Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 09

Freya walked next to me. She pouted and fumed, “Onii-sama!! That girl seriously gets on my nerves to no end!!”

I had Tanya go and reform my guard unit’s ranks that I sent off in all directions. I did that to avoid the two of them continuing with their bickering that might have even led to a physical altercation. Then I went to see Nier together with Freya.

Nier was in much better shape than Lucia. She could still move around; however, for our child’s sake and for the sake of staying by my side, she led the peaceful life of a pregnant woman in bed. She’d go to bed to resolve her issue after breakfast daily, and then came downstairs to go for a stroll. She then returned to the room to read books or listen to music. She slept when she was tired. Due to her Valkyrie lifestyle habits, she was able to sleep whenever and wherever. It was easily considered a very nifty skill to have.

“Your Majesty!”

Nier sat up in her chair when I reached our room. The maids, who were behind her, rushed up to help her. I jogged over to her and gave her a hug.

She revealed a smile. It took her some effort for her to get up on her toes to kiss my lips. The two of us kissed, but I couldn’t make Nier stay in that position for so long, so we quickly let go. I, instead, tightly held her hand. She smiled: “Dear, our child is soon going to born. Have you thought of a name yet?”

“Mommy Elizabeth must’ve come up with one already. I think I have more faith in Mommy Elizabeth more than myself when it comes to this.” I swept Nier’s strands of hair in front of her forehead aside.

I truly couldn’t think of a name simply because I couldn’t come up with names. I may have taken the identity of Troy Galadriel Rosvenor, but that didn’t mean that I possessed his knowledge. I surmised that names in their world had classic meanings. I, however, didn’t know squat, so I needed Mommy Elizabeth to come up with a name.

Mommy Elizabeth was the one who named me. “Troy” was a combination of the elven and human language, I think. However, Mommy Vyvyan also claimed she came up with the name. I honestly didn’t know who came up with the name, but both of them could be trusted to come up with a name regardless.

Nier looked at me. Her gaze looked slightly despondent: “Empress Elizabeth isn’t here, nonetheless. Queen Vyvyan is here, but Her Majesty isn’t. I have many things I want to discuss with Her Majesty, as well… It’s my first time giving birth… There are lots of things I don’t know… I didn’t have a mother, either… I…”

I nodded.  Mommy Elizabeth didn’t have experience taking care of children, but females seemed to like to have their mother or an older mature female look after them. I guess it was their way of reassuring themselves by having someone experienced. Ultimately, a woman was weakest when she was giving birth. Having somebody highly experienced by their side when in labour could help them feel reassured.

Unfortunately, Mommy Elizabeth still had jobs pertaining to humanity at Hilles City. Such a vast empire required its only ruler, Elizabeth, to keep things together. Humanity’s circumstances weren’t as stable as they were for the elves. Vyvyan could leave, because as long as she was still alive, she’d definitely remain as the ruler of elves. Further, the elves didn’t have that many matters to sort out. It was a small nation with a small population that was ruled quite decently. Humanity, on the other hand, was a massive empire.

I was sure Mommy Elizabeth really wanted to come to the North, as well, except she couldn’t. I wanted her to come, too, but I couldn’t snatch her over. Mommy Vyvyan could come over, but not Mommy Elizabeth.

I just wrote Mommy Elizabrth a letter, asking her if she could come over and see her grandchild’s birth while she was at it. Mommy Elizabeth never raised a child. Her heart always ached over the fact that she didn’t raise me. She finally had a chance to experience the feeling of raising a child. I guess it could fulfil one of her regrets?

I didn’t know if Mommy Elizabeth would come, but even if she did come, she wouldn’t be able to stay forever. There was no way she could take my child back to Hilles City, either, because Nier was the child’s mother and she, too, loved children. I couldn’t force her to be separated from her child for my mother’s sake. Most importantly, if I entrusted Mommy Elizabeth with raising my child… My child might become relatively violent…

I’m not accusing her of not knowing how to educate children, but violence was a method she required for her rule. It wasn’t good for children to witness her violence. Mommy Vyvyan was a better candidate for the role…


Inner Court of humanity’s Royal Palace at Hilles City.

“Castell, I received a letter from my son.”

Castell heavily sighed to himself. He looked at the Empress boastfully flaunting the news, which meant that it was definitely a letter from His Majesty. Her Majesty always acted boastfully as though she won a battle whenever she received a letter from His Majesty. Nevertheless, it was just a letter from her family.

“Did His Majesty say something?”

Elizabeth looked at Castell with joy and exclaimed, “Uhm, Nier is going to give birth soon!”

Castell revealed a smile, and then bowed: “Congratulations, Your Majesty. The royal family now has another member. I understand what you are getting at now. You want to head to the North, correct? You will make it in time if you leave now. It is all right. I believe that everybody can understand. However, you must come back on time. Do not leave for good.”

Elizabeth nodded: “Prepare my stuff for me… Ah… hmm… Lady-in-waiting!!”

A lady-in-waiting entered the room. She looked at Elizabeth while trembling: “Your Majesty…What are your orders?”

“Mm, what does a newborn require? Also, does a woman who’s just given birth need any supplemental nutrition? My grandchild is going to be born soon. I’m going to head to the North to look after my grandchild now. Go and see what a newborn and his mother need, and immediately prepare them for me. I’ll be leaving this evening. If I’m missing anything when I reach there, I’ll ask to see your heads when I return! Don’t worry about expenses. Just take whatever you need from the warehouse in the Inner Court.”

“Yes… Yes…” The lady-in-waiting trembled as she exited the room.

Elizabeth then shifted her gaze toward Castell: “I’m going alone this time. I don’t need the Valkyries. You don’t need to come with me, either, Castell. I’ll go alone.”

“Your Majesty! The North has only just been occupied. It is still not a safe place. It will be dangerous if you go there without bringing guards!”

Elizabeth slammed her hand on the table and imposingly said, “I’d like to see what ‘danger’ is!”

Castell looked at her face and let out a heavy sigh then left the room.

‘Elizabeth is rarely ever so smug. She’s likely to run into danger if she does this. This is the Empress’ safety we’re talking about. There’s no way we could be so careless.’

“Write a letter to His Majesty. Ask him to send his guards to Hilles City as fast as possible. Tell him to get his guards to do their best to meet Her Majesty half way there… Her Majesty does not want to have bodyguards with her, but she will definitely accept them if His Majesty sent them. Do not forget to tell His Majesty to not tell Her Majesty we arranged it.”


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