The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 11

Real Succubus

Veirya violently hugged my head, burying it deep within her valleys. While it was very nice, it left me feeling embarrassed. Usually, the husband hugs his wife and blissful sleep. For some reason it was reversed with me. I didn’t even get the change to hug Veirya. It was always her who hugged me.

Leah, who seized my other side, didn’t transform into her adult for that night for some reason beyond me. When I was in despair, I discovered that Leah didn’t transform at midnight.  Based on my observational reports, she unconsciously transformed every night. Plus, it still occurred even if she was sober. I didn’t think she could control her transformation; otherwise, she could’ve avoided being seen in her adult form when needed.

“Why is she able to control it now if she’s able to? Will she continue transforming or is that it? Did the succubi train her, or did they do something to her? I doubt they’d dare to do anything to her, so is it because she doesn’t want to transform? What’s Leah playing at, then? Is she trying to avoid giving me trouble? Is she going to just peacefully be my daughter from now? That’s great if it’s the case. Leah, you understand Papa. I’m so glad you’re such a good girl. If I don’t need to worry about Leah transforming at night and fighting with her, then I could enjoy embracing them to sleep at night,” I mulled, caressing Leah’s head.

I was glad if Leah didn’t transform. Else, she’d be too dangerous for me. Succubi were succubi at the end of the day. Leah was adorable as a child, but she was a hazard in her adult form, especially after last time. She transformed at night after we were separated for so long, and I genuinely felt she’d down me that night.

Involuntarily recalling Achilles and the succubus he liked, I believed it was better to keep a succubus at a brothel than take her home as a wife. She might awaken and do something, otherwise. Nonetheless, it was his business; hence, it wasn’t my place to comment.

I was more eager to meet Albert and Lilia, who appeared to sincerely love each other in spite of being different races, than concern myself with the succubi.

I pondered, “Doesn’t that prove that humans and other races can have romances? Are anthropoids considered human or demons? It’s past midnight. Leah won’t transform after this point. I guess I’ll get some quality sleep, then.”

As soon as I shut my eyes, however, I suddenly felt the bed quake. I was surprised to see someone hug my head and another tug my arm. The two of them virtually breathed at the same pace. The two of them looked almost identical. I didn’t know if Angelina did it deliberately or what, but she took on Veirya’s spitting image.

“Wait… Wait a second… Wait, wait… Who is hugging my head? It’s Veirya, right? So is this Veirya? Angelina bloody sneaked onto the bed! Leah was the biggest problem, but now it’s Angelina! Who’s the real one? I just shut my eyes, so did Angelina move Veirya to hug my head? Okay, who is the real Veirya?” I inwardly questioned.

Whoever was clinging to my arm with a vice-like grip, refused to let go of it when I tried to pull my arm out. I couldn’t distinguish them by breast size! Their sizes were too similar. I could recognise Leah’s breasts, however.  I couldn’t wake Leah up for this, could I…?

“Angelina? Angelina? Stop… Angelina… get out! You’re dead if you’re caught!” I carefully called.

All I heard was rhythmic breathing. I suddenly came up with a good idea. I gingerly tried to grab the breasts of the one with my head. I instantly filled my hand, but… but… that only made me happy. The one in front of me didn’t react.

“Could she be Veirya? Angelina wouldn’t get angry if I just touched her, but she’d get touchy with me, won’t she…? Shall I give them a rub? Fine, let’s give them a rub…” I decided.

“Damn it… damn it… damn it… I’m getting hard…” I inwardly cursed.

The night with Sisi surfaced in my mind again. You miss those times after you recover from the exhaustion… All of a sudden, I had an insane idea: I wanted to spend a night doing the same thing with Veirya…  I wanted to get on top whoever was in front of me as long as she was identical to Veirya.

Suddenly, someone grabbed my crotch. She was precise and deadly; I didn’t even have a chance to react. The breasts before me moved.

“Hehehe, I thought so. You’re a pervert. You haven’t even married my daughter yet, yet you’re feeling her up at night. Lucky I came to check on you. You would’ve tainted Veirya, otherwise. So, don’t taint Veirya; taint me. I’ll be quiet… Or was this good enough?”

“Whoa! Sugars! This is maji de yabai! Angelina’s hands are too good…” I thought.

Angelina’s hands were soft, but her hold was firm. Her hands moved energetically and skilfully. Leah, who hugged me around my waist, irritably wriggled. Angelina’s smile became more apparent, and her hand sped up. I finally caved in, body violently contacting before relaxing.

“You lasted a little longer than Veirya’s father. Yours tastes better, too.”

Angelina removed her hand. With an amorous smile, she wiped her hand on my face and licked my face…

“Your daughter is right next to us, damn it!”

“Thank you for the meal. I am full now, so I shall leave the banquet now.”

“You’re the real succubus, aren’t you?!”


*Maji de Yabai – Japanese slang which is similar to “Oh my god,” “shit,” etc. It doesn’t have a negative or positive connotation.

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