The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 12

Leah’s Wish

“Papa, you smell weird,” complained Leah, eating a piece of bread with her brows together.

Seeing me choke on my food, Veirya opined, “We bathed together. Last night. He. Wouldn’t Smell.”

“It’s not a stinky smell…” Leah appeared enraged and irate at the same time for one second then looked engrossed in thought upon glancing to Veirya.

“Leah, what’s the smell? Papa was with you all last night, right? Papa should have your scent on Papa, right?”

Angelina lowered her head, subtly gloating that I didn’t conjure what took place last night in my mind. I awkwardly did the same, except I purposely fixed my line of sight on my food. Leah monitored me for a while longer before she resumed eating.

“Nothing. Happened. Right?” Veirya asked.

Smiling, I assured, “I was with you all night, wasn’t I? What do you think happened?”

“Mm… I was. Sound asleep, so. I don’t know. If anything happened. But. I don’t. Think anything did,” Veirya responded, returning to eating.

I exhaled with relief instinctively. As long as I didn’t shoot myself in the foot, Leah had no evidence to validate her suspicions. I just felt apologetic to Veirya because I already had a cosy night with Lucia, a wild night with Sisi and basically had trysts with Angelina… I prayed none of them ever leaked a word to Veirya.

Ross immediately got to his feet after I scarfed down breakfast even though he wasn’t done eating, so I inquired, “Let me guess, Ross: you want to visit your sister now, right?”

“Yes, Lord Lin… If you are free… Humans beat my parents to death when I was younger out of resentment for demons… in spite of us not being demons. We used to be one of the races that shared the forest with elves. Sadly, they chased us out after they defeated us. Humans labelled us demons and kept attacking us ever since we came to this side. My sister and I wandered to the south, where we finally found a place to live in the region with many businessmen. Unfortunately, a group of human merceries kidnapped me to sell… Mr. Achilles bought me some time after…

“It has been a long time since I met my sister. I had planned to reunite with her when I was capable of standing on my two legs, so her pregnancy and marriage are a surprise to me. I… I am so happy.”

I fetched a proper sheet of paper from upstairs to pen an invitation to Albert and Lilia. For me, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Ross for his loyalty and courage. When I yielded to Sisi, he kept fighting and bravely ran around for my sake.

I handed the envelope with the letter to Ross and gave him two silver coins. As a pupil of this era, he wasn’t supposed to receive any payment, hence the surprise that muted him.

“Take it. It’s been a long time since you’ve met your sister, after all. Give her a tour of the town if you can. Consider it my way of welcoming her here. The ear dish at the tavern is a splendid dish. I recommend it to both of you. Don’t eat too much, though, because we have a welcoming banquet at noon.”

Ross folded his torso and ears and then jogged out.

I welcomed the golden petals above into the home and spaced out. Leah’s elven teacher picked her up for morning classes, Veirya watching over her as a mother would.

I went back to the table to compose a letter to Lucia, requesting another batch of seeds for rainbow flowers. The sad news was that the blooming season for the year was over. Still, I wanted to have a flower garden ready for Leah next year. I also wanted to start one in the imperial capital for Leah since she liked flowers. It was my duty as her father to satisfy her requests, including taking her to the Demon King’s castle.

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