Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 10

“Dear, I also want to have Her Majesty take care of me sometimes… My father passed away when I was very young. Her Majesty raised me. I was absolutely loyal to Her Majesty from the moment I was a Valkyrie. I am now your wife, so I view Her Majesty as my mom.”

I kissed my Nier, and then tightly hugged her: “Mom will come. She can’t always be by our side, but she will come. I believe that Hilles City will let her go. Mom will definitely be able to come over. Nobody can stop mom from doing what she wants.”

Nier looked at me then released her arm around me. She responded in a soft voice: “How long can Queen Vyvyan stay? I couldn’t help but feel a little upset seeing you and her attend the banquet together. Perhaps it’s because Queen Vyvyan is too beautiful. I can’t help but feel as though you will be snatched away.”

‘I feel a little uncomfortable now. I completely agree with the feeling about Mommy Vyvyan. I feel as though she’s become prettier and prettier ever since we silently acknowledged our intimate feelings for each other. She’s somewhat livelier compared to in the past. Could it be that love is akin to a catalyst potion for elves? No wonder why elves hold love in such high regard. Turns out it was so important for elves.’

How do I put it? My relationship with Mommy Vyvyan was incredibly awkward. I felt as though we were more similar to secret lovers compared to Ling Yue. Mommy Vyvyan was usually the exact same as she was in the past, but she’d make some small gestures. She was also more gentle and tender when we privately met. I could see more obvious traces of affection in her gaze. I sometimes didn’t dare to be alone with her, because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold myself back if she approached me again. For as long as I was a man, I would never be able to resist her charm. I didn’t know if she altered my memory or something else, but, in any case, Vyvyan’s charm was irresistible. But nonetheless, I didn’t want to continue with it.

I was sure Mommy Vyvyan didn’t want to wreck my current family’s harmony, either. She kew that Lucia couldn’t accept another, since she was an elf herself. I, therefore, was certain Mommy Vyvyan wouldn’t publicise it. Nobody would know our secret, for as long as Vyvyan didn’t want others to know.

“Nier, you don’t need to overthink. Mommy Vyvyan is my mom. How could we have some sort of illicit relationship? Plus, Mommy Elizabeth isn’t that much inferior to Mommy Vyvyan. Are you saying you’d be jealous of Mommy Elizabeth, as well?”

I pinched Nier’s face with a smile. She lowered her head with embarrassment before replying in a soft voice: “Actually, I’m a little jealous of Her Majesty, too…”

“There’s no need to be jealous, my Nier. I’m by your side and will always be by your side. You’re my wife; you don’t need to worry. Mommy Vyvyan and Mommy Elizabeth are both my moms. How could I have illicit relationships with my moms when my wife is by my side?”

Nier nodded. She then touched my face and softly giggled: “True. Perhaps I’m paranoid due to my pregnancy. I believe that you love me, Dear. I knew that you love me when you came running to my rescue from so far away. I just regret that I didn’t understand my feelings for you sooner and didn’t tell you I love you sooner.”

“It’s still not late, my Nier. It’s never too late.”

I gave Nier a kiss on her lips, and then stood up. Nier knew that I still had work to attend to, so she didn’t stop me. She was by my side; therefore, her mood substantially improved. Nier wasn’t the type to cling to me. All she needed was to see me. Nier wouldn’t become my burden, and I wouldn’t leave her. That was good enough.

Today’s work was basically going over some design plans. Lorana was still testing the mana machine. Brilliant Moon Stones were produced at Ling Yue’s place, but the place was basically desolate at this point. I still needed to recover the production ability over there. The Brilliant Moon Stones were still rocks at present.

I then need to make another trip to Ling Yue’s place to organise the mining of Brilliant Moon Stones over there. I planned to visit Ling Yue while I was there. Seeing Ling Yue when my wives were about to give birth sounded inappropriate, but Ling Yue was also my wife. She was pregnant, so I had to go and see her.

Freya looked at me, who was holding the documents I hadn’t let go of. The documents were related to the Brilliant Moon Stones. Lorana gave them to me. Freya seemed to know what I was thinking. From my side, she smiled and asked, “In other words, you plan to go and see Miss Ling Yue, I mean, see the condition of the Brilliant Moon Stones mine?”

I replied, “If there’s something more important, we’ll go deal with that first, as the development of the North is a little bit more important right now.”

“How about being a bit more candid, Onii-sama?”

Freya walked up to me with smile and took the documents from me.

As I said, Lorana gave us the documents. The magic machines were all right. We could commence using them for production purposes after assessing them for a bit longer and ensuring there weren’t any problems. That was why I planned to go and see how we’d extract the Brilliant Moon Stones from the mine in addition to arranging for people to begin working there. Then, I’d have to negotiate how much Ling Yue would be paid. And then finally, I’ll be able to see another one of my kids. I’m genuinely very happy that Ling Yue was pregnant. I was just upset that I couldn’t keep her company.

“Let us go and prepare things over there then Onii-sama. Let us go to Miss Ling Yue’s place. The last time I met her was at Troy City. We are not very close, but should I not see your mistress again, since I am your sister?”

I smiled: “Taking my sister to see my mistress would be a little strange.”

Freya pursed her lips into a smile: “You do not need to worry about anything, Onii-sama. Work in the North is not urgent matters. We can only really pick up on things once the mana machines are ready. As such, it is fine for you to go and see the Brilliant Moon Stones. To be honest, I think that we need Miss Ling Yue’s help to extract it, since we have never mined it before. Her family exported that sort of mineral. Consequently, she is bound is know how to extract it.”

I rubbed Freya’s face with my hand. With a smile, I said, “Freya, you’re becoming more and more understanding. I am honestly starting to like you more and more.”

Freya blushed, and then proudly responded, “That is because I am your sister. As I am your sister, I know what you want to do. You can rely on me more, Onii-sama. There will be no problems. Please rely on me more, Onii-sama. Please continue to let me do things. I am fine with doing anything! Anything!!”

I froze for a moment. The current Freya gave me an odd frightening feeling…


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