Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 3 Ch. 47

Incomparable Material. Denying While Dressed In Women’s Clothing

I moulded internal energy into my voice just now to scare the group of bastards, but I transmitted it a bit too far!

“Shit! That chick is back!” Anxious, I declared: “I’m done playing with you guys, party is over!”

Then I tried to run but the Black Winds Thirteen Wings from behind stopped me.

“Who’s playing with you? Huh?! You think you can leave whenever you like?!”

I frowned. Before I could even speak, Chen Yun went and had his fun first. He glared at me: “Aha! So you were being chased, you punk. Oh wow, she’s a beauty too. You want to run? Fine. Change into this maid uniform and then beg me. If you can entertain me, I’ll spare you your sorry life.”

I looked at him like I was looking at a retard. I calmly said: “That beauty in red is the current emperor’s second daughter. Think about what you did to her father. Good luck guys.”

Once done, I didn’t bother with the bunch of idiots anymore and swiftly hid myself into the pile of dirty clothes.

This shit stinks! I need to use Turtle Breathing Art to hold my breath……

Chen Yun and his men exchanged looks. One of his subordinates suggested: “Captain, we can’t delay any further too. How about we put aside our grudge with this guy for now and find another opportunity to get back at him?”

Chen Yun hesitantly replied: “Well……”

His subordinate stepped closer and whispered: “Plus, we can’t beat him.”

“That makes sense!”

Chen Yun nodded his head firmly. But before he could leave, he had to get dressed. I had stolen his black clothes and mask already while he was completely naked right now. This place was filled with maid uniforms. Chen Yun had no choice. All that’s left to see is if the commander of the Black Winds Thirteen Wings, Chen Yun is willing to wear one or not. Due to the beauty of this scene, I couldn’t help but take the risk of making a little gap to peep.

I watched Chen Yun look at the dirty clothes on the ground and space out. I decided to give him a hand.

From inside the pile of clothes, I poked my head out, stretched one hand out and said: “Contestant Chen Yun, please begin your performance!”

“Y-Y-You bastard!”

Chen Yun had difficulty dealing with the humiliation. I can’t believe he blushed. His shoulders quivered non-stop like he was ready to come at me with his life. His subordinates all exclaimed: “Cap! The mission is more important!”

Chen Yun thundered: “I‘m a man! You expect me to put up with this humiliation?!”

His subordinate shouted: “But cap, you can’t beat him!”


Chen Yun is a true man. He clenched his teeth and stamped his feet. He then turned around with his back facing me, picked up a set and wore it on. In a shy and enraged voice he exclaimed: “I won’t let you have the laugh over my corpse! You can forget about getting a front view! Only my brothers can see me in female clothing!”

His subordinates cheered him on: “Cap! You’re a true brother!”

Hey! You can’t do this!

I’ll give you three coins for the uncensored version!

Since he was mad, Chen Yun just grabbed a random one without paying attention to the size. He’s a large man, yet he picked up a small-sized maid uniform. He couldn’t get into it. When he tugged on it hard, it ripped, revealing his ass.

Everything went dead silent.

I went silent too… Everybody was trying to hide their smiles.

Chen Yun was angrier than ever. He was so angry it literally appeared as though his face would bleed.

That encouraged me to laugh even more.

“Puahahahaha! Moron! Spin around, spin around! I’ll paint you a full-body gravure portrait next time!”

Chen Yun whinged loudly: “Fuck this! I’m not taking this shit!” He then loudly shouted out: “Princess! Your highness! The man you’re looking for is over here!”

Fuck! You chicken turd!

“Where’s the scoundrel  Zhong Ning?!”

Princess Hongzhuang leapt over her. As soon as her beautiful ample-long legs landed, she spread out her huge team and rushed into the laundry.

“Over there, over there!”

Before she could find my traces following Chen Yun’s hand gestures, she was frozen in place.

As soon as she arrived at the laundry, she saw the guys in black who came from unknown origins and behaved sneakily. Then she looked at Chen Yun, the man with a beard and brash look dressed in a teenage palace maid’s dress that was so tight it revealed his body, barely able to cover his body. Her eyes almost popped out of her head.

Everyone looked at each other at a loss for what to do. The atmosphere was extremely awkward. And the laundry fell into a dead silence once again.

The imperial guards had now caught up. As soon as they entered and saw Chen Yun, the captain shouted: “Fuck! Are there ghosts in the palace?!”

“Who you cursing at?! Who’d you call a ghost?!”

Chen explained: “I, I’m not a weird person or anything. I’m a Qilin Guard. The reason I’m dressed like this is……”

The captain of imperial guards retorted: “Bullshit! Who cares if you’re a Qilin Guards? What, Qilin Guards can wear palace maid uniforms and strut around the palace?! And we basically cleaned up all those dressed in all black that we ran into. It’s rare to come across one like you……”

Chen Yun didn’t look like he knew the flying fish pavilion had been repossessed. A look of concern showed up on his face: “Don’t go having misgivings. I have a token. Look at my…… Hey! Return my clothes to me! I have a token. My clothes just got……”

“Shut up!!” The second prince exploded with justice and cut him off. She held her broadsword horizontally in her hand with the tip moving continuously. Her beautiful face now looked distorted due to her fury: “That perverted creep appearing in the palace was outrageous enough, and… and yet you creeps… go to hell, all of you!”

Once she was done speaking, a silver flash appeared from her hand and she slashed at the chest of one of the guys in black. She then swung her broadsword and engaged the Black Winds Thirteen Wings to one side, finally letting me breathe a breath of relief.

Hongzhuang is very skilled with a broadsword. She slashed consecutively, unleashing technique after technique. She had cut down six or seven of them since their fight started, but there was no trace of her switching techniques. Her moves flowed naturally, making them look indistinctive like she only slashed once.

Chen Yun who was the most skilled was extremely afraid of her broadsword skills, thereby fleeing toward the crowd after shouting. He picked up the clothes and hung them on his arm, but as soon as he moved, the group of people in front moved aside, displaying what you would think was clairvoyance.

Chen Yun didn’t waste the opportunity and ran forward. The captain of the imperial guards switched from his disgusted look back to his normal look and shouted: “Surround him!” Over a hundred imperial guards gathered together like a sea of them, creating a most spectacular scene!!!

Chen Yun got surrounded in the centre and punched by over two hundred fists. In between the thuds against his face, you could hear “I want to puke!”, “The fuck is this? He didn’t even shave his legs properly!”, “I do like men, but I wouldn’t want one like you!”, “Beat him! Beat him to death!”

The sounds of their punches drowned anything Chen Yun might’ve said.

Other than the first thing he said which was “I’m not a cr-…”, he didn’t get a chance to say anything else since he got booted in the face at that point.

As for the main protagonist that I am, I sneakily grabbed the clothes from two sides to cover myself and left the stage to the young’uns.

I listened to the sound of fighting slowly die down outside. The second princess panted for air and asked: “It looks like that scoundrel Zhong Ning isn’t here. You said my second brother revolted today, so I’m worried about father’s safety. Follow me to go find him. Do you know where father is?”

“I do not know. However, under orders, I had searched multiple places in the imperial palace but found nothing. There are a few places I have yet to go to.”

“What’s the next palace?”

“The imperial study.”

Princess Hongzhuang nodded and then firmly suggested: “Let’s go to the imperial study then.”

They came like a storm and left like one, leaving nothing behind, so needless to say, they brought their prisoners along.

I came out from the pile of clothes.

Shit! I stink even more now!

I initially came to find makeup. Not only did I not find anything, I even had to hide in this shitty place……

I looked at the black clothes and mask in my hands. The mask is fine, but I don’t fit these clothes by the looks of it. Combined with my height, I’d look too conspicuous.

Though eighty-percent of the orange prince’s plans have failed, he still has a chance to reverse the situation. Then it’ll be one chaotic fight with many people who’d recognise me present. If I’m exposed, oh man.

I’ll need to disguise myself……


Forget it. I’ll worry about it when it comes to it. Maybe the emperor doesn’t even need me to go help him.

I want a bath first!


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