Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 22



“Can you move your tail? My chest feels hot…”

Ling Yue snorted with displeasure. She then slapped my chest with her tail as if she was declaring her territory and unwilling to leave. She looked at me and proudly said, “Didn’t you say it was cold in the North and, therefore, needed my tail to stay warm? I let you use my tail, because I was in a good mood. You should gratefully accept my generosity.”

“And who was the one who would rather die than let me touch her tail before?”

I stroked her furry tail while looking at her with a smile. The touch of Ling Yue’s tail was very nice. She would have unleashed a slap combo on me if I touched it that way in the past. Now, however, she’d just jolt, and then relax, allowing me to stroke her tail.”

“Since we both…” began Ling Yue, blushing. She then shifted up to my side and shyly continued where she left off, “Our tail is reserved for our husband to touch. Although we have not yet held a wedding ceremony… it is not too far off, is it?”

“Yeah, it’s not.”

I turned around and pulled her into my arms. She shuddered, but then, allowed me to hug her. She looked up at me then smiled and asked, “If your wives don’t accept me, what will do? Will you bring me back here, and then revive my tribe together with me?”

“Of course not, ahh!!”

I felt a sharp painful sensation on my thigh. Ling Yue mercilessly pinched my thigh, and then glared at me. She coldly said, “In this sort of situation, you should lie even if you have to instead of making the woman in your life upset, shouldn’t you?! You don’t understand women whatsoever!”

I looked at her and touched her pointy ears. With a smile, I explained, “But I don’t want to lie to you, because I truly love you. I like you. I love you, so I won’t lie to you. I won’t give you false promises, only for you to be left empty-handed in the end.”


Ling Yue twitched a little. Perhaps she was trying to hide her smile she nearly revealed. However, she controlled herself and stopped herself from smiling. She continued looking at me with a frown and asked, “Put the sweet talk aside for now and answer my question. What are you going to do if your wives don’t accept me and even refuse to forgive you?”

“I’ll kneel and beg, of course!”

Ling Yue patted my face with her tail. She looked at me with annoyance and angrily responded, “You’re the Prince of humanity and elves; plus, you’re also the grand commander of the alliance, yet you’re going to kneel and beg your wives in the end?! What if it was me, instead? What about if I don’t like the two of them?”

“I’ll kneel and beg you, of course…”

I looked at her with a helpless smile.

You know, I think smiling helplessly was my most used expression. I feel that I used up all the God-given shares of smiling helplessly on my three wives. Wait, no. I can’t say three yet, because I hadn’t formally married Ling Yue. I just needed to bring Ling Yue back, though.

To be honest, the biggest problem for me wasn’t Nier. Nier had fully committed to me, and she obeyed me the same way as a Valkyrie followed orders. If I said to her, “I met Ling Yue in the North. She’s very gentle and kind. I really like her. I hope that you can get along with her,” then Nier would definitely get along with her, because I gave her a command as her husband.

The most terrifying one was Lucia… On the surface, Lucia bent to my every whim. However, her possessive nature and heritage wouldn’t allow her to accept another. Normally, Nier shouldn’t even exist. The only reason I managed to keep her was because I stubbornly clung to her, and Nier defeated her. This time, I was bringing back a girl when she was pregnant… I wouldn’t be surprised if she ripped apart Ling Yue with her hands. Luckily, Lucia no longer had her wind elf buff…

‘How am I going to persuade Lucia this time? I think that Ling Yue can’t beat her even without her wind elves buff. Lucia will not go easy in a duel over me. She will genuinely try to kill her opponent, so I can’t let Ling Yue and her fight.’

‘Lucia is now pregnant, so she can’t fight. However, how am I going to persuade her? All my ideas seem impossible… I need to speak to Lucia about this in person. Maybe if I plead her… Yeah right. I’m deluding myself… I should go and see her in person.’

“We need to go and see Lucia when we bring the Queen of the North back to Duargana.”

“What, we need to pay respects to your main wife first?” Ling Yue rolled over with a smile and spread her limbs out comfortably on the bed. She looked at the tent curtain, “If there was no betrayal, Lucia would be your main wife, right? Am I just your mistress? Even Nier would be considered a mistress, right?”

“Uhm.” I nodded. “It’s just that in terms of time and order, Lucia came first, and in terms of sacrifices, she made the most sacrifices. That’s indisputable… But as I said, I love you all the same. I won’t be biased toward her because of those factors…”

“No, no, no.”

Ling Yue pressed her hand on my mouth then rolled over and got on top of me. She moved her tail around over her head arrogantly. She proudly elaborated, “Don’t you think that order has no meaning in love? If you want to factor in order, your mom would be your first woman. Are you saying you’re going to marry your mom?”

‘That… seems it would actually be possible in my case…’

I erased Vyvyan from my mind, and then continued looking at Ling Yue. She looked back at me and continued, “Moreover, even if you factor in time, isn’t there a thing called ‘love at first sight’?  Whether you knew each other for a short time or long time means nothing. The time you fell in love is the meaningful moment.”

While keeping her gaze on me, she went on incomparably seriously, “Also, about how much was sacrificed, I can sacrifice as much as Lucia sacrificed for you. If she can sacrifice her life for you, I can, too.”

“So, what are you getting at?

I watched Ling Yue swing her tail around. I really wanted to grab it.

‘Do I have some cat characteristics fetish or something…?’

“So what I’m trying to say is…”

Ling Yue leaned in closer to me. She earnestly looked at me with her crescent-moon eyes. She clasped my face and emphasised each and every word, “Don’t decide on your main wife based on how long you spent with each other and how much was sacrificed. Although I have just fallen in love with you, I won’t lose to them! I want to fight for the official wife spot on the papers!”


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