Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 48

“Prepare to detonate!”

Freya peered at the tall mountain in front of her and bit down on her lip. According to the scientists, they could blow up a large boulder at the top by detonating an explosion underground. The mountains weren’t linked. To the contrary, they were similar to a collection of wooden towers. It would be more accurate to call it a barrier formed by boulders and piles of boulders as opposed to calling it a collection of mountains. Detonating an explosion from below could blow up said collection.

She wasn’t sure how the place came to be, but that didn’t bother her as long as it could be used. If they didn’t discover the place, then Freya wouldn’t have had the confidence to make the North warm. She merely sent him a letter telling him what she was doing, but her brother expressed absolute confidence in her within his letter to her. Additionally, he gave her ultimate authority, allowing her to have the authority over everything in the North.

Freya had been running back and forth in the North for over a month. She arranged for anthropoids to excavate the long river and had them set up a dam to stop the water from pouring in and drowning the large plain of the North. The palace was also systematically under repair. Freya tore down the palace. The palace was the symbol of power of the ruler, so it couldn’t be kept the way it formerly was. Moreover, the palace was going to be where she could live in peace in the future, so she had to clean it up.

Earth Dragon carriages came and went between Troy City and the North, delivering food produced in the South for the people of the North. That was the first time the anthropoids of the North had seen so much food. The cold and dry climate of the North made it difficult for crops to grow, thereby making it a struggle for the anthropoids to have filling meals. They got by living partially hungry and partially full. They learnt what being full meant for the first time after the food and salt from the south was delivered.

Freya distributed food in my name, but she didn’t just distribute it to everyone. They had to clear the river, build the dam, open up wasteland for farming and so forth. Only those who worked for the North received food, and they were given food according to the amount of work contributed, meaning it was a very fair system of the more you work, the more you received. If families legitimately couldn’t offer labour due to only consisting of elderly or those unable to work, then they were given just enough for each month.

It was the first time the anthropoids of the North received such treatment. It was the first time they knew that working could be exchanged for food and freedom. In the past, virtually all of the food had to be collected by the Imperial City before being resold to them. In other words, they had to purchase back the food they worked so hard to grow. Families were only able to keep a scarce amount of food and crops.

They weren’t planting crops for themselves. Planting crops couldn’t provide them with food, and the plants didn’t belong to them, so why did they have to work so hard to take care of them? That was the reason the majority of land in the North was barren land. As a result, they had to rob the elves in the South in winter to survive.

But even then, it wasn’t as though they were guaranteed to survive, for the elves weren’t easy prey. “We’re bound to die either way, so why not try?” was their logic. If they did manage to kill an elf, they’d have food for winter. They didn’t need to rob anymore, fortunately.

Freya didn’t distribute food according to race or appearance, but according to their ability to work. Therefore, the anthropoids worked like madmen, purely in hopes of getting sufficient food. Freya never delayed payments.

The guardians she arranged were guards from the guard unit that wouldn’t reduce the amount of food given. Freya would be ecstatic if there was. That was because Freya had no qualms about beheading anyone even if they were from my guard unit, as her brother said that she had the right to kill anybody that tried to oppose them. That letter came from Troy City and was written by Prince Troy himself. He also attached his chest pin with it.

Killing to deter would be another step in getting the people to submit and obey. Freya was really eager to have somebody executed. Freya knew that the North wasn’t humanity’s lands, but the anthropoids.

There might be people who come to the North for gold prospecting in the future, but there were no such individuals yet. Freya looked down on the group of lowly individuals, but she still required them to earnestly work.

Freya understood that she just had to ensure they needed to be fed well, get to rest and be entertained. They were farm animals, so they just needed to have their desires fulfilled. Freya didn’t like Karana. In Freya’s opinion, giving money to the people was the equivalent of throwing money down the drain.

The people would serve countless dynasties, so it was pointless to feed them. Feeding them would just provide them with energy, and consequently, make them better servants for the next dynasty. She also believed it was pointless to make them rich, since they didn’t have the ability to protect themselves. That would only turn the nation into a fat lamb. No matter how fat a lamb may be, though, it was still a lamb. It’d only be used to feed wolves.

Being plump was pointless in the natural and the same principle applied for countries. A country just needs to strengthen itself and strike fear into its surrounding countries. That was Freya’s way of thinking.

It had been over a month since Freya arrived. Freya had done so much in the North all for herself. No, it wasn’t for herself, actually, but for her brother’s rule. Truthfully, Freya had already forgotten her original surname. Freya had forgotten why she approached His Majesty. She now helped him with her best efforts by his side, solely so that she could stay by his side. Reviving her household was now a long gone goal of hers. She now only wanted her brother’s approval. She just wanted to be his sister he relied on. That was all she needed.

Empress Elizabeth and Queen Vyvyan gave up an entire nation for her brother, so her small dream wasn’t even worth mentioning. Her brother’s future was in her hands. Her brother’s future depended on the North. If the North could successfully develop, then the North would be her home in the future. She would be behind her brother there until old age. She could see her brother’s face even though she wasn’t his wife. But sisters were closer than wives on intimate terms, no?

“Miss Freya, are you ready?”

Gerald walked back up to Freya. He looked at Freya who was playing with His Majesty’s chest pin and fell into her world of yearning for His Majesty. His Majesty really needed to return to the North soon. Freya was starting to crumble. She looked at His Majesty’s things and spaced out for a long time every day. If the plan failed, Freya would run back to Troy City crying. Regardless of what one may say, Freya was still a kid.

“Uhm… Uhm…”

Freya suddenly came back to reality. She swiftly placed the pin back into her chest pocket then looked at the engineer next to her. “Detonate it!!”


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