Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 10

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The escort entered the city, which seemed like it had sprouted out of the ground, in a glamorous fashion.

It would usually take years, or even decades for a city to be established and thrive. However, it didn’t even take a week to construct the city with the assistance of the elves’ magic. It looks like Mom personally took to the field. Vyvyan’s magic can allow her to build a complete structure with materials.

That said, I’m certain that Vyvyan didn’t use materials with mana to construct the city since Mommy Elizabeth said that my body can’t come into contact with mana in its current state.

The city erupted from the ground on an empty plain with a lush forest at the end of the plain.

Our horse hooves were now covered in layers of snow like willow catkins.

The elves reside next to the city, so the temperature is really nice. The snow falling down from the sky wasn’t excruciatingly cold, like before, and to the contrary gave off a mildly warm sensation.

The wasteland surrounding the city had been opened up for farming.

I went out of my way to stop and take a look at it, however; the fields were currently empty. It just looked like a blanket of snow. A river flowed next to the city as if intended to guard it. The flowing river seemed like it was moisturising the land.

The river didn’t freeze even in winter because it was water that came from the elven lands. The water was clear, as though not a speck of gravel was to be found. The river flowed at a moderate pace. There were aqueducts dug up by the farmers, which created a separate area from the block of land. It looks like it’s the same as any other field.

It didn’t appear as though the people here were slacking or anything. The crops here were the exact same as on the plains in the south. However, the food in the imperial capital wasn’t worth much money because the land on the large southern plains of the continent had the richest land.

Mom went through a lot of trouble to repair the land. Rotational tillage, aqueducts, windmills, watermills, everything was there.

The tall mountains by the sea kept typhoons and rainstorms out. There was only the warm, moisturising air, winds, and rain from the elven side, so the southern plains have always had fertile lands, thereby providing great harvests every year.

That’s why the Rosvenor Empire earned the envy of everyone around. It was the best place to produce food from in the south.

“Let’s go, Onii-sama. You will not be able to figure out anything with the naked eye.” Freya gave me a nudge from beside me.

I nodded and then continued riding toward the city which belonged to me. For a moment, it felt surreal. I’ve been to many cities and seen many ‘insert person or place welcomes you’ signs. However, this was the first city that completely belonged to me. Every pebble and every resident here were my assets.

I looked up and saw the large city gates before me. Atop the city gates were the words ‘Troy’s City’.

The golden letters shone in my eyes and shined on all of us like a spotlight. I looked at the city and spaced out. Everything here was mine. This place is the starting point of my own journey, right?

I used to struggle under Mom’s care. I wanted to do lots of things, but couldn’t. But, now, I’ve come to a city that belongs to me. I wasn’t able to give orders in the past, but I could now command the people of a city.

“Don’t cry… Your Highness… I will… I will… watch you… become… become… an outstanding king…”

‘Can you see this, Mera? If you can see this, this shiny-gold light, would you smile? What does this shiny gold view look like from heaven? I don’t know if I can become an outstanding king, but for you, to let you witness it, I shall advance along this path without stopping.’

‘Thank you, Mera.’

‘I’ve taken revenge for you and know about your grievance. It was my fault I couldn’t protect you. It was because I was weak. But I won’t let that sort of thing happen again.’

‘Rest in peace, Mera.’

“What do you think, Your Majesty? Her Majesty personally wrote those letters. She then said that City meant ‘nest’. It seems that Her Majesty has no talent for naming, but that also shows the meaning of this city, which is Troy, your nest, Your Majesty.”

Castell chuckled softly, and then the escort stopped at the entrance. Castell tugged on his horse reins and then made an invitational hand gesture.

He said, “You must be the first to enter, Your Majesty, as this is your nest. Just like Hillier City, the Phoenix’s Nest. Troy City must now rise under your rule. I hope that the light of prosperity at Troy’s City will brighten the night sky when the South’s Hillier City household lights light up one day.”

“I’ll consider that a good luck charm.”

I smiled before riding over to the entrance and stood in the shadow formed by the city gate. I looked at the perfectly set stone path in the city.

This place was designed exactly as Freya and I designed it. On both sides of the stone path ahead were the denizens bowing, awaiting our arrival. These people were residents of the small town originally here, as well as people from other villages in the surroundings. They came here after the new city had been built. However, I could see that they weren’t happy to move into the city. To the contrary, they wore bitter expressions.

“Let’s go, Your Majesty.” Nier and Freya came up behind me.

I turned around to look at them and then asked, “Where’s Luna?”

Nier pursed her lips with dissatisfaction and replied, “Luna is but just a personal servant. She has no right to walk behind you.”

I commanded Nier without allowing her any chance to say anything, “Call her here.”

Nier looked at me and sighed before riding to the back.

Not long after, Luna was seated atop Nier’s horse with a scared and excited gaze as she came over beside me. She softly said, “Your Majesty… Your Majesty… I do not think that this is a good idea… I… I…”

“You what?”

“I am just a personal servant… My status cannot compare to Miss Freya and Miss Nier’s… I… I have no right to stand by your side.”

“Yes, yes.” I stroked her head with a smile and then looked at the gigantic golden letters. I said, “You have no right as my personal servant. But do you have the right to enter the city behind me as the friend of the prince, the master of Troy’s City?”

“Your Majesty!”

Luna cheerfully nodded, while Nier shook her head helplessly. Freya chuckled and said, “Let us go, Onii-sama. Remember those by your side as you step onto this stone path. This will be your starting point. And of course, I will not let it be your endpoint. Your end point is the throne in the royal palace of Hillier City. I am not ruling out the possibility that a throne might be moved into this city. A throne that belongs to you, that is. Not everyone has the determination to become a king, but you are different. You have the determination and courage to become a king. While very immature, an eagle that struggles through the turbulence will eventually make it to the sky!”

“Alright. Thank you, Freya.”

Freya’s words revved me up and made my blood dance. I kicked my horse. It neighed and then walked into the shadow of the city gates.

“Welcome Your Majesty, Prince of the Rosvenor Empire, Prince Troy Galadriel Rosvenor!!!”

The people welcomed me loudly, but the vibe they gave was like when I was dealing with leaders in middle school. You would not call out with sincerity, from the heart, if you didn’t know someone or if you didn’t know he was important to you.

But that’s fine.

I’ll definitely make them obey me from the bottom of their hearts, follow my lead, and conquer for me!


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