Son-con – Vol. 4 Ch. 39

“Your majesty!”

As soon as I entered the inn, everyone rose. The inn owner looked at me and said with admiration: “You truly are her majesty’s son. You are not careless at all. We saw how you fearlessly collided with the carriage. We respect your bravery. Fuck the church!”

“Fuck the church!”

The people below shouted out in unison and then downed their wine in one shot. I took in a deep breath and looked at them. All of them except the owner were young men. I guess they’re probably the children of old veterans. That’s son’s succeeding their fathers for you. All of them looked fierce with physiques that were much more than passable. I picked up a bottle of wine, smashed it on the table and looked at them as I said: “I require men for a new job. Are any of you here interested in joining me?”

“Please tell us, your majesty!”

Young men drinking in the day are always the type with nothing to do. As soon as they heard there was something to do, they all revealed an excited look. They couldn’t ask for anything more than something to do. I need these guys to go and stir up trouble for me.

I looked at them and loudly said: “That is… to go and tear the church down with me. Do you have the balls to?”

I placed my cup down and they looked at me with astound gazes as if I spouted heresy or said something that would be considered treason. I looked at them and felt a little scared. Please don’t tell me these guys are the type to blow their trumpets but be the first to run when it comes down to it. If they are, my suggestion is going to go to shit……

“Fuck the church! Brothers! Tear it down!”

Alright, it looks like I was overthinking it. I looked at them with astonishment, but three seconds later, all of them wore ecstatic looks. They picked up everything that could be used as a weapon. They even smashed tables, ripped off the table- legs, and rested them over their shoulders. It looks like these guys have wanted to smash the church for a while now but just didn’t dare to. With the prince accompanying them, they could finally vent until they were satisfied.

“Sorry, boss. I’ll pay for your losses.” I smiled helplessly as I looked at the inn-owner, only to find that he was already resting a gun on his shoulder while looking at me: “Tell us, your majesty, are we heading out now or are we going to come up with a plan first? Where do we destroy, how do we destroy and how far can we take it?”

“Stop! Stop!! We’re serving justice, not being gangsters!” I looked at them and smiled helplessly. I then continued, “We aren’t walking up to their doors and smashing their place up. I want you guys to create chaos to get the people around the vicinity to leave the area. I’ll go in to negotiate first, and if it doesn’t work out, you guys come in and unleash hell on them.”

Standing behind me, Nier softly said: “Your majesty, I don’t think this is such a good idea. It is a church after all……”

Nier became really meek after I held her as she cried. I’m starting to wonder if Nier has the energy to fight right now. I shook my head, smiled indifferently and said: “If it was a normal church, I certainly wouldn’t destroy it. But there’s definitely a prison underneath the church. It’s normal for me to destroy such a filthy place. Are you all ready?”

“We shall follow your orders, your majesty!”

The young men shouted and I looked at them with satisfaction. As the descendent of soldiers, they had very good basic discipline. It appears that I can form a squad of my own with them if I need one. They all hate the church to the very core. Well, not really. It’s just that a veteran’s child disappeared at the church, while they as comrades who went through life and death won’t let it end just like that and hence have gathered.

Hatred is the strongest glue. A group that hates the same thing or person is incomparably united.

“Let’s go!”

I waved my hand and led the men out of the inn, and went towards the church.

“All of you pick up your weapons! Prepare yourselves well! It looks like the prince is declaring war on us! Prepare your weapons. As soon as you see the prince bringing men with him, open fire! We must ensure His Excellency leaves safely! We have to ensure his safety even if it means we have to kill the prince in the chaos!

“Who did you say you were going to kill?!”

Down in the sewers, the path of the guards transporting guns suddenly got blocked off. They picked up their guns and looked blankly in front of them. The empress was holding her long sword as she swept her ice-cold gaze across the guards in front of her. She chuckled coldly and said: “Are you church-guards trying to revolt?!”

“Y-Your majesty!”

A guard trembled as he dropped to his knee with a thud. The captain looked at the empress terrified and then quaked as he pointed to the empress and shouted: “Open fire! Fire! We don’t even care about the prince, so who cares about the empress?! Fire! She only has one sword!! Fire! Fire together!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!!”

The guns rang out in the waterway. The empress laughed coldly and drew her sword. After the next instant, the empress vanished before their eyes. They only heard the fluttering of her cape which sounded like a fierce wind tearing it. The guards looked ahead blankly. The empress laughed coldly while standing in her original spot. On the ground were bullets which were sliced up and sunken down into the water.

“How could I possibly be beaten by the weapon I popularised?”

The empress whipped her sword, chuckled coldly and said: “You want to hit me? I’m afraid you’ll need more men and to shoot quicker. But you’ve already fired at me. I only have one response for traitors……”


In the next instant a flash of light like lightning appeared in the midst of their battle. A light from metal flashed across in the sewer. Blood spurt into the air like fireworks exploding and the stinky stench immediately got polluted with the stench of blood. Heads dropped into the water with the owners of the heads wearing terrified looks in their eyes. The eyes belonging to each head still had terrified looks as they dropped. The empress snorted and returned her sword to its sheath before running toward the rear.

After that, the weapons that the church was waiting to be delivered never arrived. Not one single gun.

I looked at the church and indifferently said: “Alright, the citizens have been kicked out.”

The young men shouted and made a fuss to force the citizens away. The citizens below looked at me blankly, not knowing what I wanted to do. I’m going to soon force the citizens by the church’s door and the apprentices away as well. I stepped up onto the steps with nobody there and walked toward the church. Nier followed me and softly said: “Your majesty, don’t you think this is a little too strange? There’s nobody stopping you… I suspect that this is a trap.”

I turned my head to the side and said with a smile: “It’s fine. You’re here with me, Nier.”

Nier didn’t react at first but then nodded and drew her sword. In a serious tone she said: “Your majesty, please stay behind me. No matter what happens, I will protect you for sure!”

“Then who are you protecting me as?”

I stood next to Nier with a smile on my face, pulled out my gun from behind and said: “Nier, I can’t always stay behind you. There are some things I should face. They ridiculed me and played me for a fool, so I have to make them pay the price. Let’s go, Nier, we……”

“If it isn’t you two.”

I suddenly heard a voice from behind. The speaker was holding in her laughter. Nier reacted with shock and turned around. I turned around and, hmm…? Why is there no one here?

“Your majesty, if you look around with that confused look thinking there’s no one around, I’m going to have to snap your lower leg so that you can share my line of sight.” Alice waved her small fan and aloofly continued, “I don’t need to explain much, do I? Your majesty, I shall follow your orders for now. Let us enter the church now. All else aside, if somebody tries to harm you, I shall rip their intestines out and strangle them to death with it.”

“You don’t need to be that cruel, do you…? But whatever. Alright, let’s head in now.”

I took a deep breath and led the two of them.


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