loud boom in his ear. He seemingly saw stars circling before him. It took him a second to recover from his grogginess. To his surprise, he was suspended in mid-air! There were flashing stars around him, emitting their bright light.

“Wh-who is that?”

In front of Yang Tian was a towering bronze titan! He legs were as tall as the five pillars that held up heaven. His feet treading on thin air were the size of huge mountains. Above the titan was the sky. He was comparable to a god who had lasted the test of time and possessed the aura of a transcendent being presiding over the world. Though his face was hidden, nobody would have dared to look him straight in the face given the immense pressure he emitted. His body resembled an eternal divine furnace. In his eyes was the sight of a setting moon, sun and destroyed beautiful stars and rivers.

Seemingly discovering Yang Tian’s presence, his eyes opened. When his entire body juddered, the sky cracked! The entire world quaked. The titan’s cultivation had surpassed the realm of imagination. The stars in the surroundings were dimmed as if the entire world was a contrast of his greatness!

“Roar!” His roar rang through the world, shattered the sky and stars and terrifying gusts of wind rose.  The titan’s black hair danced in the air similar. The sea rose to strike the sky, while the world split. The whistling sea sound turned into deafening booms. His qi and blood surged forth similarly to a raging ocean. Countless voids collapsed to his overpowering aura. His aura, akin to a big wave, broke through the sky and rampaged in the sky.

“That’s incredible power!” Yang Tian’s eyes lit up.

Could he be an ancestor?

The titan’s might far exceeded his imagination. Such an indomitable will had not appeared in tens of thousands of years! To cultivate an indomitable will, one had to bathe the entire continent in blood and overcome the invincible!

The titan raised his eyebrow and mountain-sized fist. His overbearing pupils dilated, shooting a beam that could pierce through the earth. With one punch, the entire trembled as if a huge meteor fell and countless stars exploded! He threw punch after punch in the air. His overwhelming power saw him crush everything with his punches that shot a light at every target he struck. His fists gradually made their way to a region of stars!

Yang Tian’s blood boiled. He began to practice the titan’s boxing style through imitation. With each and every punch, his punches sped up more and more. His blood continued to boil and boil.

“Hargh! Hargh! Hargh!” Yang Tian went wild, attacking the stars in front of him, imagining them to be Overautarch Longyang.

“Did anyone put my clansmen’s remains to rest? Are my parents still alive? Was Elder Brother kidnapped while he was away from home? Will I be able to get revenge?”  Countless questions surfaced in Yang Tian’s mind, distracting him from his targets.

“Hargh!”  The sudden roar gripped Yang Tian, who almost fell into a trance, awakening his fading conscious with a shock. He widened his eyes to gaze at the titan.

The titan spat out a dark blue light that instantly bulldozed through the air and into Yang Tian’s head, teleporting the latter out of the void.


Yang Tian had a pallor countenance due to excessive blood loss and only opened his eyes through sheer will, albeit in a hazy state. By his bed was a steaming bowl of medicine.  “My head feels like it’s going to explode.”

Innumerable fragmented memories flashed before Yang Tian’s eyes. He eyes swept his eyes over the golden characters to find that deep within his soul was the word “conqueror” written over and over.   “I’ve… been accepted as the owner of Ancestral Dragon Ring. I did it. ‘Heaven’s Conqueror Manual’. What level is this cultivation method?”


*Five pillars that held up heaven – In ancient Chinese mythology, heaven was held up by five incredibly large pillars. It’s commonly used to describe a person’s height in literature.

*Boxing style – Boxing here is not what you know as throwing leather. Boxing here is referring to a discipline focused predominately on throwing one’s hands. “Fists” is reserved for when referring to the discipline in a performance context. For instance, “Southern Boxing” refers to “Southern Fist in a combat context. They’re not interchangeable terms.


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