Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 11

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The tallest places in the centre of the city were the city hall and my residence.

Since I’m just a prince, my so-called palace couldn’t be considered a complete palace. It wasn’t even half the size of the elven imperial palace. But considering the people by my side, it would be pointless even if it was larger.

The outer palace alone was enough for me to mess around in. My palace is basically a square palace. The guards pulled the door open. The floor was made of smooth and white marble. A lawn and a flower bed were arranged on the side, except that they hadn’t grown yet. In the centre of the plaza in front of the palace was a huge water fountain. The fountain was a statue of a person wielding a sword atop a horse…

‘Wait! Isn’t that me?!’

I’m still alive damn it! I’m still alive! I don’t think it’s such a good idea to make a statue out of me!’

But it looks like they don’t share that belief here.

After we had entered the palace, the stablemen and servants who had been waiting for a long time started busying themselves. The maids and guards the empress brought along also began to hand over jobs, as well as beginning to moving items.

I arrived at the entrance of the palace, took in a deep breath and stepped up onto the steps.

This place is mine, now.

“Mom, have Vyvyan and Lucia arrived?” When I turned around to ask Mom, who was sitting behind me, that question, she paused and looked at me slightly unhappy.

She replied, “Son, does that woman have to be the first thing you think about, upon arriving here for the first time? Mommy accompanied you on such a long trip, but you didn’t even thank Mommy after arriving, and instead asked about that woman first… Mommy is a little unhappy, now. No, Mommy is very… very unhappy, now…” Mom showed her displeasure with her entire body.

If I could see murderous intent then her murderous intent right now could cover the entire sky… I swiftly shook my head.

I looked at Mom, who had her head down and her fists clenched tightly, and smiled helplessly. I explained to her, “Mom… Mom… that’s not it… that’s not it… I’m not thinking about just her… it’s just… it’s just that I haven’t seen her in a long time, so I thought she’d be here waiting for me…”

Mom folded her arms angrily and went “hmph” before looking away, refusing to answer my question.

‘Come on, why are you acting like a young girl getting jealous? Don’t you think it’s not a good idea to be acting like this at your age, and with people around? What do you want me to do to make you happy? Hugs? Kisses? A princess carry?’

Ah, I looked at Mom’s bosom rise and fall. I don’t think I could carry Mom… I smiled mischievously and walked up to Mom’s side. I wrapped my arm around her arm and acted coquettishly, “Alright, alright, Mom, don’t be angry, Mom. Of course, I care about you. I’m very grateful that you accompanied me on such a long trip… So don’t be angry~. I’ll do anything if you stop being angry, Mom.”

Mom snorted and then turned her head to look at me. With a tinge of excitement, she asked, “Anything?”

“Mom, mind yourself a bit… Nier is right next to us…”

“Whatever do you mean? What are you thinking, Son?!” Mom looked at me slightly unhappy. She continued, “But I do hope that you can come and dance with me at the evening banquet in two days’ time. Yep, that’s what I want. Son, I won’t be angry if you promise me that.”

“Really? I can promise you that. I’ll dance with you on the night then… I was planning to anyway. But I’m not good at dancing Mom…” I dawdled.

Her request was unexpectedly simple. I didn’t even need to sell my body… I feel like I’m quite pitiful. Everyone else who goes to another world has women seducing him, or they undergo a gender change and seduce others. But I’m using my body as a male to appease my mothers.

‘Is there any other dimensional traveller who’s more pitiful than I am? Tell me!!’

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Mommy is happy just to dance with you. Mommy shall go along with you!” Mom immediately revealed a smile, even though it wasn’t exactly very visible since she still had her black face-veil on…

Alice smiled helplessly as she watched the empress’ excited and immature behaviour in front of her son. She didn’t know what to say. Countless people wouldn’t even dare to dream of dancing with the empress. His Majesty was blessed with great fortune to have the right to dance with her. However, the empress’s elated mood as she spoke of the dance was like a young girl proposing a date and her crush agreeing.

She was the empress who stood above all, yet she was acting like a cheerful young girl in front of her son just to get a little closer to him.

Alice had never seen the empress delicate like this before. It appeared she was right. Regardless of how excellent His Majesty was, how diligent he was or how competent he was as a wise ruler, he weakened the empress’s courage and determination. The empress is a brave general who slew her enemies, yet she was all giddy because she could dance with her son now.

She was no longer the empress but a lovesick young girl chasing her first love. She was no longer the empress who thought about how to rule a country and bring down cities, but an idiotic mother who’d get upset because she couldn’t cook well or make clothes well.

‘It’s all His Majesty’s fault! No, it’s not that he did anything wrong, but that his very existence itself is a mistake!’

‘His Majesty must be eliminated. Her Majesty will only be Her Majesty when His Majesty disappears. The empire can be without him, but it can’t be without Her Majesty! As Her Majesty’s personal attendant, I must eliminate all threats from Her Majesty’s side!’

‘His Majesty didn’t do anything wrong, but his existence is a mistake!’

When I stepped into the palace, I discovered that it was in no way different to a normal palace. It was basically the same as the one I lived in previously, except that it was now a square-shaped building.

My room was on the second floor. Outside of the massive window was the palace’s courtyard with a small white pavilion. However, the flowers and grass around had yet to grow.

I believe that this place will be a magnificent scene to behold in summer.

Luna scanned the huge room with curiosity, and then said, “This place is larger than the bedroom in the outer court. It sure makes it clear that it is the room of the master of the palace… I only went to Her Majesty’s inner court once. This place is almost the same size as Her Majesty’s room… Ah, there is a secret door here. Hehe, Your Majesty, my room is connected.”

There was a secret door on the wall next to the window. Well, it doesn’t really count as a secret door, because it’s a very visible timber door that opens by hinging.

Behind the door was Luna’s room. Freya checked it out curiously and said, “It’s a double bedroom. This must be your personal servant and guard’s room. It looks like it will be where Miss Nier and Miss Luna live together. It is similar to the outer court, except that now…”

Freya looked my way and then hugged my arm. She looked at Nier out in the courtyard with excitement, giggled, and said, “It looks like this will be Miss Luna’s room and mine.”

“Freya, you have your own room, don’t you?”


Freya giggled softly and then blushed. She added, “But I feel that it is safer sleeping next to you, Your Majesty…”

Nier turned her head around and said, “I can’t pretend I didn’t hear that…”

“Miss Nier, there is no need for you to be angry. Or should I call you ‘sister-in-law’?”

“You’re a good girl, Freya… call me that again. Call me that again!”

‘Oi, oi, oi, miss, aren’t you too easy?!’


*Making a statue of someone while they’re still alive is considered bad luck in traditional Chinese and Vietnamese culture because it’s the equivalent of saying you’re dead. It’s basically the same as setting up an altar for someone who’s still alive.


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