Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 41

Ling Yue looked at Lucia, who was lying on the bed. Her gaze contained a mix of emotions, which were jealousy and some joy due to Lucia’s condition.

I held Lucia’s hand with a light grip. “As you can see, this is Lucia’s current condition. She requires highly pure mana in order to wake and move. She’s continued to need to rely on the elven spring water to maintain life. Without it, her child and she may not make it.”

“Though this has nothing to do with me, I don’t want to see you so sad. I also want to be a mother, so I understand how Lucia feels,” said Ling Yue. She swung her tail around, and then placed it in front of me. “She doesn’t need too much blood. About a couple of drops will suffice. This blood contains the essence of your mana and mine. A few drops should produce very similar results to your elven spring water. Don’t underestimate me. Though I may not know how to use magic, my mana is very pure, nonetheless. After all, our tribe was able to warm up the entire land with just one person alone.”

I looked at Ling Yue. She swung her tail again as she felt somewhat pleased with herself. Actually, she looked very pleased with herself. I wasn’t sure how pure Ling Yue’s mana was, but since she said that, I figured I’d go along with it. Ling Yue’s mana wouldn’t be inferior. It would actually be similar to mine, I reckoned.

I touched her tail. “Aren’t you afraid of pain? Bear in mind that your tail is highly sensitive. Is it all right for me to make a small cut?”

Ling Yue grabbed my chest. She solemnly answered. “It’s all right. Do it.”

Ling Yue then bit down on her lip. “It actually doesn’t hurt that much, but you still need to be gentle… Mm… Truthfully, if I’m aroused, the pain will be reduced considerably, so… so… so… let’s… kiss first.”

I looked at her. She puckered her lips. “Lucia won’t see, anyway. It’s fine to kiss in front of her. And weren’t you saying you don’t want Lucia to be in that state? So, stop with the nonsense and hurry and give me a kiss, or else I, won’t let you touch my tail!!”

I looked at Ling Yue, who was getting a little angry, and chuckled hopelessly. “I’m not even sure if you’re being serious or not. I feel as though you’re trying to trick me.”

“Try it.”

Ling Yue went up on her toes and kissed my lips before wrapping her tail around my waist.  She rubbed my back and clasped my face as she wholeheartedly kissed me. I responded restlessly. I wanted to end it as soon as possible and see if Ling Yue’s blood was useful to Lucia.

I prayed it would work. That way, I wouldn’t need to put up with the old geezer’s attitude. Vyvyan was on my side, but the geezer also had the authority to command the Imperial Guards without going through Vyvyan. There was no room for error, for Lucia’s life hung in the balance. I had to take Lucia away from the elven lands.

Ling Yue released my lips after a long kiss. She licked her teeth then looked at me with satisfaction and finally placed her tail in my hand. Her expression evidently started to look gloomy. Ling Yue was more beast-like compared to Nier. Ling Yue’s body was affected by seasons, and it was evident she had something she wanted in that moment, but I couldn’t let her have her way. There was no way I was going to let Ling Yue do something suggestive in front of Lucia.

I grabbed her tail. She squirmed with her tail in a horny manner. She looked enthusiastic. I separated her fur, and she moaned gently. She then grabbed my arm tightly. The fur on her tail appeared as though it was going to explode.

I saw her flesh hiding under her long fur. I went to pull out a dagger, but she pressed her hands firmly on my arms, and then looked at me with her blood-red eyes. She licked her fang. “Bite me hard enough so that I bleed, and then suck my blood out. I don’t want you to cut me with a blade. I want you to bite me.”

“You foxes sure have a strange way of expressing your love.”

Ling Yue liked to bite people. When was aroused, she had to sit opposite me, hug me, and then bite my shoulder. Ling Yue was a fox; her fangs were, therefore, extremely sharp. She had already bitten my shoulder several times. I bled profusely each and every time. I can’t say for certain if it was a tradition for foxes.

Ling Yue gave me a nod. She vigorously pulled my head with her hand and egged me on. “Hurry. Bite me. Hurry and bite me. Hurry and tell me you love me.”

“I really don’t know how the two matters are related… But if you say so, then…”

I lowered my head, moved her fur out of the way and looked at her soft flesh underneath. I bit her tail gently, causing her to shriek in a high-pitched voice, which sounded pretty much the same as the ones she let out every night… It gave me a fright, thereby leading me into thinking she pushed me down. She sat down on the ground on her bottom and tightly gripped her skirt. I felt as though we couldn’t drag it out anymore, so I bit into her flesh, doing my best to open a wound. Ling Yue continued to moan sensually over and over. I finally detected warmth flowing out, while she reacted by jerking her body intensely…

The smell from a wet liquid entered the air. Ling Yue’s tail hung down weakly. She weakly leaned onto the bed and looked up to the ceiling with her lifeless eyes. I took in a mouthful of Ling Yue’s blood then helped Lucia sit up and fed it to her.


The results showed virtually instantly. Lucia seemed to choke on the blood, judging from the fact that she coughed hard a few times. She opened her eyes and looked at me with a smile. I wiped the blood at the corner of her mouth. She looked at me with puzzlement. “Your Highness… Is this your blood…? Don’t… Don’t do this…”

I stroked Lucia’s head with a smile. “No, it’s not my blood. How do you feel now? Lucia, do you feel any discomfort? How about the child? How about you? Any discomfort? Do you feel any different to when you had the elven spring water?”

Lucia checked herself. She then softly giggled. “No, Your Highness… I do not feel anything different as of now. I feel all right. My belly does not feel strange, either… I feel… all right… It is just… Please do not do this again…… If this is your blood…  I do not want to see you injured…”

“No, it’s not my blood; it’s Ling Yue’s blood.”

Lucia had a moment to think, and then asked, “Who is Ling Yue?”

“The girl you met last time at Troy City.”

Lucia tried to recall her. She then smiled. “That very pretty fox with a tail? I remember now. Her tail felt so nice to the touch.”

“This is the blood from the tip of her tail.”

“Is it? Is she next to me? I want to thank her.”

“Uhm. Ling Yue, stand up.”

“Mm…Hello… Miss Lucia… Mm… Hello…”

“Thank you, Miss Ling Yue… But why is your skirt… wet?”


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