Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 21


The elder placed his hand that resembled tree bark on the exposed, bulging belly of the young girl in front of him. He narrowed his eyes and sensed the breathing of the child within. A moment later, he revealed a satisfied smile and said, “Not bad, not bad. I can sense it. There is a child responding to my mana. That means that the child’s mana is not inferior to yours, Vyvyan.”

Vyvyan smiled and replied, “That is right. I can sense a strong life force, as well. Therefore, Lucia has fulfilled the duties of being my son’s wife. Lucia can continue staying with the tribe now for my child’s sake, right?”

“No, that is not possible,” replied the elder, shaking his head. He then looked at Vyvyan with a serious look. “She is a lowly elf. That will not change, just because she gave birth to a descendant with a strong bloodline. The Galadriel tribe does not need defects. It is an insult to have a lowly elf with an inferior bloodline in our tribe. The Galadriel tribe cannot accept that. The other child in her belly is not responding; hence, it is clear that it is a lowly being. Exile her along with that child.”

Vyvyan hesitated for a moment. She then looked at her father before her and asked, “Father, if we do that… if we do that… would it not be too cruel on Lucia?”

“Lucia should be aware that this would be her ending,” answered the elder. He looked at Lucia with a cold gaze. His gaze was filled with disdain. “It’s unacceptable for a lowly elf, with inferior blood, to marry a Galadriel. Lucia couldn’t have gotten close to Troy if it wasn’t for you excessively pampering Troy. This is a wilful dream. It’s time the two of them woke up from it. Vyvyan, Troy is no longer a child. He shouldn’t be acting wilful in your arms anymore! He is a child of the Galadriel tribe, not your son alone!”

“You… You…”

Vyvyan’s gaze turned very frightening in an instant. It took a single instant for her blood-red eyes to be filled with murderous intent. The temperature in the room dropped extremely low. Ice began to freeze every inch of the room. She looked at her father with a cold gaze. The elder was frightened. He stood up and prepared to flee, but the door handle had been frozen stiff. Vyvyan walked over to him in an imposing fashion. She looked at him with a gaze filled with murderous intent. That gaze was similar to the gaze of an aggravated evil dragon.

“Troy is forever my son. Troy is my son, not Elizabeth’s and not the Galadriel tribe’s. He is my son, my only son. I will not allow anyone to take him from me. Absolutely nobody! Are you trying to take him away from me?!”


Even a former Elven King would tremble in the face of a god’s rage. Vyvyan shouldn’t be considered an elf. She was a demi-god. She was what the epitome of elven mana was. She was the pride of the Galadriel tribe and, at the same time, the tribe’s most stable sceptre. However, the elder never imagined that the sceptre would one day be aimed at himself.

“Troy must stay at my side! He must stay by my side, because I am his mom! He is the gift from the world to me! I will not let him disappear from my side! The moment my son leaves me will be the moment this continent is obliterated! I will do what I say will!!”

Vyvyan thundered at her father. He looked back at her and quaked as he nodded.

Vyvyan no longer needed to provide her child with mana or maintain her time barrier. Vyvyan was now in complete god mode. Her imposing aura, alone, was enough to make everyone prostrate themselves.

“Get out, Father. Get out while I don’t want to get angry. Do not ever mention making Troy leave me in my presence again, and don’t even think of making me let go of him. Not happening!”

The elder pulled the door open and swiftly left the room. The room instantly warmed up. Warmth returned to the room, and the layers of ice vanished. Vyvyan stood in the room, taking in big breaths to try to calm herself down and revert her eyes back to blue.

Vyvyan was truly angry. Never had she been that angry before. The elder carelessly flipped her most sensitive trigger. Vyvyan was a kind and gentle woman, provided you didn’t threaten her son or speak ill of him. Otherwise, the demi-god would not joke with you. She could obliterate the continent for her son, so it was only natural that she would be willing to kill one individual for her son. However, Lucia wasn’t the source of her anger.

Vyvyan wasn’t angry because her father said to exile Lucia. She was worried because Troy liked Lucia. If Lucia was to meet with misfortune, Troy would be very unhappy. That was the extent of her anger. She never had any positive feelings for Lucia. She didn’t care if she had to exile Lucia and her kid. She might resist, but that’s because Troy would be furious.

Vyvyan picked up a bottle of water by the side and poured it on Lucia lying in front of her.

“For your child, your husband and my child’s sake, you must stay strong, Lucia, you must hang in there. My son will be back very soon. He’ll be back very soon. You must live. You must live… You must give birth to the children. You must give birth to the children!”

Lucia was a machine to Vyvyan now. She didn’t care what happened to Lucia as long as she conceived her child. It would be best if Lucia died due to weakness or obstructed labour. It would be best if she died in front of Troy so that he couldn’t hate her and so that he could only hold Lucia’s corpse and wallow in sadness. Then she would tightly hug her son. She could hug his head and past in her arms, kiss his cheeks and lips. They could love each other the way they did before Lucia came along.

She could raise their child with him. She could personally raise her son again. His tender gaze for Lucia would be on her again. The kiss and gaze full of love would definitely belong to her.

Lucia just had to die…

Lucia just had to die after giving birth…


Vyvyan gently stroked Lucia’s face to let her enter the death-like state of sleep again. Vyvyan bent over and next to Lucia’s ear whispered, “Lucia… stay strong… You can go die after you give birth… You can go die after you give birth… Go die. Go die. Go die…”

‘DIE!! ‘


*Vyvyan’s tone changed from respectful and polite to casual as she got angry, so that is not me being inconsistent with her usage of terminology and tone.


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