My Yandere-Succubus Daughter is Mommy-Warrior’s Natural Enemy – Vol. 01 Ch. 01

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Behind an extravagant red screen in a massive tent was a luxurious woollen carpet. In the centre of it was a huge wooden tub.

Actually, it would be more accurate to describe it as a wooden bathtub. However, it was odd. Why would there be such a luxurious bathtub in the middle of such a marching army’s camp?

I don’t think the woman in the tub right now felt it was out of place, though.

The water in the tub wasn’t completely transparent, so I imagine some sort of famous and expensive scents or bath-salt had been added. Red flower petals gently floated on top of the water.

The woman sat in the water looking very comfortable. She rested her long and slender calf on the edge of the bath-wall. Her lotus-root shaped toes looked smooth and white like congealed fat. Her toe-nails, which were like the crescent moon, didn’t have a single mark on them. If she wasn’t moving her toes non-stop, anyone would’ve thought they were perfect statues made from marble.

The parts of her body above her slender well-proportioned calves were in the water. They attracted one’s eyes as they flashed, following the water’s movement.

Her slender fingers played with a flower still covered with dew and she kept her exquisite face hidden behind the flower. She stroked the flower petals with her slender fingers. Her vixen-like eyes contained a strange smile as they stared at the flower before them.

She had very rarely seen hetero-chromatic eyes. However, as a ruler, she had to be somehow different to others anyway.

She silently soaked in the water and enjoyed her hot bath. However, she seemed to be pondering something, waiting for something.

The door to the tent got aggressively pulled open.

Her perfect breast jiggled as she stood up from the water bringing along the creamy liquid, making it look slightly erotic.

But she didn’t mind herself. Instead, she watched the warrior in armour come over, bringing along the stench of blood, as well as the things she was dragging along behind her.

The queen chuckled softly and then lay back down.

She looked at the warrior with white hair in front of her, giggled softly, and said, “My warrior has returned, hmm? It looks like my warrior has brought me wonderful news too.”

“Spoils of war.”

The warrior gave the queen before her a very simple response and then tossed the two things she was dragging along behind her to the queen’s side.

The stuff she tossed over included two corpses, two heads, a young girl and me.

I became the warrior’s spoil of war.

I felt the feeling of being tossed face-down once again. Wait, no, it’s the first time. But my face crashed into a soft carpet this time.

My hands and feet were tied behind me like a pig tied up to a pole on New Year. I had no way of raising my head in that position so I could only chew on the woollen carpet.

The sound of water in the tub could be heard and immediately after, the sound of bare-feet stepping onto the carpet.

Honestly, I really wanted to see what the beauty who stepped out of the bath looked like. I was shocked when I got tossed so I didn’t get to see. However, I couldn’t budge at all. I could only look at the water trickling down her perfect feet as she walked in front of me and to the back of the screen.

A second later, almost immediately after, that woman walked over this way again. She walked up to the warrior’s side and asked with a smile, “Is this the Demon King’s head?”

“Yes, Your Majesty. That is the Demon King’s head and this is his wife’s head. Their corpses are here, too. I personally beheaded them.”

It sounds like the warrior who almost decapitated me was reporting the results of her battle to her phenomenally beautiful queen. Though I’m not acquainted with the Demon King, I still feel it’s quite pitiful to be decapitated by this young girl. Not to mention having your wife killed, too.

“Amazing. That’s amazing. You make me proud my warrior. Can you guarantee it? Can you guarantee that you personally beheaded the Demon King without anyone else’s assistance?”

“Yes. The elves and gnomes were occupied outside. I, alone, killed the Demon King before you.”

The queen’s voice carried extreme excitement, however; the warrior’s voice was as calm as ever. Her voice never changed when she almost decapitated me, and again now. It must be a glorious feat for a human to slay a Demon King, I presume. But the warrior was calm; as if it was a chicken she killed.

“Amazing!! Amazing!! Veirya, fantastic work!! Ah! Humanity has never done anything to make me as proud as this. Veirya. My dear. You truly are my greatest treasure. Do you know what you did?! You saved the entire world! The entire world should applaud you! You saved this entire world, and I can uplift humanity to the position of leader in the alliance, thanks to your bravery. After all, your bravery as a human was what allowed you to slay the Demon King. This is great news. My beloved Veirya, I have never been so happy. Oh, my Veirya!!”

“Your Majesty… my armour is dirty…”

“It’s all right, it’s all right.”

If I were to look in their direction right now, I would probably see a lesbian scene, right? But I still can’t raise my head. I can only see her go up on her toes on her bare-feet twisting side-to-side before the armour.

“What about the remaining two then?”

After checking out the two spoils of war over there, the queen finally turned her attention our way.

The little girl and I had been tossed onto the ground. The queen walked up to us.

I watched as the bare feet stopped before me. Immediately after I felt a tender feeling on my head. The queen pressed her foot on my head and into the carpet. She didn’t seem to be abusing me, but purely doing so because it was fun.

The queen’s foot was extremely soft. While it didn’t make much contact with my head, it was still enough to make me exhilarated.

Because she had just come out of her bath, her body carried a very nice scent. The cheeky flower scent toyed with my nose. Water from her body, which she had yet to wipe dry, trickled down her slender leg and onto my head…

Her seductive mannerisms didn’t make me feel humiliated in any way. Rather, I shamelessly got a boner… The queen played with my head while looking at the warrior and asking with a giggle, “This man is a human, no matter how I look at him. Why did a human become your spoil of war, Veirya? Could it be that humans helped the Demon King?”

“I apologise, Your Majesty. I, too, do not know who this is. I cannot identify where he is from by his clothing, and he has no proof of identity either. However, he appeared inside of the Demon King’s palace and protected the Demon King’s daughter. Therefore, I felt that he should be considered an enemy and as such brought him back.” The warrior stood next to me and explained it to the queen.

The queen snorted and then took her foot off my head.

I, surprisingly, felt a random feeling of disappointment.

The queen crouched down and looked at me.

The warrior who was behind me pulled my head up without any pity. My body was like a frozen salt-fish. I had no choice but to lift my body. I felt a pain in my spine like it was being ripped out. I was scanned by the pair of hetero-chromatic eyes.

She wore a pampering smile on her beautiful face. She looked at me like I was a cute puppy she took an interest in. She reached her hand out and pinched my face, even though my face was scrunched up due to the pain. But I also noticed that I could see a pink shape peeping out of her bath towel, where her breasts were, more clearly now that she had crouched down.

“I sure am curious. Who exactly are you? Why did you, a human, appear on the demon race’s side? Why are you dressed in such odd clothing? Why did you protect the Demon King’s daughter? Can you explain yourself to me?”

“I… I… I don’t know either. I… I just appeared there… I saw… someone… try to kill a young girl…”

I honestly don’t know, man! And it’s really uncomfortable talking in this position! I feel like my body is suffering the pain of being torn in two. It’s tough enough as is trying to speak.

“Did the Demon King capture him? When I went to deal the finishing slash, the Demon King used a magic spell to summon someone over and use them as a meat-shield. However, it appeared that his spell had failed him, though someone was still summoned over. But then, I have never seen this person before. It does not look like he possesses any magical or fighting skills, either. He has no special characteristics. He is just an ordinary person.”

The warrior’s words erased my only hope. I thought I would have been granted some superpower after dimension travelling. But it turns out I’m just an ordinary person…

“Is that right?”

It didn’t look like the queen could accept such an answer, though. She looked at me somewhat disinterested then sighed and said, “I thought he was somehow different and got curious. But it sounds like he is but an ordinary person. He probably came from the north. Am I right? Don’t be nervous. I am the leader of the human alliance. I am the queen of all of humanity, Sisi Novak Traynor. I myself really like this name. What do you think? Stranger, do you think that this name is really cute?”

She pinched my chin with her slender fingers. Her hetero-chromatic eyes were like two searchlights scanning me.

I felt as if she was looking through my body. I stared blankly into her eyes, not daring to utter a word.

“I do…”

I should probably behave myself in reality, huh?

“Good boy. Good boy~”

Queen Sisi laughed with joy. She stroked my head cheerfully as though she was stroking a dog. She then put my body down and looked at the warrior in front of her. She said with a smile, “Alright, alright. I don’t have any plans for the Demon King’s daughter there. I wouldn’t do anything to a little girl. My most beloved Veirya, since you declared them your spoils of war, I shall keep these heads and these corpses. As for the child, you can have her. The child of the Demon King could be considered an excellent spoil of war, right?”

Queen Sisi walked up to the girl.

The girl had not said a word since she got thrown down. In fact, she didn’t even cry. I was slightly worried she was dead. However, Queen Sisi seemed to have picked her up behind me. She laughed loudly and remarked, “This child looks quite cute, huh? If she wasn’t the daughter of the Demon King, I would really want to hug her. But now… Uhm, forget it. I am not interested in a girl.”

“L-Let go of me!!”


Sisi held the girl, who was in mid-air, and just reacted. She walked up to the bath and tossed her into it. The girl let out a muffled shriek and then made intense gurgling sounds in the water. Queen Sisi immediately pulled her out of the water, but before the girl could catch her breath, she once again dunked her.

I was powerless to do anything. I was tied up on the ground. I couldn’t do anything but shout.

Queen Sisi heard me, so she turned her head and smiled at me with an odd look. She then clapped her hands and said, “Pull her out. Don’t die in my bathtub. Otherwise, I’ll end up in a scandal over this.”


The warrior nodded. The queen clapped her hands. She then giggled cheerfully and said, “This deserves a celebration. This deserves a celebration. The problem humans have been fretting over for centuries has finally been resolved by me. I am very happy, you know? Hurry up and take a shower, Veirya. You are the star of tonight’s banquet. As for this gentleman…”

The queen raised her foot up and kicked forwards aggressively. She didn’t step on my head this time. Instead, she used her toes to tease my face in a rough manner. Her ice cold toes carried her soft skin.

I shut my eyes and did my best to dodge. However, I couldn’t dodge in my position. As a matter of fact, her toes even stabbed into my mouth.

“Mister, how about you accompany me by my side at the banquet tonight? I can tell that you are someone who has received an excellent education. I tested you with four different languages, just now, and you managed to understand them all. To be honest, I’m interested in you, again. Hehehe… Mister, make me more interested in you. I really look forward to it~…”


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