Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 49

“Ling Yue, I’ve, actually, always had a question I wanted to ask you.”

“What?” asked Ling Yue. She smiled at Evelyn, who was next to her. “What is it Queen of the North? What did you want to ask me?”

Evelyn asked, “What exactly do you like about that man? Are you all right with being his mistress, as well? You’re pregnant now, and you don’t want to tell him, because you’re worried he has things to attend to? Why do you give up so much for him?’

Ling Yue wagged her tail and pondered it for a while before replying. “Honestly, it is quite simple. You love Leah, so are you willing to be considerate of her? Are you worried about her getting injured, getting hurt, upset and would rather take it all upon yourself in her place, instead?”

“If I had that chance, I definitely would.”

Ling Yue smiled. “The same applies for me. This is my own wilfulness. I wanted my own child when I saw Lucia. The North is warm now. The rivers are finally flowing. Basic living conditions are now available there, and his rule in the North has officially begun, but I have chosen now to be pregnant. He will definitely choose to stay by my side. I cannot make him give up the North. I cannot make him suffer for another ten months. I want to let him do what he should. I want to let him focus on the North again, and I want him to give Lucia attention. I have you with me, and I do not really need anybody to take care of me and, therefore, do not plan to tell him.”

“Is that so…?”

“I love him. I am sure of that, so I do not want him to give up the North a second time for his wife.” Ling Yue looked up at the timber ceiling of the carriage. Quietly, she laughed. “He held me in his arms when I was on the verge of death. He took me in when I was at the end of the road. He returned to my side when I was alone and lonely despite me having told him I do not need him. He was always by my side looking after me, comforting me and protecting me. How can I not love a man who did all of that for me? I love him. That is why I am willing to bear everything for him.”

“But it is his child, as well. I think that you should tell him.”

Ling Yue nodded. “I know. I will tell him after I give birth or when he comes. We will have to live together during this time. It is my honour to be able to live with you.”

“I think that he has already arranged things for you.”

Ling Yue giggled, and then turned sideways to look at the land in front.

The road to the North hadn’t changed, besides the road being level after the snow and frozen dirt had been levelled out. There were signs on both sides of the road. The ink on them didn’t look as though they had dried yet, emitting a graceful scent of ink. The road was no longer calf-high snow and frozen dirt, but small mounds of dirt. There wasn’t brown mud on top of the mounds of dirt but green grass. Though it was shallow and still very sparse, being able to see green was a blessing for the North.

In a month, a mere month, after a deafening explosion in the North, Troy came back and told Ling Yue she could return to the North after leaving her with a kid. The North was warm once again. He had to return to the North to begin his rule.

Evelyn surveyed everything in her surroundings. Her smile was bright as the spring outside. It was already considered summer outside. The change represented a revival for the North. The rivers in the distance looked clear underneath the sunlight. The river that was frozen for ages had woken again and flowed toward the ocean on the other side. The accumulated snow on the mountain that had melted collected together, providing moisture for the North. However, the state of the North was much bleaker than the South. Although there was vast land and the land wasn’t poor, not many planted crops.

The population in the North was too small. The North relied on low anthropoids to work in the past. There wasn’t going to be anymore low anthropoids. They had to rely on residential anthropoids in the North to work. The North still looked bleak, but Evelyn believed that the North would become enriched as the South. She believed it would as long as the North continued to develop. There was no need to rush yet, for it was still only spring in the North.

The horse carriage stopped. Ling Yue opened the door as though she couldn’t wait, giving the guard, who walked over to open the door, a fright. Another guard on the other side helped Evelyn down by the hand. She gazed at the red building and smiled. “I have not been here in a very long time. I remember I was still young the last time I came here. You were still a kid back then, too. We shared the same bed. I still remember it.”

Ling Yue softly giggled as she cheerfully wagged her tail. “If possible, I would be very willing to sleep together with you now.”

“I’d be very happy to. However, don’t call me ‘Queen’ in the future, anymore, as I am no longer a Queen. The King of the North is now Troy, and you are also a Queen. I should be the one to salute you now, My Queen.”

Evelyn looked at Ling Yue with a smile. Ling Yue snorted with displeasure. “Call me whatever you like. I really like you, My Queen, so I shall call you ‘My Queen’. If he doesn’t like it, he can come find me. I am not going to change how I address you, so he can go figure!”

Evelyn watched her wag her tail with joy. She forced a smile. “You just want him to come, don’t you?”

Ling Yue giggled. She then took hold of Evelyn’s hand and walked to the main door. Inside was Leah, looking at the two of them with a smile. She then made a small bow and raised her head up to look at her lover, her Queen, with a bright smile. “My Queen, Miss Ling Yue, welcome home. The maids at home have prepared your rooms and lunch. Did you want to have a bath first or would you like to have lunch first?”

Evelyn walked over to tightly hug Leah. Leah tightly hugged her back and sobbed. “My Queen, we can finally be together… We can… finally be together. You no longer have to shoulder so much, my kind Queen… Finally… We can finally live our lives…”

Evelyn hugged Leah. She then turned her head around to look at Ling Yue. Ling Yue rolled her eyes to indicate that she didn’t care what they did. Evelyn apologetically smiled, and then clasped Leah’s face to kiss her lips.

Ling Yue touched her lips when she watched the two of them. She then softly sighed and quietly said to the guard behind her, “Go back and tell Troy… to frequently come and see me … when he has time…”


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