Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 42

Ling Yue said she could help Lucia, so I needed to come up with a plan to leave the elven lands. I used to consider Duargana to be a pure place, a place where I could take shelter. However, it basically became a hunting ground with enemies lying in ambush on all sides.

I spent many nights by Lucia’s side. I couldn’t sleep, as I had nightmares of her being snatched away from me when I fell asleep, and then dreamt of waking up to an empty bed. I might’ve never seen her again.

I refused to let that become a reality. I swore to protect Lucia even if I had to risk my life. I refused to let her take a single step away from me. Not happening. My trust in the magic formation Mommy Vyvyan set up at the front of the door was firm; nobody except her could enter. The issue was that the formation lost its effect if I was inside, as it had to be broken temporarily to allow me entry. But nonetheless, Lucia would be safe for as long as I was in the room.

If somebody dared to snatch Lucia while I was in the room, then that was the equivalent of making an enemy out of all elves. If they hurt me during the kidnapping, an enraged Vyvyan would hunt them regardless of where they fled to. I could also say with absolutely certainty that it wouldn’t take more than a few hours. The time it took to kill them would be proportionate to how badly I was hurt. The more severe my wounds, the faster they’d die.

“What about if they block the door?” you ask? You think I didn’t think about that?

I stood face-to-face with Zelal and Imperial Guards at the entrance with my handgun in my hand. I watched them with my cold gaze. The Imperial Guards were fearful of me, while Zelal was stern. “My child, I hereby order you as the elder of the Galadriel tribe to hand Lucia over to us to protect.”

I responded coldly. “Lucia is my wife. I am her husband. It is only right that I protect Lucia. What right do you have to be telling me to hand her over to you? You even brought soldiers with you. You call this protecting? You are blatantly snatching her! What do you want to do? Lucia is Vyvyan’s Princess. Are you revolting?!”

The Imperial Guards stayed mute.

They had to have felt really awkward. They had no idea what to do, since they were stuck between Zelal and me. Both of us had the authority to order them. The one who could resolve our dispute was Vyvyan, but I was certain she wasn’t in the palace. Otherwise, the old geezer wouldn’t be act so arrogantly.

Vyvyan needed to hurry back. I didn’t want to get into a tussle with them. He was Vyvyan’s father, after all, so he should have strong mana. I couldn’t use magic; I didn’t know what he can do. I’d probably be out in a second against magic.

I pinched my chest. My necklace was no longer there. I think I stopped wearing it after entering the North! I thought that I didn’t need it anymore. Vyvyan couldn’t go to the North, so I didn’t need it. I never thought I’d need it at home!

“I have a duty to take care of your wife precisely because she is your wife, while you are the Galadriel tribe’s child!”

“There’s no need; I can protect her just fine!”

He looked at me with an indifferent look. He slammed the ground hard and then angrily shouted, “Is that right? You can protect your wife?! What are you going to do if I force my way in now?”

I aimed my handgun right at his forehead. “There will be two corpses, then. Actually, no. Not necessarily two. I’ll have to see how many of you I can kill before you can kill me.”


He aggressively waved his hand. Vines that appeared all of a sudden restrained me up against the wall. I was firmly restrained by the veins. I felt my bones creak. He looked at me with a cold look. “You’re a little overconfident. I may not be as powerful as my daughter, but I am still an elf with powerful mana. On what basis are y(ou)-”

‘I didn’t listen to him at all. Instead, I lowered my head, and then slammed it backward into the wall behind me. After a loud thud, I felt dizzy. Despite feeling light-headed, I slammed my head again.

“What are you doing?!!” shouted Zelal. He aggressively threw me onto the ground after a moment’s hesitation. I snickered.

Although I felt dizzy and my vision went dark, I was still aware that I couldn’t defeat Zelal head on. I couldn’t defeat him when he had magic at his disposal, but he wouldn’t let me die. I was the only descendant of the Galadriel tribe and Vyvyan’s son. If I got hurt, Vyvyan would go on a rampage.

“I might not be able to beat you. Actually, that’s for sure. Mommy Vyvyan did put a limiter on me, so I can’t use magic.”

I stood up while trembling. I then slowly raised my handgun up and aimed it at my temple. I snickered. “Without Lucia, I have no reason to live. How about we give it a try? I’ll pull this trigger, and then we’ll see how Mommy Vyvyan kills you.”

“You! Don’t do anything silly!”

“What are you doing?!”

I suddenly heard a voice from in front and Mommy Vyvyan’s familiar scent enveloped me in the blink of an eye.  I didn’t know if I banged my head silly or what, but I was pulled into somebody’s embrace before I could react.

It was Mommy Vyvyan who hugged me. She then gently stroked my back. She looked at the Imperial Guards and Zelal with anger and thundered, “What are you trying to do?! What are you doing? In front of you is the future ruler of elves and my only son! Rebels will not be shown mercy. I won’t even give you time to pray!!”

In just a second, a rain of ice picks simultaneously appeared overhead and below. The corridor was instantly filled with an irritating stench of blood. Vvyan didn’t give the soldiers any time to explain. All of the soldiers were stabbed with a barrage of ice picks. Blood spilt all over the smooth floor.

“Vyvyan?! You!”

Zelal was the only one left standing in place. He looked at Vyvyan with an utterly stunned look. Never did he expect for Vyvyan to dare to attack. He believed that Vyvyan would’ve continued maintaining the situation between our two parties, but she got physical.

A huge vine suddenly appeared and tightly fastened itself around Zelal. Then, she pressed him up against the wall. With another angry wave of her hand, the vines slowly tightened its hold around him. Zelal cried with so much agony that I couldn’t tell that it was an elder who was crying.

Vyvyan coldly roared, “I’ll make you feel everything you put my son through! He is my son, not your son! You have no right to be aggressive with him. I’ll personally kill whoever hurts my son no matter who he is!!”


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